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  1. Any more news from San Diego ? I am looking everywhere for new reveals and nothing...
  2. You are right, thanks !!
  3. Who is next to Jean ?
  4. @DSTZach can you tell us if there will be any new marvel series updates/reveals?
  5. There are some pictures at instagram. #minimates
  6. Great work Zach! Amazing characters choices for hardcore fans !!
  7. My only doubt is: Are both TRU24 or it is a mistake and the second one is TRU25 ?
  8. Pics are out on instagram !
  9. Ant-Man Movie Ant-Man (Eric OGrady) Wasp Ant-Man Movie Costume Giant-Man
  10. Carlos_

    Wave 60

    Thanks Mnemosis !! Looking foward to it...
  11. Carlos_

    Wave 60

    Zach is there any chance to get an aditional bandana hairpiece for Forge for a classic look?
  12. Carlos_

    Wave 60

    Great wave, i want them all !!
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