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  1. We still need the new Joes and D&D previews…
  2. It’s confirmed by Zach, 2 six packs, one for heroes another for villains. So, I believe the heroes are pretty obvious, can’t wait to see the designs for Hank, Eric, Diana, Presto, Sheila & Bobby. Besides Venger, which other villains do you guys think will be in that set? I think these are a home run @DSTZach
  3. @DSTZachalready revealed it on that YouTube interview. it’s D&D 80s cartoon, two 6packs: one for heroes and another for villains.
  4. Mine are: 1. Moira McTaggert 2. Dr. Cecilia Reyes 3. Sage 4. Darwin 5. Husk Bonus: More GenX love: Chamber, M & Synch
  5. Hey Luke ! is there any special plans for the 40th anniversary of the brand ? Just watched the streaming from Hasbro and its a lot going on with Gi Joe
  6. What about this one?: Avengers 90s Captain America Black Widow (grey suit) Vision (white version) Sersi Crystal Hercules
  7. I think its the 1st time in 10-12 years without any news or teasers from new minimates. Strange times indeed…
  8. Any upcoming waves revealed at Comiccon this year ?
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