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  1. Definite for me, despite sadly falling between being real Lego or Minimates. Oh well. Looking forward to seeing the playset elements. Good opening selection of figures too. Even the abhorant new-style Daleks look good. Roll on Spring.
  2. I assume the annoucement of Lego-compatible Doctor Who, at least in the UK for 2011 is bad news for Doctor Who Minimates: Nevertheless, something I am prepared to get excited about.
  3. First of all great looking minimate, and great to see a new Trek minimate. On face value, what a strange choice by DST. Previous giveaways have included Green Lantern and Starbuck both at the start of a minimate range. So let's hope this is indeed the "passing of the torch" and on the back of a wave of enthusiasm for all things Trek generated by the new movie we get TNG mates, there are plenty to go at. Oh, and this year. Please.
  4. H'lo All, This is gutting, I was looking forward to seeing plenty of Star Trek Minimates showcased at Toy Fair to capitalise on the general increase in awareness created by the new Movie. I hope that they showcase something to test demand. When Doctor Who relaunched in the UK, it created renewed interested in the classic series, and today, figures based on episodes in the early 1970's sit alongside the current characters. I am also surprised, as the series was beginning to dabble in TNG and DS9 characters, which given the number of uniform variations in that era takes body-swapping to a whole new level. I played around with this last night. Doing just one version of 12 leading TNG and DS9 crew members in a specific starfleet uniform could yield over 50 legitimate body-swap figures from the TV shows and Movies, including the two TNG, the Dress, the DS9 and First Contact unifoms. Add to these 12 characters, six army-building aliens (Borg, Ferengi, Klingon, Cardassians, Romuland and Jem'Hadar) and three attractive varients, then you have three waves that would attract multiple purchases all year long. Overall, "on hold" sounds better than "cancelled". Fingers crossed.
  5. H'lo I don't think that there could have been any better news than this from Toy Fair 2008. Over the years the Minimate format has managed to attract many of my favourite comics and shows, but Doctor Who is the ultimate. announced it on their homepage today. Underground Toys are beginning with a modest selection of six figures all from the current revived Doctor Who series: 10th Doctor in a suit, 10th Doctor in a long coat, Martha Jones, Captain Jack, Cyberman and Cyber Controller. With over forty years of source material, this is a line that could run and run, and in the UK, the show and the merchandise are fantastically popular, with it seems products of one kind in every shop. I've resisted Character Options excellent and thorough 6" series of figures in the hope that a block figure line was started. The fact it's Minimates is great. I hope that this line can grow, Doctor Who is jam-packed with visually fantastic monsters and I can see ways less-humanoid monsters like the Slitheen and the Krillitanes can be manipulated to fit the Minimate frame (see DC's Salakk), oh and a TARDIS would be nice. Plenty to entice the general MInimate collector. Finally, the Daleks seem to present the greatest challenge, both in terms of fitting the format and licensing issues. Here's hoping...
  6. H'lo Although I was a bit dissappointed that the Star Trek line expanded beyond TOS without a Romulan, Andorian or Salt Vampire... the announced waves are growing on me. 1. Great that we get the final regular TOS crew with Rand and Chapel. 2. The Borg looks fantastic. 3. In just two waves, we are given pretty much all the Trek captain's duty uniforms. So with a bit of bodyswapping, we have four Picards (TOS Movie from Tapestry, TNG Series 3-7, Generations and First Contact), four Siskos (TNG duty from Emissary, DS9 Series 1-5 and 6-7, and a TOS uniform from Trials & Tribble-ations), as well as a Decker body swap for Kirk. 4. I like the look of the chunky Wrath of Khan figures, after all they were getting a bit chunky. 5. and the Mirror, Mirror box set is just fabulous. Bring them on...
  7. H'lo TOS Wave 3 seems simply bitter suite at this stage. The focus on "Journey to Babel" is great with Sarek a fantastic choice. A Klingon (Kang from "Day of the Dove"?) is much needed, and I am glad that he comes with a sash. Khan with red pants is obviously an improvement on the 3" release. Finally, two camp releases namely Spock from "Spock's Brain" and Kirk from "Bread & Circuses", both these are good custom material Spock wears one of those often used all-purpose jumpsuits and Spock and McCoy also appeared as slaves in "Bread & Circuses". Bitter Suite #1: Without a single 2" Trek Minimate in our hands - show a UK release back to the end of August - I don't bank on us making it to Wave 3. Bitter Suite #2: Echoing other contributions, the line moves onto TNG etc... without an Andorian, a Romulan (both big Multi-Buys) or the much requested M-113 Salt Vampire. An Enviromental Suit for Kirk or Spock would have also have been better. However, let's not run before we walk... give us Wave 1... please. Richard
  8. H'lo Deadman (8) and Spectre (8) My favourite pairing so far in the DC Direct Series, first out of the packet onto the shelf, both simple ashen looks capture the epic nature of both characters. However, I'm a bit dissappointed with the boots, all off-colour and ill-fitting. Batgirl (9) and Bane (7) All Batman family figures are welcome. Batgirl with hair is fabulous. Bane is a great figure, but marked down as I'm still unsure as to the merits of the 2.5" scale. Wildcat (7) and GA Flash (8) Both curious selections by DC, and while well executed, Wildcat failed to excite me. GA Flash in tandem with C3 Flash recreates one of the great moments in DC history, and the tin helmet look is unique always keeping GA Flash a man of the Forties. So a great figure except for the helmet itself sitting too high on his head, I'm with MINI_MYTE on this one. Bring on GA Green Lantern. Cyborg Superman (6) and Steel (6) This is an era of the Superman saga I did not enjoy and have little love for either character. I don't like the composite face as a separate layer on the Cyborg head, and not even Steel's hammer raises that figure above a middle of the road minimate. Richard
  9. H'lo Forbidden Planet in Leeds have Wave 4 at £5.99 each. Still have: Marvel X3 Wave, Some older Marvel Waves, BSG at £9.99, and A single Indie Set reduced to £5.99 Richard
  10. H'lo As fantastic as Wave 2 looks, we were at this point with the 3" line... here's hoping. Looking at the 14 figures as a whole, 9/10. I am glad we look likely to get the core seven TOS Crew, Uhuru looks great, I hope the blue shirts are a lighter blue to the 3" line. Gorn looks an improvement to his predecessor, which was always coming apart at the waist - I hope it remains 2" high. If the line is going to take a hiatus after Wave 3 I would like to see the seven from: Kirk and Spock in Dress Uniform Yeoman Rand and Nurse Chapel Klingon Romulan Andorian M113 Salt Vampire I agree that box sets seem well suited to this line, given the approach to Rocky and 24, if so sets themed around City on the Edge of Forever, Amok Time, Mirror, Mirror, Space Seed and Journey to Babel would do nicely. R.
  11. H'lo Toys R Us in Leeds is still clearing out it's C3 stock in a bargain bin at the end of the action figure aisle: Batwing @ £9.99 Batglider @ £4.97 They had plenty of these and the Superman Mini-Flyer, although it was not clear at what price. R.
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