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  1. i pulled the trigger on these @ luke’s yesterday! that tray shot looks nice, i’m loving the colors! i’m a fan the turtles and this will be my first set of ‘mates for them and i couldn’t be happier. right now i’m not super keen on expanding because this set can stand alone just fine, but i don’t think i could say no to a six pack w april, casey, splinter, shredder, bepop, and rocksteady!!
  2. i just opened my set not too long ago and i love it
  3. the new shots of x-men ‘97 got me wishing i had secret wars storm so i could throw her hair on my 90’s figure. and with the new dark phoenix wave cyclops jacket + a strike force figure for the body i would throw on AoA morph’s head. and i’m still missing sunspot lol. but i have everyone else so that’s been the photo op in my head ever since the reveal!
  4. anyone get theirs yet?? i have a package waiting at the post office from farmington! i’ll get it first thing tomorrow morning since it’s my day off but i can’t wait!
  5. i smell a business venture! a 3D printing company called Gold Standard Toys (GST) producing a line of 2” block figures called LittleLads 🥸 with all the weapons and accessories a collector could ever want but fr, after seeing @davypenn’s giant ‘mates i’ve also been thinking more and more about what 3d printing can do for this line and i keep revisiting the thread because i’m excited to see what’s being made! keep up the good work fellas
  6. i was racking my brain because i thought it sounded familiar too, though this seems to be a more concentrated effort and it being in time for the holiday season has me feeling hopeful that it’ll be a good selection. sorry to hear it’s not gonna benefit you : / i guess we’ll see in a few months, i feel like this would be good for all the new licenses to get some exposure
  7. Oct 15 macy’s will open a toys r us in each of their US stores do you think we’ll be seeing any of the new licenses as well as marvel stuff? would be nice to see some hanging on a rack again
  8. LOL just having some fun! both good choices, had to ask though haha
  9. milner, mate… how come you didn’t choose the name “MilnerMate” ?!
  10. and cap’s face looks like actual minimate art! can’t just be a coincidence
  11. thanks for the update, zach. i appreciate all the info you pass along!
  12. svu two packs w benson & stabler + tutuola & munch
  13. i was also thinking (hoping for) a variety pack! it’s for a D+ series or it’s on D+? are the X-men animated ‘mates still up in the air?
  14. a “What If” set? or GOTG Xmas special?
  15. “longest running toy line in the history of toys” is that really true? i’m assuming they mean the marvel line specifically since it’s almost 20 years now. but back to the topic, white ranger looks great! with the vinimates and first set altogether it’s looking like a solid release to start off the license.
  16. with a tiny eany and meany! and a bunch of spiky bones for marrow
  17. i feel like we can use a spiky blue Iceman would Legion count as a hero? he would be good wyldchyld xorn mystique in her black costume good to see nate, moira, mimic and caliban already mentioned but that made my list kinda hard lol
  18. 83 is a mighty big number! and we’re coming up on 20 years of marvel ‘mates, who would’ve thought?!
  19. boy if those wringwraiths got released, i would have held on to all my LOTR stuff because i’d have the tree trunk scene and the watchtower scene set up for eternity.
  20. i was planning to keep an eye out for something in the US but i still only see sonner toys uk with just the logan/laura pre-order. nothing for deadpool/NTW. but if nothing comes up then i suppose i’ll be giving one of you lads a bell?
  21. would also like to join in on the fun!
  22. i recently picked up two of the stealth jets and i love them already. perfectly matches the minimate style and i wish i had gotten them sooner, especially now that i know they can be mixed and matched. if they followed these up with some motorcycles it would have been huge!
  23. luckily the figures themselves bring me enough joy to overlook the crayon font after all these years. glad i’m not the only one who thought it could be better.
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