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  1. with SDCC avengers recently and now wave 84, i’ve been thinking about going back to the beginnings how about two sets from X-Men (2000) first box: Wolverine Storm Cyclops Jean Grey Professor X second box: Rogue Sabertooth Mystique Toad Magneto since it would be five figures per box there could be extra pieces for their civilian clothes, cerebro helmet, hair for magneto, and then a different sculpt with a white streak for rogue’s hair from the end of the movie. and if the boxes could be ‘mate versions of the posters/promo art i would buy them up real quick.
  2. my thoughts went to the possibility of an intricate and highly-detailed, deluxe graydon creed minimate black suit with custom head and hair!🤪
  3. and just like that, i found myself using MMDB yet again since that femme fatale hairpiece ended up being perfect for qc zombie wanda in a marvel thread. HAILS 🤘🏽
  4. it really is a great resource to have and i’m always using it 🤓 i’ve seen other posters mention using a spreadsheet to organize things, which is great and i’ve started using one since lol. the release dates really come in handy!
  5. i’ve already posted in the mcu thread about wanting namor, and i will post it here as well imperius rex!
  6. i opened my retro set, really stoked on this one. the vhs package is fun to look at and the characters look great i’m happy with this set since it’s my first tmnt set, i’ve not noticed it before and i’m sure it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but why not use three-finger hands like nightcrawler?
  7. i still have a soft spot for that first DD w his yellow suit from all the way back, so i’m really excited to see it again 20 years later and the kingpin in black/purple is nice! i really liked the TRU w13 version, he needs to be huge
  8. 84 might just be my fav of all the new stuff! can’t wait to see the finished product, they all look really cool
  9. so i didn’t know there was a cartoon…and i’ve sat for a few minutes while my friends had a session for their campaign and thought it was really fun, but that’s about as far as i got. that being said, these look badass and i’ll be getting them
  10. *searched ig for a shot, here’s a screen grab
  11. the hellfire club set is a cool idea that i would get behind. and of course inhumans. an exiles assortment could throw popular members from different eras together and i would get that too. since i’m not particularly fond of the astonishing xmen that were already released and i never got them, i would definitely get an updated set if it was offered. throw in new mutants while we’re at it since i never got the box set or magik + warlock either haha i’m also a big supporter of the gargoyles idea, they could even have the box look like the castle maybe??
  12. it’s big! could be cool as a a helmet+cape that fits into a larger flight base
  13. as more promos come out for mcu namor, i’m really hoping for a release with his green trunks and also the ceremonial headdress
  14. Reveal them, reveal them now…Dewit!
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