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  1. So... What packs/whom do folks think will be the next out after the first sets? I can see some two packs for Young Bucks, Lucha Bros, Jurassic Express, and Best Friends. A Dark Order five pack with Evil Uno, John Silver, Ten, Alex Reynolds and mini Brodie Lee Jr. Sadly, Anna Jay may not fit there, anymore. ?
  2. Got three sets ordered through Amazon, right now. So, that is basically a purchase, right? Which means they're a hit, of a kind? So you can tell us more, now, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight? <3
  3. Warduke, I think it was hinted?
  4. You have a point, but I can see a couple of packs going well enough in comic stores.
  5. Agreed. I'm not going to be super irked about it, but agreed,would prefer the sculpted heads.
  6. ReAction did the same. One of the few times I liked the ReAction products.
  7. God I would LOVE this. The original protos for the cartoon ones year back were PERFECT.
  8. Give me set 2 with Shredder, Kraang, Beebop, Rocksteady. Set 3 with Splinter, Casey, April and Baxter Stockman. 4 with a Foot ninja/rock soldier pack. And then 5, with Ray Fillet, Rat King, Leatherhead and Slash. You wanna do set 6, Tokka, Razor, Mondo and Rex 1.
  9. Don't mind us, we're just ravenous and excited!
  10. I'll buy a few, for fodder alone,but I'm really excited to see these!
  11. Who at Ringside Collectibles do I need to beat in a Minimates on a Pole match?
  12. Any chance you can do a random DnD creature pack? Tiefling? Drow? Water nymph? Centaur? Etc?
  13. Yeeeep. Toyark irks me. 6 inch or statues. They don't rarely ever post news to their front page for DC 3 75 or other 4 inch figures. It's *very* skewed.
  14. Hellcat is a major yes, but I would love a set of female ass kickers who have never had a minimate, say Aero, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, White Fox, Elsa Bloodstone and Hellcat. Insta buy, three copies. But man, it surprises me just how many Marvel characters still need a figure. Still, this set is a major win, giving us all first times except Marvel Boy.
  15. I had thought there was talk of revealing more GI Joe sets/plans, the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series minimates, and while there have been some AEW minimates shown, there was talk of plans for some tag team two packs, but nothing about them being shown so may just be a 'there is more coming' but nothing to display/show, yet, so consider AEW minimates checked off, I would guess. People were also thinking some 'TMNT' four pack was going to be shown.
  16. Anyone see anything on this at SDCC?
  17. Weird. Just pics of Marvel Boy, google 'Marvel Boy Youn Avengers.'
  19. I thought TMNT was cancelled way back when the retro line staled cuz then current stuff was clogging? If they're about to bring out the retro stuff, I'll do f***ing flips. I heard there was more of the GI Joes, Dungeons and Dragons (the animated series) and AEW being shown this weekend. AEW has been shown on the floor.
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