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  1. Getting my Series 1 tmw. Super stoked!!!
  2. Waiting for them to show up on Amazon like- ;~;
  3. I didn't even know who Ivan was, before this thread, but yeah, the Database has really been quiet. It took a while for the last update, though, with the spy wave.
  4. Gonna guess... Flint, Lady Jaye, Gung Ho, Shipwreck. Then- Firefly, Tomax or Xamot with pieces to make the other, ad a Viper and a trooper. My guess is Zartan with Torch,Buzzer and Ripper as a set,someday
  5. Get the Sigma Six mini one, paint it black. Mine looks great!
  6. God, I need these and the next set, like, now...
  7. Got my Joes; so effing cool! Home run set! Tons of weapons!!!
  8. Please! I *need* an AEW promo minimate. Already have the ring for them set up in my minimate corner!
  9. I don't think mine has. Edif: Nope. Ninja Force set remains as of yet unshipped.
  10. Now that takes me back to the days of renting VHSs.
  11. Please! I'm a major AEW fan, collect those toys and am waiting for the Minimates. >_<
  12. Got my order in for 83!!! So stoked for this wave, easily one of the best. So hyped for America, Wiccan, Hulkling and Bishop.
  13. I'm also gonna be snatching a set of these to turn the Mary into Sweetie from Dynamite Comics; still not my style of Mary but it has some uses.
  14. I think they are considering 'Lady Daredevil' a new character.
  15. Echo is perfect. Really annoyed at no Lady Bullseye. Not the version I would have chosen for Mary, either. Still a buy, but not the homerun I had hoped for. ^-^
  16. If anyone is at NYCC, do us a favor and take great pics of the panel!
  17. Some AMAZING pieces here. I'm not a huge fan of these characters but the fodder potential... I'm in.
  18. YO WAVE 83 PICS!!! They look amazing in the booth!!!
  19. Would be greatly appreciated!!
  20. I need better shots of Diana... 😕
  21. I am gonna buy them all, mix and match heads, parts and the like, and make my perfect set of Rangers... and prolly keep all the heads as fodder, the hair pieces, and never likely taking off the helmets, so... I am excited. I JUST NEED VILLIANS.
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