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  1. This marks the second Dr. Biggles-Jones to be made in plastic (first being a Joe club exclusive). When am I going to get my Dr. Knox figure?!
  2. Go and take pics since coverage from non-fans always sucks.
  3. Man, I just want pics. Been on such a Minimate binge lately.
  4. EXACTLY my thought. I was pouring over this pic and that was my thinking. EDIT: YEP. If you look on the back cover pic, you can see a different style! Also looks like SE's bracers got pushed up to his biceps.
  5. @DSTZach Not to be an awkward jerk, but uh... is that Scarlett torso backwards in that shot? There's no definition to the chest/body?
  6. Seriously. V. Johnny. Panam. Judy. Jackie. Rogue. Smasher. Takemura. I'd do 4 packs, I think. V (with parts to make either male or female) Jackie Panam Judy Then- Johnny (with some 'Relic' translucent limbs) Alt (translucent net red version) Rogue (with parts to make 2020 version) Adam Smasher Set 3? Takemura Placide (need someone to facestomp) River Kerry Or could do a pack of the gangs. Maelstrom, Mox, 6th St, all would be cool!
  7. I know I'll hop in when we can get some villains!!!
  8. Actually question @DSTZach Are the kids given the 'short legs' kid bodies? Or are they proportioned to adult sized minimates?
  9. Speaking of the above, MAN, Target's Joe exclusives are irking that community.
  10. If I got it on the head, I request a special sarcastic golf clap!
  11. Gimme Elektra-Devil, Lady Bullseye, Typhoid Mary, Kingpin, Daredevil (new outfit), Echo. Echo, Lady Bullseye and Typhoid Mary are all new, 'Lady Daredevil/Elektra' as the 'kinda new in some light' and with pieces to make 'normal' Elektra. How did I do?
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