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  1. Dope... BUT THE AEW MINIMATES CURSE OF PACKAGING FAILS CONTINUE. Matt minimate is above Nick's pic; Nick minimate is above Matt's pic. My OCD hates this line. /s
  2. Starting to see ads for the new blimp cartoon set... I'm giddy!
  3. I mean, I can order a couple more of Series 1 and 2!
  4. Holding up hope these are solicited soon!
  5. I... hope your hope comes through, but I think the Adventure Team response was pretty universal. While a few folks seem up for it, hopefully they are the vocal majority, in the end, if I am articulating the thought correctly.
  6. Also, quit giving us silver bodied male characters! I kid, but I really want to make Jocasta and EDI customs, @DSTZach 😧
  7. Don't get me wrong, I want all the sets but this really is the perfect set to start, for me. If I were to be asked, "What characters are you not happy with in your TMNT display,' I would answer '1 April, 2 Beebop, 3 Casey, 4 Foot Soldiers.' I already made Casey more OG accurate, and while I tried with April, this is all much, much better.
  8. I appreciate the response at least! I'm just rabid for MORE MINIMATES.
  9. Any updates on this one re solicit? Hopeful to get these in my hands! Need to replace my Echo custom, kitbash my Typhoid Mary minimate, and usinv parts to make a Diamondback stand-in and that Echo hair to update my Panam Palmer minimate.
  10. I'd guess four pack, Rita, Goldar, Zed, and a Putty but I would love Rita, Goldar, Zed and Scorpina four pack with the Putty 2 pack mentioned.
  11. I swore series 2 was advertised for summer 23 with Hangman, Cassidy, Mox and Cole.
  12. Offering, as in up for order? I was hoping these would be out way earlier than June. Oh, well, already made my own Orange Cassidy, Hangman and Mox in the meanwhile.
  13. For AEW, check out 'The Good, The Bad, The Elite,' a fan made retrospective of their 'main story' for the first couple of years.
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