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  1. Nah, Shredder, Kraang, Rocksteady and Bebop with a single Foot soldier to capitalize on troops building.
  2. Any chance you have a series 1 Scarlett torso also free? Mine had a painting missprint and the yellow is on her neck and sternum.
  3. I bought the Stinger to try. It's too small. I recommend the Sigma 6 adventure sets.
  4. Second set came in; still not perfect, but much better, so gonna have to open up the first one. Super happy to get these on my shelf.
  5. I ordered two sets, one got here today, next set is due on Sunday. Glad I did. This set is banged up a bit. If the next set is better, keeping that one in package and opening this set.
  6. Waiting for them to show up on Amazon like- ;~;
  7. I didn't even know who Ivan was, before this thread, but yeah, the Database has really been quiet. It took a while for the last update, though, with the spy wave.
  8. Gonna guess... Flint, Lady Jaye, Gung Ho, Shipwreck. Then- Firefly, Tomax or Xamot with pieces to make the other, ad a Viper and a trooper. My guess is Zartan with Torch,Buzzer and Ripper as a set,someday
  9. Get the Sigma Six mini one, paint it black. Mine looks great!
  10. God, I need these and the next set, like, now...
  11. Got my Joes; so effing cool! Home run set! Tons of weapons!!!
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