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  1. Another idea I had (I might have brought this up before, IDR) is an MC2-based wave. We got Spider-Girl in Wave 30... more than 10 years ago. XD In all seriousness, tho, a whole MC2 wave, IMO, would not only offer Marvel an opportunity to have another go at Mayday Parker, but also to introduce other characters not previously seen in the Minimates' pantheon (American Dream, Stinger, J2, Mainframe, etc.). Even if it's a 6-pack, or 2 6-packs, I'd still take them. I dunno. I'm a guy with a terrible lotta love for the MC2 imprint (I honestly think it's one of Marvel's finest, undiscovered gems) and if there can be more merch based on it, I'm for it all the way. No questions asked.
  2. He looked different, yeah, but it's still Roth. I'm not a supporter of it. I think it's a tad ridiculous. I understand Marvel wanting to use recasts in the context of flashbacks to earlier media (like the Incredible Hulk scenes in the third episode of What If... ?), but outright declaring those films non-canon in the sense of pure casting is taking the piss.
  3. Abomination is played by the same guy, Tim Roth. Hell, he provided the vocals for Abomination's cameo in Shang-Chi.
  4. I guess that's fair. I dunno. I'm just throwing out ideas. Anything to get my precious updates for Hank and Janet.
  5. I mean, the showrunner of the upcoming She-Hulk series stated that Iron Man,The Incredible Hulk, and The Avengers are only canon in the context of mentally replacing Terrance Howard, Ed Norton, and Damion Poitier with Don Cheadle, Mark Ruffalo, and Josh Brolin as James Rhodes, Bruce Banner, and Thanos, respectively, and that the Terrance Howard, Ed Norton, and Damion Poitier versions of those movies aren't canon. TBH, I call bullshit on that, but whatever. Marvel wants consistency, which I can't really knock, but it'd be more sincere if they actually managed to keep Terrance, Ed, and Damion.
  6. I second this. It might actually be cool to get some kinda, like, Ultron family sorta wave. Or a new classic Avengers wave focused on Ultron's extended and complicated family history. Assuming we go back to 4 2-packs a wave, we could finally get that updated Hank Pym/Janet van Dyne set I've been clamoring for (with accessories to shift them into alt. costumes like in the Avengers #1 set), a new classic Vision/Scarlet Witch set (since the last classic Vision we got was in 2008 and the last classic Scarlet Witch was in 2012), an updated classic Ultron/Quicksilver pack (I'm aware that we already have updated versions of Quicksilver in both his blue and green costumes, but maybe you could just re-issue one of those 2 for this?), and as a last pack... IDK, Grim Reaper and Wonder Man? I know we have a pretty decent Grim Reaper from the second Disney Store exclusive Avengers Box Set from 2012, but we haven't gotten a good update to Simon Williams since 2009, and that's in his more modern costume. Our last classic Wonder Man came out in 2007.
  7. Got my hands on the last pack of the Winter Soldier/John Walker Captain America pack at the Walgreens I work at yesterday. It was on clearance, and since I'm an employee, I got the price cut down even more to $5.82. Already have the Falcon/Zemo pack, so it was nice to get my hands on what is probably the last set of Minimates I'll ever buy at a Walgreens. Sad to see the Walgreens stuff go out like this, but oh, well. At least it's not the end of the whole line...
  8. Honestly, I'd welcome a '60s Beetle. That design was so weird and ridiculous that I gotta have it in physical form somehow.
  9. I'll honestly take anything at this point. Anything that's, like... I can put it in a regular Avengers display and it won't look out of place.
  10. I agree with that list, but one note; Madame Webb isn't a villain.
  11. I'm determined. I NEED new versions of Hank and Jan. And I won't rest until I have my way. XD
  12. For me, the best versions of most of the major characters are as follows; MISC. HEROES - Spider-Man - Wave 24 Classic Spidey - Daredevil - Wave 43 Daredevil - Luke Cage - Best Of Wave 3 Power Man Luke Cage - Iron Fist - Best Of Wave 3 Dragon Attack Iron Fist AVENGERS - Captain America - Through the Ages Box Set Cap Reborn - Iron Man - either Wave 32 Extremis Iron Man (for a modern look) or T.R.U. Wave 26 Holographic Iron Man (for a classic look) - Thor - either Wave 33 Thor Reborn (for a modern look) or Classic Heroic Age Box Set Thor (for a classic look) - Hulk - T.R.U. Wave 22 Savage Hulk - Hawkeye - Best Of Wave 3 Classic Hawkeye - Scarlet Witch - Avengers vs. X-Men Box Set #2 version - Quicksilver - X-Men vs. Brotherhood Box Set Quicksilver X-MEN - Wolverine - Wave 28 Wolverine - Beast - Wave 34 '90s Beast - Cyclops - either Avengers vs. X-Men Box Set normal Cyclops or Wave 34 '90s Cyclops - Jean Grey - either X-Men vs. Brotherhood Box Set Marvel Girl or Wave 34 '90s Jean Grey - Storm - either Wave 34 '90s Storm or Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Wave 2 Storm - Angel - Wave 31 Angel - Gambit - Wave 28 Gambit - Rogue - Wave 34 '90s Rogue FANTASTIC FOUR - Mister Fantastic - either T.R.U. Wave 8 Mr. Fantastic or Wave 48 Stretch-Punch Mr. Fantastic - Invisible Woman - either T.R.U. Wave 8 Sue Storm or Wave 48 Force Field Invisible Woman - Thing - either Best Of Wave 1 Thing or T.R.U. Wave 15 Transforming Thing - Human Torch - either T.R.U. Wave 8 Human Torch or Wave 48 Flame-On Human Torch MISC. VILLAINS - Doctor Doom - either Marvel Villains Box Set version or Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Wave 3 Doctor Doom - Thanos - Infinity Gauntlet Box Set version - Kingpin - T.R.U. Wave 12 Kingpin - Loki - Best Of Wave 2 Loki SPIDER-MAN VILLAINS - Green Goblin - either Marvel Villains Box Set version or Wave 41 Green Goblin - Venom - Through the Ages Venom Unleashed - Carnage - Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Tendril Attack Carnage - Sandman - Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Shape-Shifter Sandman - Doctor Octopus - Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Arm Attack Doctor Octopus - Lizard - Deadly Foes of Spider-Man Box Set Transforming Lizard - Hydro-Man - Wave 77 Hydro-Man - Mysterio - T.R.U. Wave 19 Mysterio - Kraven the Hunter - Wave 77 Kraven the Hunter - Prowler - Wave 77 Marvel's Prowler - Vulture - Wave 77 Marvel's Vulture - Hobgoblin - Wave 62 Heroic Hobgoblin - Electro - Wave 30 Electro X-MEN VILLAINS - Magneto - either Marvel Villains Box Set version or T.R.U. Wave 9 Dark Magneto - Mystique - Days of Future Past Box Set version - Juggernaut - Excalibur Box Set version - Sabretooth - Wave 28 normal Sabretooth - Apocalypse - Wave 62 Axis Apocalypse
  13. My top-tier storyline to be adapted would honestly have to be the death of Harry Osborn from Spectacular Spider-Man #200. It's such a seminal moment in Spider-Man's history, and one of his most bittersweet hours (finally saving the soul of his best friend at the cost of losing him). I think a box set would work well for that, consisting of Spider-Man (if not with a slipover mask, then an alt. Peter Parker head), Green Goblin (with alt. Harry Osborn head), '90s Mary Jane Watson-Parker, and maybe a Normie Osborn and/or Liz Allan-Osborn figure? IDK, I think the more civilian figures we get, the better. I would like to see figures based on Rage of Ultron. That story had a lot of interesting designs for characters (both present-day and flashback ones), but to me, it would be a perfect excuse to give us figures of Giant-Man and Wasp based on their more modern looks (Wasp wearing an updated, yellow version of her 1960s design and Giant-Man wearing his Avengers Academy design). It would also be an excuse to give us, finally, a figure of Starfox, since he had a starring role in the story as well.
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