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  1. it articulated? ISTG, if it's articulated, I may have to scream.
  2. I honestly just want a really good figure of Hank's original Giant-Man costume. I NEED a decent update for Giant-Man that's NOT the Heroes Return design. I'm talking 1960s, Jack Kirby Giant-Man. It'd work two-fold, since they can make an original Giant-Man (possibly paired with a Wasp figure of some sort) and re-use the same pieces for a figure of Giant-Man's Avengers Academy redesign from 2010. IDK, I'm just thinking of ideas. I really just want a good Giant-Man figure at long fucking last.
  3. I wouldn't be shocked. Though, this year would be more appropriate, I feel, especially considering that new Ant-Man comic coming out to commemorate his 60th anniversary. There's a LOT to play with there, since Hank Pym has gone through so many identities and costume changes over the years. Same with Janet and her innumerable (albeit basic) costumes.
  4. With 2022 marking the 60th anniversary of not only Spider-Man and the Hulk, but also Ant-Man, I wanted to reach out there and see if there were any other fans of the character who would like to see more 'Mates of members of the Ant-Man family. Since 1962, we've gotten a huge bevy of costumes and designs for Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne (attributed to the former's mental troubles, and the latter's love for varying fashion designs). While it can be fair to say that Diamond has successfully covered the majority of Hank Pym's most recognizable costumes (with both his original Ant-Man/Giant-Man costume being done in the Avengers #1 box set, the S.D.C.C. Marvel Zombies version in that 2-pack with Zombie Daredevil, Yellowjacket and Goliath in Wave 32, the Heroes Return Giant-Man costume in Wave 44, and the Marvel Adventures: The Avengers Ant-Man costume in Best Of Wave 3), I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that the majority of those figures are outdated and not up-to-date with Diamond's more recent efforts. For the Wasp, even less so, as the only actual, official figure we've ever gotten of Janet van Dyne has been in the Avengers #1 box set. The following Wasp figures (which didn't even happen until the Ant-Man movie was released almost 10 years later) have been based exclusively on the Hope van Dyne version of the character, be it based on her movie and animated designs. Scott Lang has only had one comic figure from Wave 44. Every other figure of him, to my knowledge, has been based on the movie costumes. I dunno. I just wanted to reach out and connect with fans of Ant-Man, since he's one of my absolute favorite superheroes in the Marvel pantheon of characters and one of the most underrated as well, and raise awareness to Diamond Select Toys on the potential and viability that they could get off of making figures of Hank Pym, Janet van Dyne, Scott Lang, and the rest of their associated characters, since there are a lot of costume possibilities that exist with that family. Please, sound off responses below if you also have interest in bringing more attention to the Avengers' iconic size-changers.
  5. I'm sorta mixed, personally. Other than her 2000s costume (the all-black one with the yellow pattern on the chest/stomach), which is her most recognizable look, and her Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated design (which has as much chance of getting a figure as Mercury has to getting a snowstorm), I think that the majority of Wasp's costumes have been... generic. And pretty ugly, if I'm being honest. Most of them are either just basic costumes that consist of 1 or 2 colors each or are... forgettable. The only one of her costumes that really stands out to me after her original 1960s costumes from Tales to Astonish and The Avengers is her yellow and red costume, which she wore, IIRC, up until the 1980s Avengers comics. I'll be honest, though; I think making a figure of her Uncanny Avengers costume (which is directly based on her original costume from 1963) would be pretty awesome, since you can have a classic-looking Wasp to fill out your more regular/default suit lineup of characters while also having something that would fit snuggly in with the more modern-looking characters.
  6. Oh, no, I have the original Wasp from 2008, but that's the issue. From 2008. It's the only actual Minimate of Janet van Dyne we've ever gotten. Every successive Wasp figure that's come out (which only happened, like, 10 years later) was based on Hope van Dyne, be it the movie version or the animated version.
  7. With Walgreens 'Mates being done for, should we archive this channel? Unless there's a way for DST to get the license back, I don't see why this thread should continue.
  8. Honestly, I really just want more classic Avengers. I've been championing it for a few months now; can we please have new 'Mates of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne? I'll legit take anything at this point for those 2 characters. They've gotten next-to-no love in the realm of Marvel Minimates aside from the MCU stuff, and even with the MCU stuff, there's no figure of Janet herself. Please, Diamond. Pull together and give us new 'Mates of Giant-Man and Wasp.
  9. Another idea I had (I might have brought this up before, IDR) is an MC2-based wave. We got Spider-Girl in Wave 30... more than 10 years ago. XD In all seriousness, tho, a whole MC2 wave, IMO, would not only offer Marvel an opportunity to have another go at Mayday Parker, but also to introduce other characters not previously seen in the Minimates' pantheon (American Dream, Stinger, J2, Mainframe, etc.). Even if it's a 6-pack, or 2 6-packs, I'd still take them. I dunno. I'm a guy with a terrible lotta love for the MC2 imprint (I honestly think it's one of Marvel's finest, undiscovered gems) and if there can be more merch based on it, I'm for it all the way. No questions asked.
  10. He looked different, yeah, but it's still Roth. I'm not a supporter of it. I think it's a tad ridiculous. I understand Marvel wanting to use recasts in the context of flashbacks to earlier media (like the Incredible Hulk scenes in the third episode of What If... ?), but outright declaring those films non-canon in the sense of pure casting is taking the piss.
  11. Abomination is played by the same guy, Tim Roth. Hell, he provided the vocals for Abomination's cameo in Shang-Chi.
  12. I guess that's fair. I dunno. I'm just throwing out ideas. Anything to get my precious updates for Hank and Janet.
  13. I mean, the showrunner of the upcoming She-Hulk series stated that Iron Man,The Incredible Hulk, and The Avengers are only canon in the context of mentally replacing Terrance Howard, Ed Norton, and Damion Poitier with Don Cheadle, Mark Ruffalo, and Josh Brolin as James Rhodes, Bruce Banner, and Thanos, respectively, and that the Terrance Howard, Ed Norton, and Damion Poitier versions of those movies aren't canon. TBH, I call bullshit on that, but whatever. Marvel wants consistency, which I can't really knock, but it'd be more sincere if they actually managed to keep Terrance, Ed, and Damion.
  14. I second this. It might actually be cool to get some kinda, like, Ultron family sorta wave. Or a new classic Avengers wave focused on Ultron's extended and complicated family history. Assuming we go back to 4 2-packs a wave, we could finally get that updated Hank Pym/Janet van Dyne set I've been clamoring for (with accessories to shift them into alt. costumes like in the Avengers #1 set), a new classic Vision/Scarlet Witch set (since the last classic Vision we got was in 2008 and the last classic Scarlet Witch was in 2012), an updated classic Ultron/Quicksilver pack (I'm aware that we already have updated versions of Quicksilver in both his blue and green costumes, but maybe you could just re-issue one of those 2 for this?), and as a last pack... IDK, Grim Reaper and Wonder Man? I know we have a pretty decent Grim Reaper from the second Disney Store exclusive Avengers Box Set from 2012, but we haven't gotten a good update to Simon Williams since 2009, and that's in his more modern costume. Our last classic Wonder Man came out in 2007.
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