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  1. now this is a list we've been waiting for, from someone quite familiar with the format...can y'all imagine being interviewed about your minimate choices live on the radio? my gosh what a world that would be. It's absolutely delightful logging back in after a while and seeing so more responses, hats off to yis So much to agree with BHM about here though, from the joy wonder and glory that is that first black spidey to that testament to the scope of the BSG line that is Dead Six (I figure I'd never had much time for until I came to the forums, my eyes are now open...) I also particularly enjoy Stealth Iron Man's presence and the sort of watershed moment he's representing Rude of me to assume BHM but I take it you're referring to the colour version of Dracula (in line with your other choices) or are you a monochrome man also (B&Wheadsmate? ) my top 8 also changes like the weather, fingers crossed we might all get to share & pontificate on some more lists in times to come The thing about these lists, as elhonez noted, is they can really showcase the sheer diversity of minimates; it's one of my favourite things how once a licence becomes minimated it's now styled and in scale with an absolute GLUT of pop culture properties. Lovely to see some more black spidey love and also Superman, I feel like those two are real 'frontmen' minimates (indeed, I found an issue of Toyfare with Cap and Supes mates gorgeously gracing the cover...) Also grand to see so many monsters mashing in these lists! Just trying to decide which AliBen$ Xenomorph to take along to this desert island and I'll return with my final four 😛
  2. Might be all the Joe in the air lately but the fact the 3.75 Viper was BSG (and indeed, a vehicle, not a trooper as I was envisioning 😮) until the mention of Starbuck... I've seen some similarly scaled, and articulated 3D printed skeletons at friends houses, not a printer myself but I'll try report back Groovy thread, looking forward to and wishing you luck in your endeavours Mattallica!
  3. Great list, all Marvel! A good mix of plausibly interacting characters, and I can see much fun with swapping parts with Lizard, the TRU two pack and Venom to name a few. Another great list, I do like the variety and the perspective of all these characters gathering. I love the B-9 Robot, and I can assure y'all there will be a xenomorph represented by the time I finish my eight. I am curious though an what makes the Isolation alien your pick of the xenomate bunch? If there were a 'best two-packs of all time' thread I'd definitely it put it forward with Amanda Ripley. Boomer and Lara Croft are very suited to being stranded on the island, what with their own experience of being castaways and the Alien would be just as menacing a foe is in game! So much love for Snake Eyes! Y'all are really helping me convince myself that I should get myself one of him. Also, Optimus Prime; great to see some recent 'mates on the list, DST's still got it it seems I'm loving these lists with some sort of implicit theme, be it all Marvel, or all differing properties, and I will concur with you all that this particular Doom and his aforementioned colours are an absolutely brilliant instance of the character and execution of the comic book look. I'm sure I'm not alone in adoring how much the Marvel Minimates can have vibrant colour and near 2D looks, as though they've just walked off the page and onto the minimate base body.
  4. It's rather good in that regard, an incredible achievement in terms of 'comfort food' drawing from the 'canon' of superhero cinema. The real world and fairly mainstream context regarding the intricacies of who has had and will have the rights to Spidey makes the achievement all the more impressive for many, especially given the sizeable cinematic history of the character, but I try to leave those sorts of perspectives out of my thinking. Thus, it's all the more incredible the film manages to weave the magic of all these Spider-Men reunited at last into its very fabric. I've heard some say the film executes this endeavour at the expense of many things but I'd perhaps wager that such an undertaking could only ever have been undertaken wholeheartedly, for good or ill. Very cool to jam in the villains as well though, I've always loved DaFoe's Goblin and Molina's Octopus as I saw them at cinema at just the right age, with my grandmother No Way Home is certainly a crowning jewel in the cinematic Spider-Man crown. I'm not sure I'd call it the best, even if just for much of its power deriving from knowledge of a larger cinematic 'canon' but it's absolutely an achievement, even if it it is in essence culminative. My pick for best may even be Raimi's Spider-Man 2, but that and No Way Home would undoubtably make a tremendous double feature
  5. Wow, so many lovely responses! my apologies on leaving the thread hanging, I'll share some thoughts soon but first kudos must be paid to @buttheadsmate practical kindling thinking, especially with Zik's abundance of constituent parts with good rationing he could light up many a night... speaking of 1) Dr Manhattan - Perhaps somewhat in the spirit of BHM's answer, I'll go with a somewhat utilitarian choice of my own. I absolutely adore GitD minimates, especially in the dark, and with an absence of modern luxuries I imagine something with a little glow for those lonely nights would be glorious. I wouldn't be surprised to end up with other glowy guys in my Desert Island Mates, but I chose Doctor Manhattan, as what with his self imposed exile/martain wellness retreat I can think of no one better to spend a lengthy, solitarily, contemplative time 2) "Valley of Darkness" Cylon - I absolutely adore Modern Cylon Centurion minimates. I find the deployment of specialised parts to be one of the earliest, and best, examples of imaginative engineering creating a truly ambitious block figure without compromising the iconic base body. I chose the Valley of Darkness Cylon because of his bloody paint applications in a suitable echo of Tom Hanks' volleyball when he was cast away himself. I wonder how long before I dub him Winston? 😛 3) Classic Cylon Centurion - one from the box set, so he has memories of the glory days of the Cylon Empire to share with his more contemporary chum. Honestly, the idea of having a Cylon of either era would be great for scenarios and whatnot, it's similarly iconic and well executed as above (especially with the the man-in-suit Centurion style lending itself to dressing up the minimate body; I'd argue this is as an excellent example of the elegant possibility in simplicity of the minimate base body, while the above Centurion is quite the ambitious subversion) and perhaps this candidate could even channel @cylonchaneyonce the madness of isolation begins to set in. Perhaps I should add a Vulture mini(heads)mate to go with, or even abuse the parameters of this hypothetical to get my hands on the @DSTZach custom mate to chat about my island sideburns with 😛 also, classic BSG adventure 'The Return of Starbuck' features a Cylon and Starbuck crash landing onto a deserted, desert plant perhaps similar to this very hypothetical. 4) Marv - I almost mentioned the Geppimate in my above riff on mates on real world figures, and arched an eyebrow in consideration of his accessories...which led me to think of Marv. Ostensibly, all the accessories in The Hard Goodbye boxset with the exception of Kevin's alternate head and perhaps one of the handguns, are most appropriate to and intended for use by, Marv. I forgot to mention above that the classic Centurion's gun and sword, and the possibility of mounting them on him, also seemed like a nice detail for play and scenarios. We can't get by on just accessories though, and thus I'm also quite interested in Marv's 'looks', between plain and band-aid faces, and coats and singlets, that's quite a few looks to chop and change up, and who knows, perhaps an original character custom should I manage to pry Kevin's disembodied head from grippable hair piece, or a nice coat for Dr Manhattan to wear 😛 There's four, and soon enough I'll provide four more. Perhaps Marv will be revised out in the edit, or perhaps this will be the first of a few 'load-outs' of 8 minimates that go great together and I'll finish this out with four who go great with these four (in which case, prepare for some monochrome love). Thanks of course to everyone who's come along with some Desert Island Picks of their own! I imagine I'll do a post of quotes with my thoughts on all the lovely lists; this one's awfully lengthy as is.
  6. this new box art, and indeed direction, is awesome. It's all the joy of a wave but in one convenient package. With the standardised fonts and comic book sized packaging, it feels like this is an exciting new direction for minimises, with more focused waves and denser (in minimises, accessories and fun) executions of characters united under one banner. Fingers crossed we'll stocking our shelves with all manner of box sets in the new style, and all their spines will be a delightful (and uniform!) summation of who's inside. I think I'll leave it at that but I will add that the new minimal font is rather lovely and nostalgic. Thanks again Zach for all the gory details!
  7. I would absolutely love to throw my hat in the draw, name in the hat quite a haul indeed Zach!
  8. Some of you are perhaps inferring from the title that this thread will be a blatant rip-off of BBC Radio's Desert Island Discs program, and you'd be absolutely correct. For those not familiar, folks appearing on the program are interviewed about which eight records, book and 'luxury' item they'd most like to be stranded with were they stranded/marooned on a comfortable desert island catering to their survival needs. Obviously my pinching the format is a massive endorsement and if that sounds cool to you then do go search up some of your favourite Brits with the programs name and should they have appeared it's always a light and enlightening listen and many spin-offs of the exquisite format exist. All that transparency begets the question my thread poses proper, which eight minimates would you most like to have with you were you to be spending a while in some of safe yet secluded isolation, be it stranded on cosy islands or in perhaps more modern spin, in hotel quarantine or some sort of spacehopping situation. Feel free to chime also with books, luxury items or indeed records also. It's poor form not to post my own list but rest assured one I'll be posting one here once I whittle my list down. So the question is, which eight minimates would you like to have with you were you stranded and stuck with your own company in a safe and comfortable setting?
  9. Cheers for the clarification Zach, I very much enjoy discovering all these 'everyday object' transformers I think they most live up to the creepier end of the robots in disguise moniker lol as with far too many properties, I'm only becoming more and more versed in TF as a symptom of the minimates and the more 'deepcover' household item Transformers fascinate me most. Both from an Transformers 'outsider' perspective and growing up in post-Port Arthur Australia, I find the whole Megatron/Toy gun thing to be wild, not the least of which the way the concept must upset the scale among his fellow bots in-universe and on the shelf (as I imagine all these stereos must also). I can think of no way you'd be able to, as I think some propose, transform the actual Megatron mate into a whopping big pistol lol Just to take a little walk on the wild side of hypotheticals though, I could perhaps imagine some alternate reality where we'd all be clipping coupons and mailing (perhaps with proof of age..) in to say, mail-in heavyweights/lovable rogues Toyfare to get like, Megatron and a shockwave sized minimate hands and maybe even a little Soundwave that no one can hold... 😛 We'd mail-in those coupons with the doll-hairs and someone'd set aside time to chucking three tiny accessories in postage paid envelopes and addressing them. One can dream lol I'm not really that knowledgable about gun makes and models, but I'd imagine there's a similar enough style of pistol among guns already released for those who really want him to be wielded by whoever uses Megatron when he's being a weapon... Anyway, thanks again for the enlightening response Zach, and please don't take this to be me pursuing the Megatron issue at all, any questions I posed are 100% hypothetical/rhetorical/delusional I mainly just came here to say that I'm absolutely stoked that I'll be able to pick up Blaster in both robot and boombox modes, more so now that I'll be able to accurately name him when prompted
  10. It's great to see the love for 'base' (to use the vernacular of MMDatabase), as in plain or unadorned, minimates, like the aforementioned Symbiote Spidey from wave 2, though I must confess I could only dream of that figure at the time. I'd only seen the Wave 2 line-up in Toyfare, a catalogue and of course those gorgeous group shots on the back of those early mates packaging. My well preserved and much perused card back came from the only Marvel minimate pack I had for quite some time indeed. It was battle-damaged spidey and venom, venom without what seemed from Aus to be quite the elusive tongue-head. Two base body minimates of two enemies, a lovely little vignette and showcase of the form with an intrinsic narrative (that can still go either way) in the form of spider-man's injuries. Like Trekker 42 I also have quite a fondness for zombie spider-man, both for his transparency and perhaps even his harkening back to that seminal battle damaged Spiderman. I feel like it's a earlier example of what makes elhonez suggestion (an absolute favourite of mine for much the same reasons he mentioned) so wonderful, even if the only accessory in Venom/BDSpidey is a webline as opposed to that magnificent glider and tow-line (and more) In my young mind that webline was the perfect accessory though, as not only could it hook onto itself (and real world objects!), but it was interchangeable, as (from my understanding then, and now tbh) Venom can also create webs and whathaveyou. I know it certainly made for thrilling adventures at the time, being something Spidey could use to escape whatever's roughed him up or something for venom to use to get the drop on him. Looking now I see the other half of the Symbiote Spider-Man variant was also Venom. Having one of my own now I see where buttheads and cylonchaney on how lovely mate I had a Toybiz black spidey around the same time that I had these aforementioned mates, if I'd have by chance had my nascent little self been gifted that version of the Venom pack (perhaps even with the variant head!) I'd have probably combusted from excitement lol On a lighter note, and in another example where the variant is bloody awesome, I think my favourite Marvel mate might be Chameleon/JJonahJameson, for both Chameleon's sleek, 'base' design suiting the character well and also the "storytelling" potential of the minimate (alone or with his perfect pack-in partner! Plain spidey mates will always be iconic so say we all no doubt) in both combative and more dialoguey play. This thread's really making me realise I kind of missed seeing many, many Marvel mate releases so I may well report back Tl;Dr: Wave 2 Venom, Wave 7 (?) Chameleon/JJonahJameson
  11. I'm not really well-versed in Iron Man's looks or his minimates, but I'd like to give an honourable mention to Wave 21 Mk 1 Iron Man armour that you can strip down entirely to a filthy, singleted Tony in captivity outfit. I just love the playability of it, how as with many a mate you can play dress-up, but then in this case it's also a little bit of a one minimate playset as you can have him tinker on the armour in the appropriate outfit, maintain the arc reactor or even set up little R&D scenarios wearing individual armour parts or imprison him in your bits box and have him don his landmark armour in a cave that is your OWN box of scraps!
  12. On the note of transformed versions, and indeed transforming Minimates the central body could probably never allow for that level of intricacy.... but, the whole interchangeable bits could. With a nosecone waist piece for starscream say, and then you could fold in/remove his arms and put him face-down and there's jet mode. Obviously this won't work for many vehicle modes but one's better than none... Also, looking at the comic con pics I must ask if that blue boombox lookin accessory is soundwave in alternate mode? If so, then we've got a set with a transformed transformer in the pipeline. Who knows, maybe it's early days and they'll pack in a minimate scale Megatron, making for two transformed transformers 😮 What is shockwave meant to turn into? It's kinda hard to get a straight answer with a quick google image search but is it at some points also a firearm? If so, that could be another transformed transformed represented... Fill disclosure though I think it's wild to expect to make minimates into cars and cabover trucks lol unless a torso peg and like, a pack in matchbox car style chassis you can plug it into, maybe store the arms and legs in a little cardboard trailer? that'd be quite cool actually lol I'm kind of convincing myself. maybe a deluxe two pack of bits and bobs to transform say, Optimus and bumblebee/starscream into genuine lil vehicles. Idle thoughts, to be honest I have no real stake in having minimates transform, and its not a property I've ever had much experience with outside of osmosis, but thinking about the actual mechanics of such an endeavour (making minimates transform) is a problem I often mull over in idle moments lol anyways if you've made it this far thanks for coming to my ted talk
  13. That looks superb, I love the accessories assortment, especially the mouse droid! Hasbro eat your heart out
  14. Happy Birthday MisterPL!

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      Thank you very much! 😁

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      I know the feeling, BHM. Some of these kids haven't even hit middle age. (Not that I have, of course. I'm shooting for a comfortable 117!) Thank you!

  15. UPDATE: had a stickybeak online, apparently after much time without it it seems OG Trek toymakers Playmates recently regained the Star Trek licence, angling to launch their new line(s) in 2022. I'm very much not across the action figure/block figure argument in a legal sense, but if minimates are considered the former in this case our pipe dreams may be laid to rest as action figures are on playmates slate. That being said, between the nebulous/unique nature of minimates and there clear difference from genuine, proportional, sculpted etc. Action Figures and DST's variety of and track record with Trek merch, I, as a completely unqualified armchair speculator, feel that it's not implausible DST and Playmates could potentially strike a deal, as it seems is and long has been all the rage in the USA and it seems like they wouldn't particularly be stepping on each other's toes, considering the somewhat different markets each's items/approaches are geared to. Again though, all this is speculation, and for a final, resounding conclusion: in a relatively recent dispatch from DST themselves it's said that the roadblocks that the company hopes to work through with the Trek licence are not a result of Playmates. Here's a link if you fancy "That sounds a lil like a contractually obliged statement!" I hear some of you say, and I hear others say "Offical public communications concerning competitors will always be deliberately worded, it doesn't mean their hands are tied!" and others will say "In the event these "roadblock" Trek negotiations are with Playmates, and ongoing, it stands to reason all parties would be amicable and professional!". Others I hear just yelling about how "you've already sunk so much on moulds and such! re-use! re-paint! re-cycle!" while others whisper conspiratorially about third party possibilities and trade tips on where to find starfleet torsos cheap aftermarket, before all leaving the meeting early with their collars turned up and their expectations for DST surmounting these roadblocks low. Some blasphemous types would even say DST has stopped caring about Star Trek minimates, that it's not something they're interested in pursuing as they attempt to slalom these 'roadblocks', and I'm sure others would express that boldly going in a new direction with the Hasbro 4 packs might just be the shot in the arm the line needs, optimistic and confident that we'll focus on Trektifying the untapped vein of starfleet bridge crew sets once the dust settles following the minimate revolution. I'm sure there are others just hoping I'll shut up. Personally I imagine the mechanics of the Star Trek merchandise licences are some of the most complex, long-standing things of their kind and have no doubt Diamond Select Toys are doing their very best to be able to keep doing the magnificent work they do with Trek product, minimates included. Personally, I hope DST appreciates the long formed love of Star Trek minimates; an iconic collection of products that has existed and evolved over almost two decades and across two Minimate height scales, with so much potential left in the tank. With the twentieth anniversary of the Star Trek minimate approaching, perhaps the commemorative, comprehensive, completionist TNG mix and match Bridge Crew army builder boxset could have a chance. As the line sleeps, perchance, we dream.
  16. I think one reason it sticks in the mind so much is that it's one of the few GiFs lol draws the eye when you're the latest reply on something and one's looking at the main page. Thank you very much for that bit of insight, I must agree that were it not the close-up it would certainly be distracting indeed. Although to those who've seen it, I imagine it perhaps conjures that particular sequence in the mind's eye regardless On a side note though it's lovely to hear how well such a potentially uncomfortable conversation was had so pleasantly here though; and that your avatar has gone on to become a wee bit historic long live the multiverse! Perhaps you when your MMMV minimate arrives, you can have him shake hands with a Nancy minimate in commemoration? 🤝 cheers for the delightful bit of background
  17. Finally, someone puts voice to the age old, and elephant in the room question; do they have the right(s)! Very salient point on the near necessity of having a Picard in any potential TNG box jettstorm, absolutely so if going to retail. Some of us fans (myself included) may have Picard mentally filed away as easily available and much produced, but I had to remind myself how long ago that was in the scheme of things (and indeed, the captain himself could very well be the clincher for many a casual, parental or gift purchase of the proposed bridge crew set). Thank you also for jogging my memory on Amazon's (?) Picard, I recall seeing the ad campaign at the time but had completely forgotten it's existence and as much, I'm not so much a 'true' Star Trek fan (I've only seen the TNG films and a handful of the more zeitgesity/pioneering Trek episodes) as I am a Star Trek minimate fan lol perhaps it's time I went the rest of the way down The Next Generation rabbit hole, I believe they have a few DVD box sets at my local library. Your dream boxset concept though jettstorm, my gosh is it elegant. Most especially as you include a simple handful of additional torsos and cover the film looks also! (though I must say, the concept of 'TNG series crew' box and 'TNG film crew box' as separate, even staggered SKUs might seem appealing, especially with the potential re-use (or on our end, overlap) although that being said, this proverbial, essentially complete, (provided one buys two sets), TNG Bridge Crew shaped apple could most certainly warrant more than a few bites by definition. Of course, I'm only played D(ST)evil's advocate on splitting them, your torso idea is truly clever and utilises the modularity of minimate arms to great effect in reducing components, imho. Also, I've not spent much time with the series but spent much time with the fans and from my limited understanding, Wesley and Pulaski would not be overly missed? I imagine it makes many of us sad, especially those who've truly stuck with Trek mates (I'd no idea the true scope of the series releases until a recent dive into MMDB) without getting anywhere near full numbers on the bridge crew. From what I understand TOS got quite fleshed out in terms of its bridge crew and it's also my understanding that TOS/TNG is one of those line-in-the-sand fandom questions like Beatles or Stones, Coke or Pepsi. Indeed, from what I gather the only question that Al Yankovic found hard was whether he liked Kirk or he preferred Picard. Not tapping into both sides of such a dichotomous well when both halves are (hopefully not were) licenses DST holds (hopefully not held) and indeed, both halves are revered enough to generate such a debate among Yankovic and others, seems like not only a missed business opportunity, but also one of those unfortunate instances where the true completionists were robbed of the chance to complete. That being said, the truly finessed ideas presented by both jettstorm and Captain Paco highlight the ease of rectifying this to varying degrees and indeed, with the inclusion of Picard himself, jettstorm engenders the possibility of the hypothetical boxset not only fulfilling the wishes of many minimate/TNG/TNG minimate fans, but potentially creating scores more with such a comprehensive yet modular set that would be able to sit both timeless with the other ubiquitous TNG merch on comic book/toy store etc store shelves, while also intrinsically encouraging the purchase of an additional set for those who enjoyed the first and would like to have a full roster of bridge crew at the same time. Both of these factors make a large production run of a solitary, comprehensive and modular 4 pack seem like an exceptional option for a minimate product that could 'warm shelves', maintaining/building awareness of our favourite block figures in IRL spaces, while still remaining moreish and impulse buyish enough to both attract new fans and appease loyal ones. All under a single SKU. A dream indeed, but with your proposed packages it becomes all the more vivid. Anyway the defense rests lol again, apologies on the mega post. I promise I'll paragraph better. To be honest with y'all I am not overly informed on Diamond Select outside of minimates, and from a (very cursory, internet troubles) glance it seems the 'VIP club' only features more platform and transactional benefits. Big digression incoming Is there any history of more fan targeted, direct-to-collector items (even if not minimates) ala the Art Asylum, McFarlane, Palisades fan clubs etc of yore? Full disclosure I have no idea if those kinds practices are still a thing, and knowledge of them is overwhelmingly apocryphal, or if the whole 'toy company fan club' special releases model/concept is as prominent over there (by which I mean, in the USA) as it once was. I guess with it being quite commonplace to be expected to create accounts with retailers, and in that process being offered a newsletter and other exclusive offers with the tick or untick of a box, the idea of a more exclusive, even paid membership, fan club would presumably be less attractive to companies and customers alike. Thinking about it now, fan clubs perhaps run up against rewards programs as well. But I (heavily digress). Just thought seeing as we got the rights question on the record I might have a go at interrogating the idea of contemporary fan targeted, non-mass-retail releases, despite having no real clue and doing no research. If you're still reading cheers for your indulgence, (Vulcan salute)
  18. Wow Captain Paco, excellent write-up, you've really thought this through. Especially your TNG bridge crew boxset proposal, you've really come up with an efficient, one and done way to fill out the remainder of that cast in the space of one four mate boxset. It certainly has much multiple purchase potential as you mention, and I've no doubt that in addition to those purchasing two in order to be able to have one of each option assembled, many more would be purchased to create 'extras' from these complete uniforms and spare heads they may have lying around. Once again, fantastic stuff. I also very much love the idea of re-using T-1000 body parts to give DS9's Odo a more customisable look, a very good fit indeed, and you make a salient point about including a variety of heads and hands in your alien pack to make a very customisable 'duty uniformed alien crewmember' base body, as is the versatile concept of a dress uniform pack (which would also include extra expression heads, for further customisability of those crew members already represented. No two need be alike! indeed. Your alternate suggestion of simply making a more collector targeted parts pack including the more essential parts necessary for completionists is a very solid compromise, especially with the 'to order', small run nature such a thing might entail. I've no doubt that there would be large amounts of multiple purchases for this option also, especially us minimate fans being as we are I will admit, that I had Trek minimates (3 inch!) before I had ever seen Trek, and that much of my experience of the numerous series and media was driven by my love for those figures. The colourful, yet uniform, uniforms and the gaggle of exotic, yet humanoid, aliens are both perfect fits for the iconic, and modular, minimate base body, and I too hope that DST will one day once again tap into this perfect fit for their versatile mini figures, even if just as a swan song.
  19. Thank you kindly for the welcome Nessex, and fantastic and funny location name. I remember being exposed to the happenings of the Oswald State Correctional facility on the back end of a VHS tape left to record late on SBS when I was young, and my young mind had some difficulty reconciling that with the yellow brick road place. Needless to say both a fear of prison and love of adult drama were etched into my mind. Glad to hear all of these positive feelings for the community here, I'd lurked for a time and I'm glad I finally took the plunge to registered member it's cool to see not one but two fellow Aussies here, and I'm glad to hear of your collection down under Nessex, and also to note your gloriously technicolour signature Wishlist, your aforementioned location tag and of course your elegantly hilarious avatar. Also, wherever you might be in Oz, I hope you (and any other fellow Aussies reading) are doing okay in these crazy times we're having. Feel free to reach out if you need, and look after yourselves mates
  20. Did anyone end up buying any of these guys? I've been tempted by the Electro, who I've seen available individually here. I am wondering if I'm correct in thinking there is forearm and shin articulation, and also if his neck moves or is limited by the mask?
  21. Congratulations to both of you fellas also, fantastic username Bilbofett lol and iconic avatar MiniFiend
  22. You make an excellent point here Cpt. Paco; with a few key choices of Starfleet uniform bodies and a smattering of alternate heads and hairpieces (and accessories!), DST could provide the possibility of rather complete Trek crews in singular box sets, while encouraging we hardcore fans to purchase multiples of these box-sets so as to be able to display all the variations simultaneously. Personally I feel like a well designed Next Generation four pack with the alternate heads to fill out the rest of that program's bridge crew would be a good testbed for this concept, as TNG remains popular/fondly remembered, it has colourful uniforms with both striking and more 'vanilla' people to feature as the two alternate heads (e.g. O'brien as an alternate head for Geordie LaForge, Beverly Crusher as an alternate head one could put on a Jadzia Dax body etc) It would also be very fitting, as the multiple outfit choices DST presented us with for Picard when he was in a two-pack with Hugh I consider to be one of DST's most successful exploitations of the modularity of the minimate, and Cpt. Paco's proposed 4 pack would be another efficient, enticing use of the interchangeable body parts on a slightly larger scale.
  23. You're one hell of a Communications professional Zach; I know radio stations that do less give-aways than you man always so good to see, and even more so noticing here that you've dropped a surprise second chance draw. I hope Diamond notices and appreciates you keeping the world of minimate fandom as lovely and lively as much as we here on the boards do. If not, we better let them know on a related note, I'm not the biggest Marvel aficionado so when I saw this post in activity I was very intrigued, thinking you were giving away a minimate scaled execution device I'd never come across!
  24. I realise this is some time after the fact Shanester but it's always a pleasure to me to find (and note down) minimal trivia and history. Don't think your efforts are going unappreciated my friend on a related note, this post also prompted me to look into Eddie Wires. From OAFE to The Fwoosh, it brought a tear to my eye to see the community come together online and honour such a well-loved man. On a lighter note, and coming into the Xmas season, I just wanted to say that this double helping of wordplay has me chuckling almost a decade on, (Santa) hat's off to you and your humour
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