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  1. So excited to say I pre-ordered this wave just now. While Ghost may be the "yeah... okay" figure in the set for me, it's a really cool wave. Even though not classic, it'll be awesome to put Mockingbird up with the rest of my West Coast Avengers on my Epic Collection bookshelf.
  2. That's very cool of you, thank you! I tried to use the google form connected to her but it came back closed, so I ran into that as a hiccup.
  3. I know I'm really late to the party on these, but going back through this thread is such a treat, these are amazing. And I know it's a shot in the dark but, as a Thunderstrike fan and fan of DeFalco/Frenz Thor run... is Quicksand still available? I didn't see a "sold out" post but the google doc gives an error, so I figured I would at least ask.
  4. Well, looks like I'll have to hurry up and order mine soon if I know there's only a few left...
  5. I mentioned in the other thread, this is such an exciting wave. Constrictor is one of my favorite, eye-catching B/C-list villains. I'm a sucker for some early 90s nostalgia Deathlok to go with Darkhawk, Thunderstrike, and Silver Sable. Now, if we can get ourselves a Nomad and a Sleepwalker, I'll be feeling really good! Don't know much about Ghost in this form, I really liked this run of Spider-Woman. Mockingbird, no matter her form, is always welcome. And I'm more than happy to have a Stealth Iron Man suit, as that and Silver Centurion were always two of my favorite looking Iron Man armors.
  6. What an absolute blast of a wave. All have appeal to me, and it's so cool to have Constrictor, Deathlok, and Mockingbird in this form now. That Constrictor really pops.
  7. A new Silver Sable would be great. She's one of my favorites. The only other one I could think of was Diamondback - but she's more Cap than Avengers/Iron Man and I don't think has crossed paths with Spidey.
  8. kidcage

    wave 79

    Since I'm really happy to be getting Darkhawk, and I like Angela from the "Asgardians of the Galaxy" series, I'll get those two packs. And might as well at that point throw in the other one so I can get Moondragon to put her with my Defenders display. (Need Valkyrie though!) But I'm really pumped for Darkhawk.
  9. I'm looking forward to this because I enjoy using Minimates on my shelves that house my Epic Collection trades, and will be my first mates of any of these characters, so my X-Factor area will be well represented. But I have some recent waves (like the Spidey one) I need to hurry up and order to catch up.
  10. I don't think I've checked a Walgreens in 2 months, so I guess I may have to hit a few if these are starting to hit more. I can't wait to find some of these!
  11. I think while it depends, as a newer minimate enthusiast (as in, if I look at it and it has a character I want/need, I'm going to buy it) I'd say make a big deal out of it. Wasn't the old adage with comic books that any issue will be someone's first? Same thing goes with these - people who fall in love at Wave 80 will love to be part of the fun.
  12. kidcage

    wave 79

    I'd love to get some more of the supernatural kind of things. I got lucky at a convention one year and picked up that Strange Tales Boxset for $20, right around the time I started diving more into Minimates (about 3 years ago) and found the animated Man-Thing when it hit. Nightmare, Sleepwalker, a nice Tomb of Dracula version of Drac… heck I'll take some 90s Midnight Sons stuff too. But more at hand with 79, I'll be glad to pick up Angela as well as I did thoroughly enjoy "Asgardians of the Galaxy" and wish we'd have a chance at both a Kevin-as-Thunderstrike and Throg minimate someday.
  13. Thank you everyone for the welcome! As for my name, the fun story to it is I've been a wrestling fan as long as a comic fan and at 35 years I was able to grow up at the height of WWF Hulkamania, Ultimate Warrior, etc. years. Kid Cage became my wrestling persona for old e-mail based wrestling promotions, video games, and such. So it's stuck every since
  14. kidcage

    wave 79

    I'm definitely looking forward to Darkhawk, gotta add him to my lovely '90s nostalgia of Thunderstrike, Silver Sable, and now him. Moondragon will be cool to have too. Now just feel a serious need of Deathlok and Sleepwalker.
  15. Hey there, first post on the board (outside of my intro) so figured I'd share my Wishlist. Since I love Ron Frenz/Tom DeFalco stuff, I went with the alternate time-line MC2 I figured 3-4 packs and a Build-A-Mate Thunderstrike & American Dream Spider-Girl & DarkDevil Stinger & Wild Thing Mainframe & The Buzz* Build-A-Mate: J2 I figured The top three packs would have the most overall appeal due to most characters having either their own Mini-Series or being very central to the books they were in. Mainframe and The Buzz are kind of the "Drop it if we only get three packs from now on" and while The Buzz is a weird pick, I didn't want to just pick one member of the Fantastic Five and leave out the others. Also, Stinger could have crossover appeal to 616 Universe due to Cassie becoming Stinger in the more recent Scott Lang series. And BAF of J-2 allows for the bigger pieces to be spread out over time. If I had my perfect world, I'd add a F5 boxset and call it a day.
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