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  1. Why did y'all have to point out Thanos Helmet inaccuracy? I feel the need to re-paint it haha
  2. I'm in the process of painting mine metallic red
  3. Love that Captain Marvel's look is like Mar-Vell's and it makes her stand out a bit from Captain America with a mainly blue costume with a star in the centre of the chest. And man would I love a minimate form of that look. Don't have the talent to make it.
  4. Thanks, I used the beard from the Minimates Lord of the Rings line. Used Gandalf the White that had broken anyway so cut the beard from the hair as they're bigger than the Marvel ones and glued the beard to the Infinity War Thor head and painted it. The hair was a from the Jessica Jones netflix 4 pack Patsy Walker. I wanted to save the new Thor head from the Endgame line for my IW Thor Custom. Still going to customise further with Thor to make him fatter and maybe try and paint a braid on and I've already made Barton look more like Endgame Ronin by shaving the hair down on the sides. Also got the set posted from Indiana to the UK. It usually takes months before these come over here so bought them online for too much money but was hyped for the film so can feel bad about it later.
  5. Managed to get the Endgame Minimate wave and put together my own customs. Love the wave which are always tough to get in the UK. Thanos is Really cool. Tell me what you think of my Thor and slightly modified Cap.
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