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  1. @DSTZach@luke314pi; Any word on when series 2 will be released?
  2. @DSTZach, can we expect more Power Rangers mates after series 2? Would they be from Mighty Morphin? Any chance for the zords to be minimates too?
  3. This would have been an amazing Box set with the new armors in it. I know we havenโ€™t had a movie mate in a while but the designs in this film are too good to pass up on.
  4. Second a ninjetti pack ๐Ÿ‘€ also recommending a villain pack ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€
  5. @DSTZach, The Power Rangers Minimates have been a dream come true. Can we expect to see and expansion of the franchise, with villains? Or into the other series? Too early to call? May or may not be buying spares to make sure the sales are up...
  7. Does this mean that the White ranger will come with Series 2? Waiting to preorder Series 1 from Luke...definitely going to be my favorite collection
  8. Zach, I don't mean to be that guy, but seriously. I was just talking to my friends about my hidden infatuation for Power Rangers. (Still haven't mustered up the confidence to mention my Minimates love lol). I really want to tell you, DST, and Luke how much I appreciate you all for your dedication to this brand. I don't mean to come off has hyperbolic, but I'm really thankful this brand is still around, and it's going to new places. You've always got a supporter in me!
  9. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS I started collecting Minimates with the hopes that Power Rangers would be produced one day. I'm getting every single one (especially if they go deep into the mythos like the Lightning Collection has). I'm so grateful and excited!
  10. What an amazing job from the team! I preordered the box set. I also just want to say I'd be all over JI Joe, or Power Rangers (especially MMPR)
  11. This is what the people wanted! Way to go DST!
  12. is there anyway we can get some new, lasting Lines? I love the marvel stuff but maybe something different with a long lineage? Power Rangers DBZ Megaman Mortal Kombat More Sonic? Street Fighter series? I just think some of the other lines just fizzle out after a while. But I can't imagine something like DBZ wouldn't be great. maybe us in the chat should make a petition to show interest? Just some thoughts.
  13. I know in South Brooklyn (Walgreens by Kings Plaza in Sheepshead Bay) is pretty good on stocking their store with the latest ones. It was the only place i could find the Infinity War set.
  14. Are the Spiderman mates in stores as well? I saw someone on ebay post the Doc Oct/Spider-Girl pack.
  15. Found wave 10 in East Brooklyn. Only one set of the Rocket/Adam Warlock tho.
  16. I wonder if Beast comes with an XMen belt?
  17. X-Man/Bishop Stryfe/Bastion (Probably can't happen since Luke made those sick customs! So mad I missed out!) Gladiator/Forge liliandra/Marrow BAF: Juggernaut, Sentinel or Shadow King.
  18. Props to wolviestoys, not my handle but sharing!
  19. would love a new Bishop minimate...
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