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  1. I know in South Brooklyn (Walgreens by Kings Plaza in Sheepshead Bay) is pretty good on stocking their store with the latest ones. It was the only place i could find the Infinity War set.
  2. Are the Spiderman mates in stores as well? I saw someone on ebay post the Doc Oct/Spider-Girl pack.
  3. Found wave 10 in East Brooklyn. Only one set of the Rocket/Adam Warlock tho.
  4. I wonder if Beast comes with an XMen belt?
  5. X-Man/Bishop Stryfe/Bastion (Probably can't happen since Luke made those sick customs! So mad I missed out!) Gladiator/Forge liliandra/Marrow BAF: Juggernaut, Sentinel or Shadow King.
  6. Props to wolviestoys, not my handle but sharing!
  7. The Doc Oct & Venom are so sick!! 🙌🏾
  8. would love a new Bishop minimate...
  9. The Endgame reseller market on EBay is outrageous!
  10. @DSTZach Right on cue. NYC has stock! Just got the Thanos/IM & Ronin/BW Good luck everyone!
  11. I just read this from a Reddit user online:
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