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  1. okay @DSTZach, I'll buy a Danhausen minimate.
  2. okay zachary i apologize but you were bating me and i will not stand for it!
  3. @DSTZachwhat happened to mcu minimates? will they be announced 1 Jul?
  4. Hello Zachary, If we do not get the license on 1st Jul then you should turn 180 degrees away and walk away from minimates! And why is price expensive? In 2008 for iron man two pack it is 7.99 , now go joe four pack is 40.00 ? are you smoking on something zachary>? where does that money go, because we certainly are not getting enough minimates!! I do not know why i am laughingstocks because I all I want is 200 minimate releases per year and dst owes me that!
  5. @DSTZach I'm not sure if you think you are some kind of popular comedian , but the delay is not funny. Who else cares at this point? Why would anyone want this license in vinimates? Do you know how many DST products were at the main walgreens in DTLA this afternoon? 0. Take your dandruff ridden side burns and shove them where the sun doesn't shine.
  6. Is it Simpsons? Super7 is really pushing the license hard lately.
  7. If we don't know the license by May, then I'm shaving your sideburns off!
  8. Has anyone guessed Dr Who? I would LOVE Filmation MOTU, but not really sure if it fits the "many new hairstyles" tag.
  9. Wait a second, What did @Shanester eat for lunch though? I hope it tasted good and was nutritious!
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