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  1. Great customs I especially liked the battle beast
  2. they came out so good awesome job luke .
  3. Congrats to all, especially the winners it was alot of fun.
  4. This is going to be an awesome contest, every custom looks great.
  5. A creeper minimate would be awesome.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
  7. Hey guys it's been a while since I posted any thing but I got a lot of new customs and new pics of my older customs. I hope you guys like them and any feedback would deffinetly be great.
  8. This is my entry SUPER PATRIOT: This is my Reference:
  9. They are all amazing especially the Brotherhood
  10. Your SF2 customs are fantastic, every single one of them.
  11. Dude they are so cool looking especially the Boogie Nights pack.
  12. Thanks guys I am going to try your guys suggestion's because alot of my customs that I am working on require white paint. Have any of you guys ever tried the brand vallejo white.
  13. What is the best kind of white paint to use for customizing. I use the citadel skull white but I am not crazy about it, are there any other kinds of brands that maybe better, because the consistency and the way the minimate looks with the skull white kind of sucks .
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