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  1. A New Warriors set would be life affirming.
  2. I try to be a positive person. I've been with Minimates since the beginning and will ride with them until the end, but even I fear the longevity at $50/ 6-Pack. The timing is really bad too as the Hasbro licenses were maybe giving us some momentum that we haven't had in a long time.
  3. So long as the Sunny crew all comes in Wolf Cola t-shirts I'll throw $50 at them.
  4. Chooch consfused. Admittedly, that happens often. So we have: FCBD Set: Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander. Available now through Luke's, BBTS, etc. Series 1: Re deco'd Snake Eyes, Re deco'd Scarlett, Duke, Roadblack. Not currently available for pre-order anywhere. Series 2: Re deco'd Cobra Commander, Re deco'd Storm Shadow, Baroness, Destro. Not currently available for pre-order anywhere. Is that right?
  5. Have we seen pictures of the re-deco'd set 1? This is the first I'm hearing of this.
  6. At this point in the ripple effect of COVID on the logistics of everything in the world we're lucky to get any products at all. I can wait a few more months.
  7. I'm cool with the Joes being outnumbered. I wasn't a troop builder as a kid so I always had to have a few Joes take down my entire Cobra force to make it look heroic.
  8. Great, great show. So true to the comics. I want Mates of them all.
  9. Sounds good. Thanks for your part in making this happen.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply Zach! Are all accessories shown here? Scarlet without a crossbow seems odd. And I'd love a Timber.
  11. So will we be able to order these through etailers with Diamond accounts?
  12. I never even thought about the idea of COPS minimates. If they made those alongside that sweet helicopter I'd be all in. Also, this finally got some mention on, but in a really mean-spirited article:
  13. It doesn't matter who they release. Instant purchase.
  14. This and the announcement of G.I. Joe mates being designed just made my day. Thanks, Zach.
  15. With DC Direct going belly-up someone suggest Diamond get the license for direct market product. As long as it got me Mates I don't care what company gets them out!
  16. Chooch

    wave 79

    I just opened my set. Star-Lord's helmet was very easy to take off because there was a clear lubricant applied. A lot. Like long weekend at the Bunny Ranch a lot. Anyone else have that happen?
  17. A complete team in one wave! More of this please.
  18. Surely it's my long awaited New Warriors wave!
  19. Definitely some fun designs in Xavier and Magneto. Also a chance at Exodus. I wouldn't say no to Domino's current costume either.
  20. Chooch

    wave 79

    The lack of consistent costumes for the Guardians across Minimates, Marvel Legends, and even the Marvel Universe line remains a frustration. I think that's why we see such a positive reaction to things like the X-Factor wave and the X-Men training uniforms.
  21. I was also 15 when it debuted. I recall liking that the art was more detailed like the comics than B:TAS which was intentionally cartoony. Plus it was a validation that these comics I was in love with could go mainstream.
  22. These look great! Ghost is such a great design that I'm happy to see they nailed in figure form.
  23. Chooch

    wave 79

    I certainly don't hate the series - I actually ordered an extra Darkhawk pack because my friend will lose his mind when he sees it. That being said the line-up feels kind of hodgepodge after the X-Factor wave and how Marvel Legends has been working on completing teams of an era lately. Yes, they were all Guardians, but not at the same time and they're not really completing a lingering line-up. We're super-close to completing both the Liefeld and Capullo X-Force costumes - but not quite - and that's been going on for years. I know it can serve to keep interest in a line by holding back, but that strategy has fizzled so many times for collectors of various lines that a rapid completion like the X-Factor wave brings back a spark of joy.
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