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  1. Chooch

    wave 79

    Individually I like all of the choices outside of Angela. Collectively it feels lacking cohesion after such a focused X-Factor wave.
  2. A Machine Man/Jocasta 2-Pack would make a lot of sense. I really hope he comes with telescoping arms if so.
  3. Aw man. Hopefully it will be a slow death and we'll get a few years more out of Walgreens.
  4. I found the Venomized figures today. I passed as they didn't yank my crank, but I've been seeing strange mixes now with this, Endgame, Wave 10, and Wave 8 pieces here and there. I think someone at Walgreens finally coded a true random algorithm.
  5. I found a lone Wasp/MODOK today. First sign of Wave 8 in the Denver area I know about.
  6. Found 1 each of Dracula, Hammerhead, and Adam Warlock in the 'burbs of Denver. No Strange/Rider though.
  7. Damn. That's how you do a wave.
  8. Ditto. The movie costumes are kind of same-y. I think that's part of the downside of introducing a bunch of characters at once - the designers tie the uniforms together which keeps any character from standing out.
  9. 80 at 80 would be a catchy gimmick. 80 on it's own not so much. 100 is a celebration. I don't think it would cause people to shy away. It's a round number and it's so many that no one would worry about having to catch up. I have a friend that got into Magic rather than a new card game precisely because he wouldn't feel the need to get them all.
  10. Chooch

    wave 79

    The curse of doing a modern comic set of toys is that the costumes are outdated by the time they hit retail in most cases. Minimates seems to be the exception, but I don't know that Gamora will still be in that get-up and Moondragon already isn't if the pic above is accurate. I'm okay with the assortment. Not disappointed, not excited... just whelmed. And I do not suffer from helmet-gate. I don't personally think there needs to be much in the way of detail for Minimates. I kind of love it when they're simple.
  11. If the don't do an X-Factor Wolfsbane she'll dominate want lists for years. But agreed these look great. Having an almost complete team in a short time from Marvel Legends is astounding.
  12. Chooch

    wave 79

    Maybe Vance can come with an extra head and cape. Then boom! - Marvel Boy
  13. Chooch

    wave 79

    O:GS would be great, but I do curse the day the mathematics took the New Warriors out of the running.
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