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  1. At this point in the ripple effect of COVID on the logistics of everything in the world we're lucky to get any products at all. I can wait a few more months.
  2. I'm cool with the Joes being outnumbered. I wasn't a troop builder as a kid so I always had to have a few Joes take down my entire Cobra force to make it look heroic.
  3. Great, great show. So true to the comics. I want Mates of them all.
  4. Sounds good. Thanks for your part in making this happen.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Zach! Are all accessories shown here? Scarlet without a crossbow seems odd. And I'd love a Timber.
  6. So will we be able to order these through etailers with Diamond accounts?
  7. I never even thought about the idea of COPS minimates. If they made those alongside that sweet helicopter I'd be all in. Also, this finally got some mention on, but in a really mean-spirited article:
  8. It doesn't matter who they release. Instant purchase.
  9. This and the announcement of G.I. Joe mates being designed just made my day. Thanks, Zach.
  10. With DC Direct going belly-up someone suggest Diamond get the license for direct market product. As long as it got me Mates I don't care what company gets them out!
  11. Chooch

    wave 79

    I just opened my set. Star-Lord's helmet was very easy to take off because there was a clear lubricant applied. A lot. Like long weekend at the Bunny Ranch a lot. Anyone else have that happen?
  12. A complete team in one wave! More of this please.
  13. Surely it's my long awaited New Warriors wave!
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