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  1. Thanks for the explanation. With the coincidental timing I figured it was an industry trend.
  2. To be fair, the shipping is free.🙄 Interesting that like Marvel Legends, they've cut costs by taking away pictures on the back.
  3. Doorman with swappable hands/feet and cape for both looks! Flatman could be 2-D pack-in and be just fine.
  4. Legless/ridiculous sleeves/pointy mask for the win!
  5. Chooch

    wave 79

    I'd like to think 90's Liefeld uni's stand a chance given Marvel Legends output of late.
  6. Wow, didn't expect Mockingbird to bring out such strong feelings. Or maybe everyone's just really into fashion.
  7. I only have so many erections left. You best not be teasing me!
  8. Chooch

    wave 79

    It's clearly Power Pack.
  9. Mockingbird with the crazy sleeves would be fun to see.
  10. Chooch

    wave 79
  11. New Warriors 10-pack! Night Thrasher Marvel Boy (with removable cape and few heads you could get 3-4 looks out of him) Firestar "Kid" Nova Speedball Namorita Rage Silhouette Darkhawk Turbo
  12. Chooch

    wave 79

    From Operation: Galactic Storm (wow is that name rooted in the 90's) I'd like to see: Quasar Iron Man Space Armor Sersi Vision (All-White) Starfox Crystal Living Lightning Goliath (Clint Barton) Hank Pym (Red Jumpsuit) Mockingbird Black Widow (Gray Onesy) Gilgamesh (although I'd rather have the cow-head than the toga) And that's just Avengers! Throw in swappable bomber jackets for everyone if you want to maximize the 90'sness.
  13. Here in Denver I've seen Minimates from all over the time spectrum. I was able to belated find all of the Squadron Supreme with a little searching last year. One store had the Kraven/Hobgoblin animated - never saw them anywhere else. I've yet to see Captain Marvel movie mates, but Black Panther and Thor Ragnarok Mates remain mixed in the Infinity War ones.
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