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  1. I had missed the Wave 4 announcement until recently:
  2. Seconded. I'm not a big MMPR fan, but these are so well done that I'm getting them.
  3. I was thinking granny with brick in purse.
  4. Champions was my first thought as well, but that's two females. Web Warriors maybe? They'd have to ignore some females there as well.
  5. Liefeld Warpath Liefeld Boom-Boom Liefeld Siryn Capullo Warpath Capullo Feral Capullo Sunspot And we have two complete X-Force line-ups. We're so close!
  6. Yes to everything AFMcgill said. Liefeld and Capullo X-Force are soooooooo close.
  7. Agreed with everything Kastor said. That Zach does this is admirable.
  8. A New Warriors set would be life affirming.
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