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  1. I was also 15 when it debuted. I recall liking that the art was more detailed like the comics than B:TAS which was intentionally cartoony. Plus it was a validation that these comics I was in love with could go mainstream.
  2. These look great! Ghost is such a great design that I'm happy to see they nailed in figure form.
  3. Chooch

    wave 79

    I certainly don't hate the series - I actually ordered an extra Darkhawk pack because my friend will lose his mind when he sees it. That being said the line-up feels kind of hodgepodge after the X-Factor wave and how Marvel Legends has been working on completing teams of an era lately. Yes, they were all Guardians, but not at the same time and they're not really completing a lingering line-up. We're super-close to completing both the Liefeld and Capullo X-Force costumes - but not quite - and that's been going on for years. I know it can serve to keep interest in a line by holding back, but that strategy has fizzled so many times for collectors of various lines that a rapid completion like the X-Factor wave brings back a spark of joy.
  4. Taskmaster and Black Ant could be a Merc duo pack.
  5. Domino, Diamondback, and Outlaw are all female mercs currently.
  6. Chooch

    wave 79

    Individually I like all of the choices outside of Angela. Collectively it feels lacking cohesion after such a focused X-Factor wave.
  7. A Machine Man/Jocasta 2-Pack would make a lot of sense. I really hope he comes with telescoping arms if so.
  8. Aw man. Hopefully it will be a slow death and we'll get a few years more out of Walgreens.
  9. I found the Venomized figures today. I passed as they didn't yank my crank, but I've been seeing strange mixes now with this, Endgame, Wave 10, and Wave 8 pieces here and there. I think someone at Walgreens finally coded a true random algorithm.
  10. I found a lone Wasp/MODOK today. First sign of Wave 8 in the Denver area I know about.
  11. Found 1 each of Dracula, Hammerhead, and Adam Warlock in the 'burbs of Denver. No Strange/Rider though.
  12. Damn. That's how you do a wave.
  13. Ditto. The movie costumes are kind of same-y. I think that's part of the downside of introducing a bunch of characters at once - the designers tie the uniforms together which keeps any character from standing out.
  14. 80 at 80 would be a catchy gimmick. 80 on it's own not so much. 100 is a celebration. I don't think it would cause people to shy away. It's a round number and it's so many that no one would worry about having to catch up. I have a friend that got into Magic rather than a new card game precisely because he wouldn't feel the need to get them all.
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