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  1. To be fair I knew to look up Night Shift, but name and (bonkers) powers I didn't recall. I wonder if Gypsy Moth just walks behind him fixing things.
  2. Tatterdemalion from the Night Shift, I believe.
  3. Now I'm imagining him coming into a meeting with a full head of hair just daring anyone to say anything.
  4. That looks nice. Do we know who has the switch out parts?
  5. I love all of these, but would put the New Warriors and Thunderbolts at the top.
  6. Ha! G2 Megatron would have popped, but I think we're better off with a new character.
  7. That makes much more sense. Should be an easy fix.
  8. @luke314pi will you be getting these or is the Diamond site our only option?
  9. Ba-dum-bump The support is much appreciated!
  10. New Warriors are street level if you want to keep that theme going.
  11. Love the pics! Can't wait to have this team on a shelf.
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