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  1. Hmmm... would like to see the first movie before ordering.
  2. Yes, more Invincible Mates! Such a deep roster.
  3. Shhhhh... don't give them ideas. Especially since Marvel Legends is taking that approach with the New Warriors. We need a win!
  4. I love the idea of Marvel Boy/Vance Astro swappable parts.
  5. I dig the look! But hey, I'll take whatever New Warriors I can get.
  6. If we do New Warriors I'd prefer not to go with Civil War looks. It was their low point as a team and felt like a real disservice. I'd prefer their early looks. Nova's second look was more or less a back to basics we already have so you could get away with Night Thrasher, Namorita, Marvel Boy/Justice, and Speedball. Fifth could be Firestar - although her existing 'mate isn't far off. If not her, then Silhouette or Rage. Animal companion could be Niels. For Thunderbolts I'd again want original looks. Citizen V, Mach-1, Techno, Meteorite, Atlas. Maybe swap Jolt in for Atlas if we can get a vinimate of him enlarged. No clear animal/small choice - maybe that flying V hoverboard they all stood on in the first issue? Hard to believe we got the whole Osborn team, but not the originals.
  7. Yeah, Spider-Verse of variants is a safe bet. Especially with sluggish collectible/toy sales across the board I could see any company wanting to focus on big guns. And the release date was probably close to when the next Miles movie was to come out.
  8. But does 2000s mean 2000-2010 or 2000-2023? We need a better name for the 00-10. Too bad the oughts never caught on.
  9. Not a knock on Luke. I get the bulk of my toys from a mom & pop vendor that uses EE as their distributor. Some things are just slow. And sometimes I get figures before BBTS and Amazon ship. And occasionally they just get cancelled. Not ready to give up just yet, but anytime Minimates fall through I do go to Luke.
  10. Spidey 5-Pack! Superior Foes? Outlaws? Nah, clearly the New Warriors we've all been waiting for.
  11. Yep, the carded set in the green outer box. Maybe it was a weird return. It was on its side and behind something else so Duke was poking out.
  12. Looking at Joe Box set at a Walmart locked up in the collector section. Didn't know they carried them.
  13. Looks pretty good. Agreed I'd rather have Echo, but that Kingpin is snazzy.
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