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Love movies after my dad brought me to watch finding nemo when I was 7. Ironically he wanted me to watch Hulk and I was only interested in PIXAR movies at that time, turns out i loved marvel ever since I first watched Iron Man 2 with my first hangout with friends. Came across my first minimates when I was browsing at a collectibles toy store and instantly fell in love with how they look and how customizable they are, bought it on the spot. It was theĀ  No.1 Avengers box set, and I have already read a handful of classic marvel comics at that time and like every collector out there, everyone just simply loves the first issue of every iconic superheroes, be it Iron Man, Thor or Captain America, so when I first saw that the minimates was based on the first issue of The Avengers, which was my favourite super hero team up, I knew i had to get my hands on this set. However, missing on the cover was Thor, and I knew I have to find the first appearance Thor minimate to complete it. Thats when I first came across Luke's toy store and have always gotten mates that way since. And while trying to complete my collection, I met many great collector friends out there along the way, and fell in love with the community! A shoutout to PK mates for his tremendous help with my collection as well :)

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