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  1. Thanks Zach! Love how much you’re putting in to update us already, take it easy and don’t be so hard on yourself
  2. I hope there's more mistakes so we can have more obscure characters
  3. I just hope it fills in the holes of some missing members of any teams that we already had minimates of!
  4. Yes!!! Pitch the idea to DST! And like funk said, ‘inspired by’ wave like the wave 77 Spider-Man FFH inspired wave would be awesome!
  5. HaoMate

    wave 79

    I think this was the comic that inspired the wave, replacing Phyla-Vell with Gamora in my opinion, maybe a marketing strat as they are afraid people will not buy the pack if no one recognises any of the 2 packed together.... which is sad for fans like us I miss times when the wave is not complete, we have TRU wave to fall back to complete the set...
  6. Hmm you may try to check minimate database for all available minimate vehicles! It’s a minimate encyclopaedia! Hail Ivan!
  7. Speaking of big events, I just want a comic accurate malekith for war of the realms!
  8. Kinda sad it’s not this version of mocking bird!
  9. So is this the last wave of 2020? Or will we see more waves since they are down to 6 mates per wave?
  10. Zombies are cool!! Especially if we could get a fantastic four box set. However, I’m still waiting for the venomized Iron Man and Daredevil funko pop made into minimate form!!!
  11. I think Zach said something along the lines of the validity license to make end game minimates are over, so they do not have the rights to make end game minimates anymore even if they wanted to :(
  12. Still pretty much prefer the official comics than comic-compatible! Box sets are good to get not-so popular characters out there, kinda like the BAF characters we get now, those that needs to be made vs popularity
  13. HaoMate

    wave 79

    I wish if they ever release the full uniformed team, I would prefer the slight variation and have them all made individually! I would preorder this in an instance!
  14. Are they venomized or just regular animated styles?
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