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  1. Still pretty much prefer the official comics than comic-compatible! Box sets are good to get not-so popular characters out there, kinda like the BAF characters we get now, those that needs to be made vs popularity
  2. HaoMate

    wave 79

    I wish if they ever release the full uniformed team, I would prefer the slight variation and have them all made individually! I would preorder this in an instance!
  3. Are they venomized or just regular animated styles?
  4. HaoMate

    wave 79

    I suggest we have a 4 mates box set to complete the remaining members of the guardians!!!!!
  5. HaoMate

    wave 79

    But still thank you @DSTZach and @luke314pi!!! What can we do without you guys!!
  6. HaoMate

    wave 79

    @DSTZach phew, thanks so much! Best news I’ve heard since the cancellation news! NEVER LOSE HOPE GUYS!!!
  7. HaoMate

    wave 79

    Please make them limited edition instead of cancelling
  8. Well, ea just announced a new gw game dubbed neighbourville! Which includes 3 new plants and 3 new zombies, would only hope this line continues!
  9. Are hints allowed? x)
  10. Well, maybe... and they don’t want to spoil us by including in that minimate
  11. HaoMate

    wave 79

    Uhhh... Girl power? Maybe we’ll finally get mocking bird, perhaps a new modern wasp/stinger(Cassie Lang) updated Jessica drew, the daughters of the dragon to accompany Danny and Luke, a comic counterpart instead of the Netflix ones, and Titania for absorbing man, Typhoid Mary BAF?
  12. Is this discontinued? Would be interesting to have citron and imp with his mech to complete the garden warfare set! And maybe some plant with vase head or normal flag zombies as army builder!
  13. Oh sorry! I was actually asking about the Marvel comic line, excluding MCU ><
  14. Will this means that we will only get 77 and 78 this year? Or we will see more before 2019 end? 😮
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