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  1. HaoMate

    wave 77

    Fingers crossed prowler for the allied villain!
  2. HaoMate

    wave 77

    Any hint on this lineup?
  3. HaoMate

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Great kitbashed figure! I always love kit bashing! Anyway! Which prestige look are you after? If it’s: Just a suggestion for you here is, for torso and crotch you may use aoa jean grey, 68 night crawler shoulder piece, 47 colossus boots, for head, limbs and hands you already have a great one! But for the hair I think the original bobcut Rachel works! No idea on the cape though! These are all plucked from my head, but more ideas helps ;D
  4. HaoMate

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Wow best of 3 pants does work! Well I need biceps too though! Infinity thanos doesn’t have the same shade of blue though! But thanks so much for your input! Appreciated lots!
  5. HaoMate

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Oh man... I only know of joe fixit and the Thanos from infinity having blue bulk parts, any one else has any idea who has blue bulk parts? >< Thanks, McGill for your affirmation!
  6. HaoMate

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Anyone know if the Joe Fixit bulk parts color matches the infinity gauntlet thanos blue? Was thinking to make thanos bulk to fit in the movie feel!
  7. HaoMate

    wave 77

    Wow! I’ve always wanted blizzard characters as mates! They could do a ton of characters from Warcraft, and the list are never ending! But I think it’s hard to get blizzard liscense though!
  8. That isn’t black swan, but Super giant! xD I think you can make a black swan custom using the MvC3 x-23 body and lady death strike hands and maybe black cat hair? Idk I just got these off the top of my head! All the designs are pretty comic accurate, so it’s a must get if they ever release these!
  9. With the upcoming switch game, marvel ultimate alliace 3 black order, would DST do a tie in like the MvC3 game and we can finally get the comic version of the black order?! And hopefully more comic version of minimates thanks to the game! Am excited just thinking about this! Thoughts?