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  1. Is this discontinued? Would be interesting to have citron and imp with his mech to complete the garden warfare set! And maybe some plant with vase head or normal flag zombies as army builder!
  2. Oh sorry! I was actually asking about the Marvel comic line, excluding MCU ><
  3. Will this means that we will only get 77 and 78 this year? Or we will see more before 2019 end? 😮
  4. HaoMate

    wave 79

    If its cosmic wave, will we finally get the conquest/ first appearance guardians of the galaxy(2008)?! And like previous posts, you can even include cosmic the rider in since he was part of the guardians at some point in time! Heck there's even a custom wave made already More photos here!
  5. You meant wave 78 will be on display already!?
  6. With the new avengers end game movie coming up, could this hint points towards avengers operation galactic storm?!
  7. Don’t just stop there! Share the look xD
  8. You predicted wave 77! Or plainly DST just stole your idea 🌝
  9. CANT WAIT!!! More comic wave please, do not stop that! @DSTZach, please do hint us what would be the theme of that wave!
  10. HaoMate

    wave 77

    Hopefully the new cape has those markings like the old figure, those look sick! Loved prowler, so much better than I ever asked for! And I dreamt of that hydro man with hydro arms for so long after looking at an action figure a while back! Glad it came out! Spiderslayer seems new to me though, well till next time, silver sable and tombstone 🥺
  11. HaoMate

    wave 77

    I’m ready too omg, actually excited for 2 days already, cmon, show me that prowler xD
  12. HaoMate

    wave 77

    Fingers crossed prowler for the allied villain!
  13. HaoMate

    wave 77

    Any hint on this lineup?
  14. Great kitbashed figure! I always love kit bashing! Anyway! Which prestige look are you after? If it’s: Just a suggestion for you here is, for torso and crotch you may use aoa jean grey, 68 night crawler shoulder piece, 47 colossus boots, for head, limbs and hands you already have a great one! But for the hair I think the original bobcut Rachel works! No idea on the cape though! These are all plucked from my head, but more ideas helps ;D
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