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  1. Aww man Breaking Bad minimates would just make my day. Also some old movie minimates like Goodfellas or something would are pretty great too.
  2. By the way, if you combine the Homecoming Minimate with the Doppleganger from Wave 76, it looks pretty close to the movie. Not exact, but still something.
  3. Do we know if Hydroman comes with spare legs or just the base?
  4. Minimates are a great product: they're small, relatively cheap, and can come with a load of accessories. With proper outreach, I think a lot of retailers would definitely sell them. I just think DST has gotten a bit lazy and is focusing its energy on the statues and whatnot. We only got one wave of endgame and nothing for far from home. Even look at the John Wick box set, it comes with the same standard guns that we've seen a million times instead of any new ones. I don't know about the end of Minimates, but it sure doesn't look good.
  5. That's so odd, because when I took the chest piece off, I pushed it a little bit from the inside and it came right out. I can insert it back into the chest piece just as easily too.
  6. Yeah, it was this one. I still think some shoulder pads and arm gauntlets like the IW one would have made it better
  7. I wish Ronin came with those shuriken from the movie
  8. So far I've only found the Black Widow/Ronin and Hulk/WM sets and they look pretty good. Biggest issue I had is that War Machine is way too thinned down. Like the detail is great but he's just too skinny. Hawkeye figure is amazing though
  9. One's labeled as movie Minimates and the other one is comic.
  10. Really?? Wave 9 is the one thing that I can't stop seeing. All the Duane Reade's that I've gone to seem to have an abundance of them.
  11. I called customer service and they said they couldn't locate any sets for ALL of NYC
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