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  1. Quick question, what is your guys's solution to fixing Minimate arms when the shoulder is very loose on the peg?
  2. They went from March something to unavailable on amazon. Looks like it's the end of the road
  3. Yeah I checked out the booth yesterday, only those venom figs
  4. seriously, damn. Was hoping to get a look at wave 78 in person
  5. I'll be there tomorrow so I can take a few pictures if there are minimates
  6. I feel like Hulk's arms are too long and the b&w spider is a bit weird, but I'll definitely be picking up that venom & cap
  7. Anyone have any ideas on how to replicate the skrull head?
  8. I think I'm just a bigger fan of the more modern tech looking costumes than the comic ones
  9. For me, I think movie mates are way better than comic ones. There's always so much more detail and they look more realistic and all that
  10. Looks good! Do the Polaris and Havok sets come with 1 or 2 effects?
  11. I wish they made guns that he actually used in the movie instead of just repeats that have come in a ton of sets before. Because John Wick and Winston are the only 2 that I actually want. The Hotel concierge would have been cooler
  12. Any update on when these are coming?
  13. I'm kinda surprised that they aren't making any IT minimates. Those would be sooo cool and they made a vinimate for it too
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