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  1. I'm kinda surprised that they aren't making any IT minimates. Those would be sooo cool and they made a vinimate for it too
  2. Those venom figures look awesome though. Finally DST does something new and innovative instead of rehashing the same damn figures over and over again
  3. The superior SM looks like a pretty good stand-in for the far from home suit
  4. With the new season coming out and the insane viewership, you guys think there is there a possibility of Stranger Things Minimates?
  5. oooh, that's really smart
  6. You guys know any Minimates with black short sleeves to use for Hydro-Man's arm?
  7. It’s just laziness on DST’s part
  8. Man, I can’t believe Hydro-Man doesn’t come with legs or an extra arm. Also I’m curious why mysterio doesn’t come with those magic effects
  9. I actually disagree, I mean I still refuse to pay $25 for a 4-pack
  10. Aww man Breaking Bad minimates would just make my day. Also some old movie minimates like Goodfellas or something would are pretty great too.
  11. By the way, if you combine the Homecoming Minimate with the Doppleganger from Wave 76, it looks pretty close to the movie. Not exact, but still something.
  12. Do we know if Hydroman comes with spare legs or just the base?
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