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  1. Have we seen anything from toy fair yet?
  2. I know this is a bit unrelated but whatever happened to MCU waves at comic shops, like after Homecoming they just started having a boxset at comic shops and an assortment at Walgreens
  3. Damn that really sucks, I was excited to get all those new Spidey Suits
  4. Mysterio's Cape looks like the one the old Moon Knight came with and also Betsy Braddock. Those figures had like no articulation so I'm hoping the cape is different
  5. Maybe they made a mistake and it was just the Bruce lee pack that’s revealed
  6. There’s a Bruce Lee 4 pack that was just added but no wave 77 yet
  7. Out of curiosity, what are the Animated sets that everyone is looking for?
  8. I was thinking Wildcat, but I can't find it anywhere for cheap
  9. I can try, I haven't been in a while but I can always check
  10. Really, I'm in NY and Animated series 8 and 9 are all that are in stock
  11. I know this is from a while ago but I never saw a solid answer: what's the reason for box sets going up 5$
  12. You could try emailing but when I emailed them about missing pieces, I got no response.
  13. Also, I totally see your guys points' and I'd definitely be game for any DD S3 set
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