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  1. I like these a little more than I originally thought. I haven’t been able to find them tho, all my Walgreens have excess wave 10 now. If anyone could find these for me, I would appreciate it! Also if anyone still needs wave 10, let me know!
  2. So apparently the maximum venom wave has also hit Walgreens??! mcucollector24 on Instagram found them! Check out his pics
  3. I believe I was first to report the findings of wave 11 here. And they were found in Central New Jersey. Since finding my set, I have found 1 other full set
  4. I’m finding wave 10 more and more frequently here in Central NJ. I would be willing to help some people out
  5. Found wave 10 today as well. Found in central NJ
  6. No luck finding wave 10 but wave 11 has dropped too! Just found animated 1940s captain America with Peggy Carter and Superior Spider-Man with Peter Parker. The other two sets were Doctor Octopus with Spider Girl and Black Panther with Shuri
  7. Is this set still confirmed for this week, the 19th? Someone tell us if it’s on the ship lists!
  8. Thank you @DSTZach !! very excited for this set
  9. Apparently these are shipping 6/19...saw DST commented on someone’s post about them and they gave that day
  10. I don’t think these are still releasing tomorrow. Usually @luke314pi would have posted something about the release by now. @DSTZach can you confirm when we will see this set released?
  11. I don’t know if anyone saw but wave 78 went up for preorder on BigBadToyStore just this morning! Says expected release is September 2019
  12. Hey I need some help. Anyone know a good fix for loose knee joints? Don’t think the clear nail polish will work but I could be wrong. My Endgame Black Widow and Iron Man have really bad loose knee joints
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