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  1. I need some help

    Yes he has them on his shoulder pads. Thanks!
  2. I need some help

    So I need some help looking for a mini mates that have stars on there torso/arms/legs For example, Captain America has a star on his torso. So does Stargirl and Booster Gold.
  3. WWF Custom Minimate Preorder Thread

    Will Sting ever be made?
  4. Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    I wish the "November Fantastic Four Villain from the 70's" would be the impossible man, alas he first appeared in 1963.
  5. Custom Marvel Minimate Preorder Thread

    Will you be updating this thread with the new customs?
  6. Molecule Man's Scarcity

    The Molecule Man minimate for me is impossible to find. It rarely even shows up on eBay. I purchased one for 22$ and there is only two other auctions.
  7. Max Galactus and Sentinel coming

    Oh wow. I feel the same way with Galactus. I like him much more then the sentinel, I could never get rid of him tbh. Apple can definitely be hard to get used to for someone who's never had it before but hopefully you'll figure it out. Anyway I checked the sellers profile of that galactus and it's very odd. I'm also very tempted to break my second Galactus ( because that's not getting rid of him) and display it being eaten by marvel zombies and the blue oozing out everywhere.
  8. Max Galactus and Sentinel coming

    The packaging is quite nice, but it's also important because it protects it well.
  9. Max Galactus and Sentinel coming

    The price is high.
  10. Max Galactus and Sentinel coming

    Yeah. Don't know what I'll do with the second galactus lmao. I'm gonna keep it just packaged up for now. I may sell it in the future. Also the only seller on eBay I could find was:
  11. Max Galactus and Sentinel coming

    Yeah. It'd be very nice for customizing.
  12. Max Galactus and Sentinel coming

    Yeah I remember reading his blog about that. I guess I'll just keep em around. 2 sentinels is nice.
  13. I already have both of them but I'm getting them again. I don't know if I should attempt to make a custom of Kronos or something.