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  1. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I think I like series 8 more than I did 7, I think the animated line is great for what it is, and they usually have pretty unique looks and characters. Either way, the completionist in me will have em regardless. No luck on series 7 in SoCal btw, kinda weird cause I’m used to finding things almost as soon as they start popping up, but I’m sure they’ll drift in from the east coast sure enough.
  2. Ask Zach

    Hey Zach, Maybe you aren't the right person to ask but I was curious. I noticed that the actual cable network shows don't really get merchandise, AOS, Agent Carter and now (unfortunately for me) Inhumans. Nothing from Diamond, Hasbro or otherwise besides a couple pops. Is there any particular reason for this? Just Marvel not pushing out a license for it? On the same token, with the shows on Netflix getting merchandise, where does that leave Runaways as a Hulu exclusive, is there potential for that? Definitely wouldn't mind getting some Runaways mates and Inhumans please lol. Thanks in advance.
  3. Marvel's New Warriors

    As long as it doesn't get cancelled. I know Squirrel Girl will hold lead but I'm really hoping for Night Thrasher to get some spotlight.
  4. Thor: Ragnarok

    Have 2 sets of Heimdalls if anyone needs em. Cost and shipping.
  5. Guess I should introduce myself....

    Thank you, I'm trying to catch up with Marvel currently, but I'll stray from that if I run into a price I'm good with so I guess all of em? Lol. Thanks again for the welcome everyone!
  6. Guess I should introduce myself....

    I'm well! Thanks for the concern. I'm fortunate enough to not be in one of those areas. Thanks for the welcome everyone!
  7. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    That Contest Of Champions comic is actually canon. That's how they brought Night Thrasher back to life as well (not that he's really being used anywhere ?) but yes she was created for the game and then brought into the main universe.
  8. Been hopping from post to post reading and just remembered I should make an introduction post! Anyway, I'm a pretty new Minimate collector only been at for a month or so but I'm completely addicted already. Love em so much I wanted to find the community for them and eventually came across this, so here I am. I'm looking to catch up and build some connections so if you need any assistance please let me know, seems like there's plenty to go around in CA!
  9. tru wave 24

    Live in San Diego, the TRU next to me still had a couple sets and I travel often on the weekends so I maybe able to grab a couple more. If you need help message me. I'll answer in order of the messages.
  10. I'm sure most if not all of these have been suggested but I would love to see Mortal Kombat Final Fantasy Star Wars I wouldn't mind but I'm sure that would be some hectic collecting depending on how in depth it was. Dragon Ball Z as well as other anime shows. and lastly Power Rangers. I think they would be perfect in Minimate form and there's definitely a market for em right now.
  11. NYCC exclusive Contest of Champions 'mates

    Those photos look great! Had a friend attending today and they said they couldn't get their hands on any :/ Hopefully it's not hard to locate.
  12. Kingdom Hearts

    Really can't wait for these. Would love an Axel the most!
  13. NYCC 2017 - Reveals

    Can't wait to get those KH ones into the collection.
  14. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I'll take any form of Inhumans honestly. There seems to be a dry well of figures across the board for anything besides Black Bolt or Medusa. Hopefully we'll get some in the comic waves though.
  15. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    And now my dream of Inferno being one of the new ones is crushed ?