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  1. Definitely understand Disney as filler to sell to Disney fans, I mean that’s the same business tactic that every company has pretty much used when it comes to KH merch, but yeah as a KH fan it sucks all around. I’ll be buying the whole wave regardless, if only in hopes of another wave. I’ll take what I can get at this point.
  2. Yeah they mystery minis are pretty decent in terms of variety, I meant more of the actual pops tho. Besides a few, it’s just been a ton of Sora.
  3. I know Disney is a huge part of Kingdom Hearts but between these and Funko it’s really disappointing to not get original KH characters besides Sora. With minimates I’ve accepted that the characters I want probably won’t happen just wish it would lol.
  4. Nice! Actually got this one right lol. Looking forward to it as usual.
  5. I have one guess but don’t wanna spoil it for anyone who may be waiting...
  6. I wonder what’s up with the licensing for AOS and the rest of the network shows (Ageng Carter, Inhumans). Besides Pops for AOS, no toy company has really touched any of these at all. Unfortunate too, cause I’d love most of em as Legends.
  7. Awesome. Never got around to getting the older ones. Will definitely be picking these up.
  8. Awesome! Was good meeting you as SDCC btw, I know I’m late on that but I’ve been kinda ghost in here haha. If you’re at NYCC, I’ll see you there! You and anyone else can shoot me a PM, I’ll help where I can. Cost and shipping of course. Would hate to be stuck with a ton of em tho, so if anyone would be willing to pay the day off before I buy I’d appreciate it. Invoices are cool for reassurance, just pretty sure I won’t be able to make returns on them lol
  9. Just got Nuke as well, great looking as always. The hint had me scratching my head for a while, still kinda am but I do have one guess...Can I PM it and see if I’m right? Don’t wanna spoil it for anyone if I’m right lol.
  10. I’d have to find where I read it, but all characters original to KH are owned by Disney while Final Fantasy still falling under Square. I wouldn’t hold my breath for FF characters in this line too much but the Organization and other original characters should be fair game. Also, it makes sense to tackle making Disney first, more recognizable. Gotta lay the foundation down first for this line.
  11. I kinda like blind bags :/ but I’m a gambler and I’m sure not too many people share my opinion haha. I’m also down with saving cash so if that’s changed, no complaints.
  12. Well there’s one on eBay now for $13 free shipping. Maybe they saw the one and decided to let it go but I can’t remember it going for too much.
  13. Sorry!! Haha. I can’t say I’m super excited for this one. I’ll pick it up of course but kinda eh to me. Does anyone know if there’s any other minimate reveals? Haven’t seen anything.
  14. Shriek is the BAM. Don’t really know who she is though.
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