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  1. Minimate

    wave 77

    Hell yes. I would love all of these.
  2. Minimate

    wave 77

    What about Mindworm or Grizzly?
  3. Cyclops and Havok Jean Grey and Polaris Beast and Wolfsbane Archangel and Multiple Man Also other comic wave with Deathlok, Speedball, Night Thrasher.. soon. hopefully
  4. I know why Cap is dressed in his Avengers 1 suit...
  5. Not an excuse. Mom told me I should say it, so people understand why I act like I do.
  6. It wasn't deliberate. I seriously have no idea how to spoiler tag something on here. I figured SPOILER ALERT would suffice. Why are you all assuming I'm some expert at forum posts? I am sorry for saying what I did, I cleaned up my mistakes, it's done. I wasn't deliberately trying to spoil people, if that were the case, why would I have taken action to rid the spoilers?
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