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  1. So... I'm guessing that's a no to the alt Madrox arms...
  2. So, is it official, we're NOT getting alt arms for Madrox? (also as someone pointed out, it wouldn't work as Guido has the wrong type of arms, big sleeves iirc, for jacketless Madrox)
  3. What you talking about? They've made loads of Random before.
  4. Doc Samson could also broadly fit the theme - what with their iconic issue with him...
  5. No one mentioned Random yet?
  6. This has been a very slow progress for me but finally I have a completed 90s Black Knight and Sersi!! Black Knight is: Black Knight parts, Hobgoblin arms and legs, Cock-Buster cape and sword. (also got a Avengers bomber jacket on stand-by I can put him in, shown this one before, but I'm likely to just get another Black Knight and Hobgoblin to create a separate figure for that look). Sersi is: the common recipe of animated Enchantress + black hair. In this case that's Olivia Munn from Predators hair and Lady Loki's head. Definitely need to start finding alt heads to use for Black Knight though. I can't have him looking like he's in agony all the time.
  7. So I'm trying to kitbash this guy And Wolverine Origins Deadpool Minimate seems perfect... About 80% of that Minimate would work for a Mister X custom but its skin looks incredibly pale and I've been stung with skintones not matching before. And, well, ideal choice for head would be Wesker (because I'd have tonnes of use for his body as well). So, a) is it as pale as it looks, b) can anyone think of a corresponding pale head that would work or c) an alternate body choice which ideally is as convenient as that Deadpool having like the bulk of the parts needed (best I can find is Penance and I already have two of him, so having another character from the same team using the same chest block doesn't work).
  8. I had like almost a complete collection of them and then they stopped having articulation and I focused more on Minimates.
  9. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    And the last one can be a re-do of modular armor packed with Grey Gargoyle. BAF: Ultimo
  10. Chances are we'd just end up just getting a wave of mostly stuff we've got. Cap, Thor, Zemo, Absorbing Man... even Rambeau, Wasp, Hercules (at least those 3 could do with a new version). At most we'd get like a Tiger Shark and a Yellowjacket maybe.
  11. And most of them have Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe figures. 😢
  12. Ult Hawkeye: MCU Batroc head will absolutely work perfectly for it with those Falcon goggles.
  13. You forgot Hercules of the 24th Century, Chaos War Hercules, Evolutionary War armor Hercules, Heroes for Hire Hercules, Ultimate Hercules, X-Treme X-Men Hercules. Two waves of Hercules it is.
  14. Oh oh! I got it. Goggles for Doctor Nemesis, Hawkeye straps for Domino and the chest for Colossus. There was a clue earlier haha. The goggles though - you're not going to be able to get a hairpiece down with them on. I was going to use them for my Hank Pym wasp but couldn't because of that. You might be better off getting a movie Winter Soldier head with the same sort of mask/goggles as Doctor Nemesis.
  15. Are they all for the same thing? Because I've spent a few minutes trying to work out who or what they could all go together to build... Is there a thread for parts request/swaps? Coz there really should be.
  16. Can we have an all Hercules wave featuring 8 of his different designs so we can all get the Hercules we want. BAF can be a 9th Hercules.
  17. (thank god Hyperion found pants for his next appearances) She wasn't on the Squadron Sinister until the miniseries in 2015. And was even a late addition to the Squadron Supreme (she is one of the characters Mark Gruenwald created - I'd guess because when the original Squadron Sinister and Supreme were introduced, Wonder Woman wasn't active at the time, she was de-powered and a fashion designer at DC). She first appeared in Defenders #112 in 1983 alongside the Zatanna and Firestorm analogues.
  18. She wasn't part of the original Squadron Sinister and she had that bland ugly redesign so I didn't get it.
  19. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    We didn't get anything really for Deadpool 2, that would've been the obvious time to put out some X-Force.
  20. Yeah. All 4 we got in the animated line - there's just something wrong with them (Hyperion is given the wrong type of cape, Speed Demon is black-skinned, Nighthawk's wings make his head pop off almost the minute you touch him, Doctor Spectrum is wearing what looks like bad eye-shadow on his mask).
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