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  1. Okay, after some thinking, I've got my grail and now that they've nearly all been in a movie, an Infinity Gauntlet wave that would be improving on the old boxset would be great. Thanos / Death Nebula / Starfox Drax / Pip the Troll Thanos would be slightly bulked up ala every Thanos since the original boxset and he would also come with a gauntlet-less glove so to have a regular Thanos - something the boxset shockingly didn't. Death would have two heads - skullface and woman - or maybe one head with the other on the reverse since a hood would be obscuring the back. I think Rachel Summers was the only figure I saw where there was a different face on the other side. Maybe two sets of hands - skeleton and human - though just skeleton would be ok as most people will already have a bare of hands to give her. Nebula would have hair and also come with her own infinity gauntlet that can fit any normal-sized minimate as opposed to the Thanos-sized one that comes with Thanos You can put it on Warlock, you can put it on Starfox, etc. Probably a generic blaster gun too. Starfox doesn't need to come with anything. Although a face with his mouth missing would be a neat story reference bonus. Drax would be bulked up Hulk style which the boxset did not reflect, possibly with print underneath to remove pieces to have the more regular-sized Drax from pre-Infinity Gauntlet. Pip would come on that smaller elf body. I'm not sure Pip would be allowed to come with a cigar holding hand so I guess he comes with nothing too. Now I really want this so can DST do it please?
  2. Invaders Box Set Cap. Wish they kept doing his mask that way.
  3. Jocasta would have been an ideal BAF for an Avengers wave but that ship has sailed.
  4. A classic Vision re-do, surely. That's a long time coming. Basically any Avengers story pack can be rounded off with a much needed update to classic Vision. Although, the original 4 GOTG... you'd definitely want Starhawk in the wave since he was the most prominent one in the story. Maybe in place of Yondu who you could get away with squeezing into another wave because of them all he is a vaguely recognisable name from the movies.
  5. Modern Boomerang and 80s Beetle. That's all.
  6. I see some potential for a Jocasta with that Sable torso.
  7. Still need to get a Cable head for him but X-Man is here X-Factor Havok, X-Factor Polaris, Cock Knocker (who I already had for his cape for 90s Black Knight), Uncanny Avengers Rogue. Plus spare head and hands I had.
  8. Always found AOA Wolverine is a good choice to add to fill the space of another Horsemen. (Dark Beast and Holocaust work as well)
  9. I reckon he wasn't interested and put it together and just put the arms onto the torso piece first and then put the chest block on so never realised there were pegs on the chest block.
  10. Polaris is meant to be wearing a jacket too - a thinner/smaller one, so they opted to just print it rather than tool it.
  11. Ha, I think I was the first one to point out Husk wore it in that two panel appearance in Days of Future Now. Definitely worth using for a makeshift Husk, maybe even M and Jubilee, since it is Gen X's colours (give them all a different head or different flourishes like Jubliee's jacket and you can kinda get away with it). Someone, I can't remember who, wore the blue and white one in that Days of Future Now story too. And Hellion and Mercury wore those two costumes briefly in the Danger Room in an issue of New X-Men. There's also that one issue of Alpha Flight where their costumes get sent on the wrong flight and they have to wear X-Factor spares... loads of stuff to make. But I think Pietro and Val are the obvious ones. That Pietro, albeit it with the old X-Factor Cyclops, was like one of the very very first modifications I made. Your Val also made me realise she needs Alex's arms instead of Lorna's which is incredibly useful and perfect, since I needed Lorna's arms for Nate Grey and I had no use for Havok's arms). Wouldn't be able to reflect his powers, tattoos or his bigger size, but I can't help but feel Random is very very doable with a bunch of Thunderstrike parts and then some 'mates from the Walking Dead line. I can't remember what she wore but wasn't Shard's costume not entirely dissimilar to this Polaris too?
  12. Missed another I really wanted. Maybe this is all karma for not wanting Mahkizmo (he's a rubbish character - not because of the custom!).
  13. Great wave! Only dud is Archangel whose wings are just... rubbish. Flimsy and warp easy, not very strong or poseable and don't look good. Will probably keep using the older one (or using this body with the old wings). Nice to see a slimmer and more subtle wing harness piece though. I was in no hurry to get Jean, hate the character, but this is a nice enough figure. If this was the worst of the wave, it'd be a great wave. Cyclops is always welcome and glad they included the alternate head-piece. Would've loved more accessories, like the eyeblast head-piece (ad it could potentially be used with the 90s Cyke) or even a piece like the recent Marvel Legends head with the effects. Strong Guy - wanted Strong Guy for so long and it's great. Really interesting to see how they had arm pegs on the bulked up chest piece. Has this been done before? I got 5 Madroxes, 5 is generally my army builder default, but having seen people with upwards of ten Madroxes, I want more. I definitely would get more if they came with alternate arms to have him de-jacketed. As some people have noted, you COULD use extra Strong Guy or Polaris arms but it doesn't quite work - Madrox didn't have the big puffy sleeves and either had yellow patterning continuing on his arms or silver shoulder pieces. Obviously, some alternate heads would help make it even more appealing to army build. But despite all that, it's Madrox in a classic costume so I'm happy. Beast is a nice update, and works good as a Beast that can be used for both X-Men and Avengers, but I'm also pedantic and want my Beast to match my Dark Beast so will have to keep using the 90s one with the matching correspondent pieces. Havok I hate as a character but it's a decent Minimate. And I'm getting another one because I've got separate uses for 80% of his body parts (chest block for this, and the jacket, crotch and legs for a Nate Grey). Polaris I'm happy to have. Nice hair-piece. I don't have any strong feelings about this one, it's just good to have her. Wolfsbane was probably my favourite and, tied with Strong Guy and Madrox, my biggest want. Really happy with this, perfectly done. I'm probably going to get a second one to make a de-powered Wolfsbane. Would've loved more accessories and I definitely could've done with a lot less use of those puffed up sleeve arms. Now round-out X-Force with Capullo Sunspot, Liefeld Warpath, X-Terminators Boom-Boom, Yost/Kyle Wolfsbane, Rusty Collins, Garrison Kane and Stryfe.
  14. Two very quick ones you can make to compliment Wave 78: Valerie Cooper, X-Factor's liaison wore this costume intermittently when she would go into action with the team. This look debuted in X-Factor #78. The team made fun of it. It's just Polaris' costume and her Minimate with a different head (that hairpiece is the John Byrne Sue Storm mullet which I otherwise would never use but think works really well for this... the head is a spare Strike Force Psylocke which was just the first spare female head I had). The only major design difference is she has yellow lining down her legs which would be easy to probably find someone else who has that but I didn't feel it was essential. Also, she is wearing sneakers there which I don't think she does beyond that scene. Quicksilver wore this X-Factor uniform starting in X-Factor #93. Then he left the book after X-Factor #95. He also wore it in Uncanny X-Men #304 and #306 and, had Andy Kubert not just drawn him in his classic costume, should have been wearing it in X-Men #25 (the issue where Wolverine gets his skeleton torn out by Magneto). In the past, I used to just slap a Pietro head onto the old X-Factor Cyclops. But Havok's new chest block works even better and matches Pietro's look more. The rest is just that X-Factor Cyke with a Pietro head. Maybe if I was feeling a bit more inspired I'd try and use Cable parts to do the original version with all the gadgets that he only wore for that single panel there.
  15. Gutted I missed this one. I miss all the ones I really want. Stingray, Moondragon, Nuke... I bet I'm conveniently away when a Diamondback is announced...
  16. Oh, Rahne isn't using the old 90s Beast hair - awesome. Though I'm still not sure I like this one either.
  17. The Marvel Universe 3 and 3/4 line has an even BIGGER Galactus... (that's it on the left with pitiful little ML on the right) There was also a darker colour scheme variant for miserable people who think Galactus is too colourful
  18. Any green female faces that match the green from the Brotherhood Quicksilver? That Quicksilver's arms and legs are PERFECT for those wanting a FF She-Hulk (the two She-Hulk heads don't match).
  19. This seems like 3 pages of hoping for something that's probably not going to happen.
  20. I had 5 MU Madroxes - loved them. They went for a design that worked both for classic and 90s X-Factor.
  21. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    Yes yes please yes. He recently got a Marvel Legends figure so even though the character has been utterly buried by Marvel, him getting a Minimate isn't wholy out of question at least. In fact, most the guys you listed recently got Marvel Legends figures... We definitely need a comic-based Cosmic wave - I am flabbergasted we have never had a comic-based Star-Lord - but sadly I can see us just getting the current versions of the movie characters which themselves are uninspired riffs on their movie versions which we've already got figures for. Maybe something like the upcoming X-Factor wave where we have a modern Guardian with an old Guardian - like Star-Lord and Major Victory or Drax and Yondu or Mantis and Starhawk, etc.
  22. I've always hoped on an Operation: Zero Tolerance wave (which would just be an excuse to fill in some 90s gaps). Nate Grey, Chamber, Husk, M, Marrow, Bastion/Prime Sentinel army builder...
  23. You forgot the Marvel Universe figure
  24. Does anyone have a pic of Val Cooper in her X-Factor outfit? I'm remembering it as basically just being Polaris' but with Havok's rolled up sleeve arms. Am I remembering right?
  25. Asking about the possibility of alt arms isn't complaining...
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