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  1. Any green female faces that match the green from the Brotherhood Quicksilver? That Quicksilver's arms and legs are PERFECT for those wanting a FF She-Hulk (the two She-Hulk heads don't match).
  2. This seems like 3 pages of hoping for something that's probably not going to happen.
  3. I had 5 MU Madroxes - loved them. They went for a design that worked both for classic and 90s X-Factor.
  4. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    Yes yes please yes. He recently got a Marvel Legends figure so even though the character has been utterly buried by Marvel, him getting a Minimate isn't wholy out of question at least. In fact, most the guys you listed recently got Marvel Legends figures... We definitely need a comic-based Cosmic wave - I am flabbergasted we have never had a comic-based Star-Lord - but sadly I can see us just getting the current versions of the movie characters which themselves are uninspired riffs on their movie versions which we've already got figures for. Maybe something like the upcoming X-Factor wave where we have a modern Guardian with an old Guardian - like Star-Lord and Major Victory or Drax and Yondu or Mantis and Starhawk, etc.
  5. I've always hoped on an Operation: Zero Tolerance wave (which would just be an excuse to fill in some 90s gaps). Nate Grey, Chamber, Husk, M, Marrow, Bastion/Prime Sentinel army builder...
  6. You forgot the Marvel Universe figure
  7. Does anyone have a pic of Val Cooper in her X-Factor outfit? I'm remembering it as basically just being Polaris' but with Havok's rolled up sleeve arms. Am I remembering right?
  8. Asking about the possibility of alt arms isn't complaining...
  9. So... I'm guessing that's a no to the alt Madrox arms...
  10. So, is it official, we're NOT getting alt arms for Madrox? (also as someone pointed out, it wouldn't work as Guido has the wrong type of arms, big sleeves iirc, for jacketless Madrox)
  11. What you talking about? They've made loads of Random before.
  12. Doc Samson could also broadly fit the theme - what with their iconic issue with him...
  13. No one mentioned Random yet?
  14. This has been a very slow progress for me but finally I have a completed 90s Black Knight and Sersi!! Black Knight is: Black Knight parts, Hobgoblin arms and legs, Cock-Buster cape and sword. (also got a Avengers bomber jacket on stand-by I can put him in, shown this one before, but I'm likely to just get another Black Knight and Hobgoblin to create a separate figure for that look). Sersi is: the common recipe of animated Enchantress + black hair. In this case that's Olivia Munn from Predators hair and Lady Loki's head. Definitely need to start finding alt heads to use for Black Knight though. I can't have him looking like he's in agony all the time.
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