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  1. To be fair, I'd have miscounted Nanny too.
  2. I sincerely doubt this is it but it would match the clues were Conan not a license problem.
  3. Not so much a story but i thought of a "theme" that could be used to squeeze out some of the odd bits and bobs I'm clamouring for, update a few much needed ones and anchor with some new variations on popular characters. Avengers: Once an Avengers - 1960s Iron Man (Silver Age "horned" mask look), Hulk (Silver Age look), Giant Man, Clint Barton as Goliath, Black Widow (Silver Age look), Wonder Man (Silver Age look) Avengers: Once an Avengers - 1970s Captain America as Nomad, Vision, Yellowjacket (70s look), Ms. Marvel (70s look), Swordsman, Mantis Avengers: Once an Avengers - 1980s Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel, Wasp (80s look), She-Hulk (80s look), Hercules (80s look), Black Widow (80s look), Starfox Avengers: Once an Avengers - 1990s Iron Man (neo-classic look), Scarlet Witch (The Crossing look), Vision (white look), Quasar, Crystal, Rage Avengers: Once an Avengers - 2000s Thor (Lord of Asgard look), Genis-Vell as Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers as Warbird, Hank Pym as Wasp, Wonder Man (purple energy look), Ronin Avengers: Once an Avengers - 2010s I'd stopped reading. Blue Marvel, Shang-Chi and whoever else people like.
  4. But... I thought I was the only one who bothered to make a Headsman. The Spider-Man 3 New Goblin board works pretty well for him btw.
  5. If there's any chance to squeeze out the quartet of Clea, Hellcat, Gargoyle and Son of Satan for my Defenders, I am wanting it capitalised on immediately.
  6. Damn, forgot Mimic and Nate Grey. Too many are needed.
  7. My unfinished Wasp. Needed the X-Force Archangel wing attachment part since that was black instead of the red of the Silver Age Wasp one. Never did find the confidence to draw on the chest with a gold marker.
  8. What parts have you used on the left? Those are New Mutants gloves and boots and parts of the Wasp we have. The chest is Firestar, right? I have spares of all those parts but I can't place the arms or legs. The other one is accurate too but it doesn't make it any less garish a costume.
  9. Well, I'd say an Infinity Gauntlet boxset could put most the tooling into Drax to allow both. Failing that, the original Infinity Gauntlet boxset has a non-bulked up Drax that could fill that niche. One of my objectives with Minimates has been to recreate the big battle scene in Infinity Gauntlet 4. We have an amazing amount of the stuff needed, there's just some holes or costume specific ones and there was that old boxset which I want to see that improved on; there were two figures from that which were sorely lacking and then there are some other key characters who nearly all have some cache now that they've been in or briefly in movies. Thanos would be bulked up ala every Thanos since the original Infinity Gauntlet boxset and he would also come with a gauntlet-less glove so to have a regular Thanos - something the boxset shockingly didn't. It came with a bare hand but no regular hand. Drax would be bulked up Hulk style which the boxset did not reflect, possibly with print underneath to remove pieces to have the more regular-sized Drax from pre-Infinity Gauntlet. Death would have two heads - skullface and woman - or maybe one head with the other on the reverse since a hood would be obscuring the back. Like Rachel Summers or the Secret Invasion skrulls. Maybe two sets of hands - skeleton and human - though just skeleton would be ok as most people will already have a spare set of hands to give her. Nebula would have hair and also come with her own infinity gauntlet that can fit any normal-sized minimate as opposed to the Thanos-sized one that comes with Thanos You can put it on Warlock, you can put it on Starfox, etc. Probably a generic blaster gun too. Starfox doesn't need to come with anything. Although a face with his mouth missing would be a neat story reference bonus. Could again be on the reverse side. Pip would come on that smaller elf body. I'm not sure Pip would be allowed to come with a cigar holding hand so I guess he comes with nothing too. I do like the idea of then a follow-up Infinity War boxset! I just feel there's no real big names to anchor it without having ANOTHER Thanos which seems a bit redundant since most people getting a Infinity War boxset probably got the Infinity Gauntlet one with what should be the definitive Thanos. Magus and Quasar are badly badly wanted by me. Magus with two hairpieces - afro and man-bun! Perfect. Adam Warlock also has had a few recent Minimates and the one from the old Infinity Gauntlet boxset still holds up for me BUT it makes sense to do a new version of that one. I guess you could expand it to include Infinity Crusade and squeeze a re-do of Mephisto in and complete re-dos of all 4 from that original boxset. Classic Gamora would be fine and then maybe Invisible Woman as Malice? She, like Quasar, would offer a little bit appeal outside of story specific.
  10. My wants and I think they are more viable in the boxset form. New Warriors (Night Thrasher, Marvel Boy Speedball, Firestar, Kid Nova, Namorita). Thunderbolts (Citizen V, Songbird, Techno, Meteorite, Atlas, MACH-I). Infinity Gauntlet (Thanos, Drax, Nebula, Death, Starfox, Pip the Troll). And there is probably enough left-over X-Force stuff for a boxset. Capullo Sunspot, Liefeld Warpath (who mostly stayed the same with Capullo), Liefeld Boom-Boom, Stryfe. Maybe Caliban. I won't even be presumptuous enough to say what I really want which is Rusty Collins and Skids.
  11. All I'm saying is... here's exactly six characters...
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