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  1. I'm just here for an easy D-Man kitbash. (and the Typhoid Mary who I can probably fix up to actually have her classic costume... one arm should be bare and she needs her classic fishnets)
  2. I gave much thought to Star-Lord's initial team from Annihilation Conquest because that could really work. So, the boxset would be Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Bug, Mantis and Captain Universe. Deathcry didn't last BUT it's dead easy to also include a Deathcry as a bonus - all you need is the head, then you could remove Mantis' skirt piece for the body.
  3. Could include Sharon Ventura who was in that story and remains unmade (and otherwise unlikely) and then either the Skrull woman baddie that brought them together or Sleepwalker (who replaced Ghost Rider in one New FF reunion)
  4. Okay, one ground rule: no teams that exceed a single boxset. No weaselling around the limit UNLESS something is already available. No proposed follow-ups or cheeky crossover (i.e. we don't get x in this boxset because he can be in y boxset instead). In my mind, this is mainly a source to suggest viable teams that work perfectly as a boxset/wave.
  5. Gotham Penguin is the head. Very happy to find a great use for it as the rest of his body is also in use by me for a Jarvis so now almost all of that Minimate is in use. Hair was just pulled from a bag of hairpieces, can't work out whose it is. Even that Penguin hair would have worked fine to be honest.
  6. Only reason to get the Dark Phoenix Cyke is for the jacket to make TAS Morph.
  7. Speedbal's cat Niels. Firestar's puppy Ms. Lion. Night Thrasher's... skateboard.
  8. Could the alt costume be Typhoid Mary. Her two looks are perfect for Minimate pieces allowing it. You'd have a slip-on chest piece that has the pink top/shoulder pads. But to remove it, underneath, you'd have a tank top and then can place a jacket to have her modern look. This is almost too perfect NOT to be the case.
  9. It'd be Typhoid Mary, SURELY, instead of Gladiator or Owl or maybe Lady Bullseye?
  10. Street level? I've wanted an updated version of yellow costume Daredevil JUST to make a D-Man since I started collecting. Classic Power Man and Iron Fist would be great. BUT, it doesn't seem that long ago that we had a street-level wave with versions of Daredevil, Power Man and Iron Fist...
  11. How we've had 3 variations on Noh-Varr and not a single Crystal never fails to astonish me.
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