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  1. AFMcGill

    wave 79, that's the perfect amount for a wave... AVENGERS THE CROSSING 25TH ANNIVERSARY WAVE COMING LATE 2020
  2. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    Eh I suppose a new Doctor Strange wouldn't hurt (and maybe throw in an alt masked head to win me over, okay?). I agree, Valkyrie's not great, but when it comes to Defenders, I definitely want at least a Hellcat before a new her. But, yeah, if they did an A/D War wave, I'd prefer her to THAT Iron Man armor again!! I tell you, if I see some variation on the classic Iron Man armor filling a wave again I may scream. On Loki, have you considered settling for the Stormbreaker one? Or combining that and Best Of. I think I did that. I wouldn't reject a new Loki, just he's never really been on my "Minimates that definitely need redoing" list. But we've all got our little nitpicks, I suppose. Like, I'd quite like a classic-y Hulk with a non-mad face. Mantis I think has gotten a bit of a boost from being in a film, so I think she could be thrown into a wave on the back of that. She fits a few different themes... teams like Avengers and Guardians, broad themes like Cosmic or classic, and plenty of stories (A/D War, Thanos War, Celestial Madonna, War of Kings, Annihilation Conquest, even The Crossing... c'mon Crossing 25th anniversary wave!). Swordsman is less likely BUT I think he has a few caveats to him that help - independent of Mantis too. Firstly, he is a VERY early Avenger, he is the earliest Avenger we do not have a Minimate of (excluding honorary members like Rick and Jarvis). He also has been part of a bunch of villain groups like Lethal Legion and Masters of Evil. Usually whenever there's a Legion of the Unliving or a story that temporarily brings people back from the dead, he's there. He also has ties to Hawkeye's origin which makes another obvious figure to pack him with. I don't think either figure is UNLIKELY to receive Minimates, to be honest. They'd definitely both need to be packed with someone to carry their weight though. The Thanos story is the original ones, the Jim Starlin ones, with Warlock and Mar-Vell. The one that introduces Thanos, Drax, Gamora, etc. The one they've legitimately reprinted 5+ times in different formats over the last few years. I think it's safe to say that merchandise from it wouldn't be a bizarre concept. Especially since it ties in and clearly inspires the movies so much. Mantis has a pretty prominent part in the end. Swordsman doesn't do much besides fight Drax in one issue, but he's definitely there. And yes there are gems, even a giant one, in the Adam Warlock parts.
  3. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    Avengers: Thanos War Captain Marvel / Swordsman Adam Warlock / Thanos Black Panther / Moondragon Drax / Mantis BAF: Death There I fixed it for you 😛 Captain Marvel, have a hair piece to offer both blonde and white hair. Swordsman needs a sword. Adam Warlock would be his classic 70s costume (the Jim Starlin one). Thanos can be an update on Classic Thanos and include a Cosmic cube accessory. Black Panther, I'd say include a cape option a bit like the original mate (maybe a more classic cape though?). Moondragon can get away with no accessories. Drax can have big pieces to bulk him up (even though it's inaccurate to the story) and with Mantis maybe have some alt karate chop hands. And I cut poor Starfox from the wave.
  4. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    The Vision is probably more iconically used in Kree/Skrull War though. I mean, we've that whole Ant-Man going inside his body bit, "Three Cows Shot Me Down", etc. And please not ANOTHER Iron Man of an armor we already have loads of! (and most of that Avengers/Defenders Wave is a snoozefest - at least give us Namor or Hawkeye or Black Panther who could probably be improved upon rather than characters like Loki or Iron Man who already have pretty great iterations of those exact costumes... they might be big names, but they can easily be subbed for something like Hulk or Black Panther... I'd even say Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer are almost needless...). It almost seems like you're proposing a wave just to get Swordsman and Mantis :p.
  5. New X-Men: Academy X - Anole, Dust, Elixir, Hellion, Mercury, Pixie, Prodigy, Rockslide, Surge, X-23
  6. You could probably get away with an alt head for one of them, like um... I suppose, M could be included as an alt head for Husk. But then you'd have to get two (or get one loose) to have them all. But that would allow for a Mondo. Maybe ditch Emma - because this is purely dreaming, we don't necessarily need her to help anchor it as the most notable character, and the First Class Emma is just close enough to be Gen X Emma, methinks. Or maybe be really sneaky and say you also envision a corresponding TRU two-pack of Chamber and Husk to free up two spots for Mondo and um what was the girl with pink hair? Gaya? Or maybe - much better - 616 Blink! Or Black Tom Cassidy. Or whatever. I'm down for it any way.
  7. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    That's almost identical to what I thought the wave could be - and was going to post it! The only difference was I had Hulkling with "Hawkeye as Goliath" though and the Skrull specifically as "Skrull Empress". Just because I can't see two army builders in a wave, especially two we've already had ages ago, as good and appropriate as they'd be. On Vision - on top of translucent alt parts, they could include a miniature Ant-Man accessory. Wanda would presumably have those magic hands re-used from the AvX minimate (and the main difference - hopefully a better cape). Mar-Vell really only needs an alt hair piece that's his blonde hair. Maybe throw in an alt head that's a Skrull wearing his mask (to recreate the Skrull one from Secret Invasion!). That pack should also contain the Omni-Wave Projector. And Goliath, size-changing parts. Hopefully allowing the option to have him not have any giant add-ons if desired. Hulkling would have a few big pieces too, and alt parts, so, I'm not sure packing him with Goliath would be viable (maybe stick him with Mar-Vell... but then you have to find something better than a "Skrull Empress" to go with Goliath - maybe a new Yellowjacket or blergh something like yet another Iron Man or Captain America). Thor would come with Mjolnir and either the spinning Mjolnir or a new Mjolnir with lightning effects and un-helmeted hair. Triton, probably nothing, beyond a water effect stand. Rick Jones doesn't need any accessories either, although a guitar wouldn't be the worst thing. I think it is definitely a viable wave (and sadly much more likely that OGS).
  8. Ultimates: Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Black Widow Ultimate X-Men: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Colossus, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Rogue, Angel, Beast (there's a decent enough Wolverine from Wolverine Thru the Ages) Ultimate Heroes: Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing, Miles Morales, Falcon, Vision, Mahr Vell, Dazzler Ultimate Villains: Green Goblin, Loki, Magneto, Doctor Doom, Sub-Mariner, Colonel Abdul Al-Rahman, Sabretooth, Juggernaut, Deadpool, Red Wasp I said it's dreaming!
  9. I was thinking... it'd be a good way to get the original GOTG, the DnA GOTG, etc.
  10. Once upon a time there was a SDCC-exclusive ten-pack of Iron Man movie figures. This was a one-off and I've seen Zach shut down people hoping for another one at least once, but here's a thread for all us dreamers to dream of this mythical beast that could justify obscure unlikely characters and fill so many gaps. For example, I remember, Mattel once did an exclusive 12-pack of the entire Legion of Super-Heroes and that was GENIUS - it meant these characters that were mostly unlikely to ever get made as single figures managed to all get done and packaged together. Go on, fire away, what ten-packs do you wish we had that we never will get. And the great thing is, there's no wrong answers (unless you want 10 more Iron Men and nothing else).
  11. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    (I suppose if you want to include retcons, you could justify squeezing Hulkling from the Young Avengers into a Kree/Skrull War wave.)
  12. That's what it looks like, Shaman crotch and the Street Fighter chest block I was using for someone else (and it still doesn't match). and there's my kitbash between the two Wonder Men, since someone asked - Chest, arms and belt from one and everything else from the other..
  13. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    I think pushing TWO Inhumans into the wave is a bit overkill - especially since the Inhumans strand was mostly a diversion. Triton at least was VERY prominent when he showed up and had that really iconic Neal Adams splash-page (he was also the cliffhanger in the issue before!). Mar-Vell I think should have white hair but also have the blonde hair as a pack-in. I would say there needs to be some Skrull representation... maybe "Skrull Empress" which would be modelled on the princess or whatever. Or just have an army building two-pack of new Kree and Skrull soldiers - that would be great (both their mates are quite anachronistic) but I can't imagine they'd be good for shelves. Maybe do what the Marvel Legends did and include alternate parts so you can say it's Original Captain Marvel vs. Super-Skrull as well as an army builder.
  14. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    Maybe a Kree/Skrull War wave is more likely? Hawkeye as Goliath, re-dos of classic Vision and Mar-Vell and maybe Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Yellowjacket, maybe a new Classic Thor even... an army builder of Kree or Skrull... can even slip Triton in there to help get another bit of the Inhumans royal family built. BAF of... Rick Jones (which would be a waste to me since you can really easily make a perfect Rick Jones with a Predators Minimate)? maybe air force Carol Danvers? Or even the Supreme Intelligence (I'd have no idea how they'd do that, be interesting that's for sure)
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