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  1. I'm pretty sure it's separate. Zach posted in the Ragnarok thread that the Ragnarok stuff is coming next month.
  2. Whoa! Some much new stuff! Is that due to Ragnarok releasing soon?
  3. I've found that the best way to counteract the tacky/sticky feeling is baby wipes. I have cleaned a considerable number of figures recently that way and they are completely good as new.
  4. I'm in need of some figures and figured (haha) I'd reach out here before I made lavish purchases. Any help with: Santa Jack Santa Claus Clown With The Tearaway Face Torn Oogie Zero Please and thank you!
  5. I could use Billy and Edwin! I'll message you!
  6. Anyone interested in splitting a Predator Series 4 case from Luke's Toy Store? Need two others
  7. Bah! Guess I'll have to customize then.
  8. These are in no way complaints... rather suggestions for modifications on these figures when they release. I think it's awesome that we're getting some recreations of the Kenner line, but some are a bit off. I imagine this mostly has to do with DST not wanting to mold pieces for things that will be potentially reused. Jungle Demon - Not much wrong here, rather spot on recreation Renegade Predator - Not green enough, this figure is a bit too yellow and originally had a blaster and more curved glaive Lava Predator - All of the armor should be red, I applaud the chest tampo here though Nightstorm Predator - This figure is great, but will need the horns added onto his mask Hive Predator - Really well done, albeit his weapon is a bit off Overall I am so stoked we're even getting these figures at all. NECA did great recreations of these figures over the years so it's nice to see another company taking a swing at them! I'll just be modding these slightly! Bring on more EU! I need Scarface and the Dark Blade Clan from Concrete Jungle. I also hope we eventually get to see some AvP waves.
  9. WeaponX

    wave 74

    Just kidding, what was I thinking... she takes off Kingpin's head with a shotgun
  10. WeaponX

    wave 74

    Zach, I don't know if it's been asked or mentioned, but is this wave getting any TRU exclusive packs? I also hope Emily Barton comes with a katana
  11. Surtur is known to be large so it is fucking awesome that his POP figure only slightly resembles their typical design. He will definitely be used for mates for me! Gotta get that mystery mini Fenris too! Love cross line stuff that can work together.
  12. WeaponX

    wave 74

    Say it louder for the people in the back, Zach! I'm fairly stoked for a new Old Man Logan figure to drop. This wave has me very excited regardless.
  13. These are out now in case anyone was wondering... continue the hunt! DST really nailed all of the Lost Tribe Predators for this wave. Super impressed. L to R Back Row: Stalker, Snake, Scout, Guardian (Predator 2) Front Row: Hound and Hanzo (Predators)
  14. Any folks out there claiming they still have waves 1 and 1.5 want to hook a brother up? I'm in need of a whole Wave 1.5 (and an extra Coulson pack)! I'm Logan Callahan over on the Facebook groups. Been way more active there than I ever was here.
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