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  1. Any suggestions for making the Endgame Ronin a little more posable? Thinking I'll probably just ditch the bulky jacket piece and go with a different torso.
  2. Alright, far from perfect but here's my start on a custom MCU Mysterio. Biggest part is going to be trimming up the cape aaaaaand learning Illustrator to make a decent decal for the chest piece. Thinking I'll switch out arms and legs for the TRU version once I can afford it. Need green hands too!
  3. I'd switch a couple of those out for Elementals maybe, but throw in some great accessories with civilian 'mates and that's a done deal. My best case scenario would be a retconned boxset with Mysterio, stealth suit, upgraded suit, and MJ. Ned isn't a necessity for me, though I certainly wouldn't mind him!
  4. Alright this has been bothering me long enough- anyone have good ideas for Mysterio? I think I'm really only struggling with what to use for a chest piece. Everything else more or less is doable with the past comic Mysterios
  5. Yep! Just cut straight across at the base on each side for one of them, cut the other about halfway down the blade, and then glue the longer tips onto the longer bases.
  6. The two swords works out to any customizer's favor- quick combo makes for a pretty perfect size and a much less "chunky" look. Just needs some paint over the seam.
  7. I actually felt the opposite!! War Machine looks great for what he was, but Ronin suffers a bit from the bulky jacket. Would have loved for him to only have a printed chest. I think Thanos suffers a bit too from over-bulking. Not much pose-ablity in either but still great looking figures. These were well worth the wait!!
  8. Battle damaged/ mud covered cap from the second Civil War assortment is what I'm using. The dirt covers up enough to make it okay. Not perfect, but better than nothing!
  9. Difficult to say... Honestly I'd drop your ideal price slightly and open it up to bidding. People would either go crazy over this or not at all
  10. My bad, was thinking since the movie's out we were all clear but you're right
  11. While we're on this topic, and maybe a better question for Zach, but is it possible to make 'mates from past movies, and if not then why? Hasbro had a great run with the 10 year figures and they seemed fairly sought after. Seems odd to me that DST wouldn't try and capitalize in the same way. Maybe not full-fledged but con exclusives or even specialty store boxsets for all us die hards...
  12. As will Funko too, I'd imagine. So that begs the question why no retconning for all these fantastic new looks... This, along with the complete lack of anything for Far From Home really has me curious.
  13. Anyone have any ideas for a good hairpiece for Hawkeye? Daken's seems a little large and not totally accurate as only the sides of his head are shaved.
  14. Would you mind posting posting that file if possible here?? I'd love to see that info!
  15. Well I'm glad to be wrong! These look pretty great, Hulk is just creeping me out a little bit... Anyone know which past Thor chainlink arms would work best for his armored up look?
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