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  1. I see what you did there and I like it. I wonder if the numbers are due to the lack of interest in Marvel Minimates or the crumby Walgreen's distribution. My Walgreen's is still keeping it real with wave 7 animated.
  2. I would love to see an Outrider/Avenger suit pack in wave 2. Even if the Outriders don't show up in Endgame (Lego says they will), I would still buy at least three of them.
  3. We live in a day in age where a collectible must cost at least $20 or a minimum of a hundred thousand units are sold for it to be profitable. For a toy that cost less than $10 such as Minimates, this means they would have to hit it out of the park with each new release. Judging from the recent lack of production schedule and amount of product we're not seeing in stores and comic con, it seems that DST is not hitting the numbers they need for it to make it worth their time. This is a sad fact that we as collectors need to accept .
  4. Oooooo that would have been so good! I love the comic cover art so much I really wish diamond could tailer the package art a little more. Feed them starving artist!
  5. The biggest pull of Minimates is that the line has current and past comic incarnations of characters that can't be found anywhere else in action figure form. It would be a shame to miss out on an expansion of comic characters for more tired movie characters. Not to say that I wouldn't mind having the warriors three, but everyone knows that we would get some repeats to help push a ten year wave. Steady the course with comic characters and loyal will support you.
  6. I don't see a pack that would be passed on if you like marvel minimates. All of the figures are essential new characters or solid updates. To pass on any of these individual packs would be a regret in the long term. They gave us a good series for a BAF.
  7. Korg and Grandmaster action. I want that.
  8. Well, the less they mess with the original design the more I like it.
  9. I like the slip cover because anyone can be Chameleon. Put a anybody's head under there, put him shelf for six months, and now you have a mystery in the waiting. Could you imagine a MJ slip cover...hideous. Two heads is an option but a small Chameleon head is still an option. The character isn't going anywhere.
  10. Did they have wave 24? Gwen Pool and Black Cat?
  11. The trailer is disappointing. I won't say it looks bad, but it looks like everything else we've seen before. I'm hoping that they'll break away from the paint by numbers way of telling a super hero story and take some risk, but nothing from this trailer motivates me to put money down for seeing it. At best, I'll check it out if it is released on Netflix.
  12. I love these head pieces. Keep it up with the great sculpted accessories.
  13. I don't think they've gone. It took the stores in San Diego six months to start stocking wave 3.
  14. I am so happy with the size and detail for the Vultures' wings. It looks like a great piece!
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