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  1. Have these been cancelled? I’m seeing posts on Facebook saying they have? 😩
  2. Haha. I'll try and be less British in the future ?
  3. Now the line is done and dusted can we please see pics of the sculpted heads that never saw the light of day xD
  4. The latest ask DST said they were not sure what the future holds for TMNT. Is this confirmation that they are like done done for good
  5. There was a downloadable Arrow add on for Lego batman 3 game too... still, a guy can dream
  6. So can we get none articulated minimates that are dc? (Clutching at straws I know but I get so sad when I see DC Vinimates) haha.
  7. Oh my! Those look brill.
  8. I've picked up most of the Mega Bloks TMNT stuff. All works pretty well I think
  9. Yeah id be all over that if it came out over here ❤️
  10. Kinda fits in with the rest of the minimate vehicles size wise tho but yeah... It would be ace if it was a bit bigger
  11. Classic line has sadly not made it over to the UK it seems everything I like to collect is like rocking horse pooh over here
  12. I've bought a fair few bits of the mega bloks Tmnt stuff to go with the 'mates. Heres the party wagon. Tis a little small but looks pretty cool I think.
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