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  1. so i came back to this topic after a really long time just to see if there was maybe any news and accidently read the first page thinking it was the most recent and got super excited. still have hope that this line is not dead. hey, maybe since TRU is bankrupt they'll have to call up minimates for help.
  2. seems that grayson already beat me to it but i thought very hard about what would be great for the next two waves of the Minimates if we ever get a miracle and they are made: Wave 9:Whisperer War Comic Shop Alpha & Lydia New Beginning Rick & Prison Negan Aaron & Heath Armor Jesus & Dante Variant: Alpha & Beta TRU Whisperer War Dwight & Whisperer Sherry & Whisperer New Beginning Eugene & Whisperer Magna & Whisperer Wave 10: Catch Up Wave Comic Shop Allen & Twin Jessie & Pete Denise & Spencer Variant: Donna & Twin TRU Otis & Patricia Axel & Thomas Nicholas & Eric Zombie Shane & Penny i know that sales were not the greatest for the last batch of the Walking Dead guys but if we could get at least get one more wave i can tell you that you will at least have me buy three sets of each. i own every Walking Dead figure made so far and would love to have it feel complete.
  3. that all makes sense, alright well thanks so much for the update dude. have been very curious for a while.
  4. ok, well i'm really happy to here its not officially done but its a bummer to hear about the whole TRU thing and not having any plans for now. if there's anything I can do to help get some more i'd love to help. with all the good walking dead collectible dying out (the 6 inch figures are done now too, well for the show at least) its good to hear that these are still a possibility.
  5. ok so i'm just curious and i'm about 99% sure of the correct answer but this line is done right? I collected every single one of the guys that came out when they did and then you guys just stopped making them. I was waiting it out to see if I could find anymore news but I just thought i'd ask you guys, you know more about this kind of stuff then I do. and if this will help at all I could really go for some more of them if you guys are still planning on making more. like alpha, Lydia, hook rick, even some older characters like axel, anybody from Alexandria or anyone from the Atlanta crew. just curious of an answer if anyone know, thanks.
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