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  1. If this did end up being the yellow and blue Jean and Scott costumes from Endgame, I could definitely see baby Cable included. Which would makefor a good minimate recreation of the cover for X-Factor 66
  2. I think he means up for preorder
  3. I feel like Iceman and Quicksilver would be the most appropriate considering they would round out both teams in the wave. I could also see brown and yellow X-Factor beast, Jean and Scott's yellow and blue costumes for the Endgame story arc. Otherwise not really sure. Figure it's going to be more members of X-Factor, right?
  4. Seriously, I thought we would have had decent photos of everything on display at toy fair by now...
  5. Sounds like it's time for DST to design a new foot piece...
  6. Yes please! Along with Uncanny Emma and Magik, P5 Namor and Magik, and Capullo Sunspot.
  7. @DSTZach Have any hints for us?
  8. Ah, I agree with you on Bobby; could easily get an iced up version, and a non-iced version to see his actual costume (light blue and black costume). However, I'm not entirely sold on getting a Warpath and Feral from that era. I'd honestly be overjoyed if those costumes were to be made, but just think it is unlikely due to the following: 1) Feral's costume changes very minimally, the only real change seems to be how some of her hair is drawn (?, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not an expert on 90's X-Force), 2) Warpath just looks too similar to Thunderbird and even the modern custume TRU wave variant that was released for DST to release another 'mate with that similar costume. Though if a 90's Warpath were to be released, he most certainly needs a beefed up torso piece; kind of been the only thing that bothers me about the other two Warpath 'mates. Same idea here; I just don't think with Warpath, Boom Boom, Siryn, and Feral that there is enough differentiation between the existing 'mates to warrant new versions being released. Though I'm all in with Stryfe; I hope he fits into a wave somewhere down the line.
  9. Capullo's Sunspot seems to be the only X-Force costume I can think of blatantly neglected from that era. What else were you thinking? With Zach mentioning there would be some heavy hitters in this wave, I can't help but think A-list and B-list X-Men or Avengers.
  10. I tend to agree with the Dark Phoenix wave theory, makes sense with the release of the movie, if that's what DST is trying to do nowadays based on what wave 77 offers
  11. With the reveal of wave 77 last week, it seems an appropriate time to begin speculating about the next comic book specialty wave to be released; Wave 78! What theme and characters do you think it will be? Or which theme or characters are you wishing for?
  12. I just now saw what you did there. I was sitting there very puzzled for a while (it was a long day at work), thinking "Is there like an alt. look I'm missing of Tombstone?"
  13. Which the only appearance of was in an annual? Really? That's really stretching it just to try to piggyback the success of Miles in into the Spiderverse.
  14. Cool indeed. Got to say from first glance you guys knocked the accessoriesout of the park with this wave. Hmmmmmm, perhaps a timely promotional choice for that small time, low budget action film to be released later this year?
  15. Agreed, he looks essentially the same as his TRU release not including the base which is cool
  16. Was wondering the same thing, must be from some issues in his newest run because I haven't seen it before.
  17. This thread is not living up to the namesake of it's title...
  18. Just finished the Before Watchmen: Minutemen mini-series; wishing for an assortment of those characters. Even if that isn't possible, maybe this line will get revived for the HBO Watchmen series?
  19. I'd actually love to see the percentage break down for this, because like you I think there is a very very small percentage of sets that don't include Batman. Take away any sets based on properties that never had a Batman appearance in the first place and that percentage gets even smaller
  20. Wow. Preach it. This is the primary reason I collect a lot of Lego Star Wars. Sure, some of the builds are nice but the characters are much more valuable and fun to collect. Wish I had a more price effective, small, well-articulated option to divert my attention in the realm of Star Wars; but that's definitely the reason I look to collect Marvel, DC, Lotr, and other minimates instead of the Lego counterparts. And I completely agree that it is frustrating in the DC case that what Lego releases is pretty pitiful nowadays, just rehashed mechs and other various vehicles paired with money-grabbing minifigures.
  21. Lego also has Marvel? I suppose Marvel is just more lenient with their licensing?
  22. I'm trying to find more movie-accurate head and hair combos for X-Men First Class Havok, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine Deadpool. Anybody got any recommendations?
  23. I think I'll pick these up; I think all the designs translated really nicely to minimates. Plus DST is capitalize on my excitement for Smash on the Switch (since I play Sonic a lot). And it even brings me back to the days when I'd watch SonicX on Saturday mornings as a kid.
  24. Either a bad a** mother f***ing figure, or a figure closely tied to Nightcrawler
  25. This seems like the most plausible scenario, though, I'm unsure that we will actually get a wave with the box set, much like Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp, in the eyes of DST the main characters may be able to fit in a single box set. My guess: Captain Marvel, Talos, Mar-Vell, Doctor Minerva or Korath (assuming DST is focused on not giving us repeat characters, if not: one of those spots could be replaced by Nick Fury). Phil Coulson is also slated to appear in the movie, so that's also a possibility, and MCU Coulson has definitely been a minimate that people on the multiverse have been asking for, for a while.
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