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  1. Precisely what I was thinking; I don't think there's enough outside of those 4 characters to have a full wave
  2. Technically we've gotten a movie version of stealth Iron Man, so not sure that one qualifies as the long awaited redo? Edit: And a MvC one as well
  3. YES, I like the lineup, Only others I would like to see would be...
  4. I've thought about this for a bit recently, and I'd be down for comic tie-in waves. With all of the bizarre properties announced for Phase 4, we'd most likely be looking at a lot of new characters. This might be fresh on the mind simply because I recently read Gaiman's Eternals series and really enjoyed it, but I could definitely see the Eternals getting a comic wave (or maybe a box set) if the movie does well. I for one would love to see characters like Ikaris, Sersi, and Makkari as minimates
  5. I think the point is none of that should be necessary to be able to buy figures that were stocked in other locations more than a year ago
  6. They only appear on Walgreen's shelves during the blood moon
  7. The pairings that would make the most sense to me would be: Star Lord/Adam Warlock Cosmic Ghost Rider/Darkhawk Gamora/Angela & BAF Moondragon
  8. Please be looking at Avatar: TLA 🙏
  9. And the Maximum Venom 'mates, but yea, that's it
  10. Brotherhood box set November of last year, so about 9 months ago, and before that the last comic box set was... the Villain Zombies 3 set in October of 2015. Thinking about it now, this is kinda disappointing considering we got 6 comic box sets between December of 2013 and December of 2014. That's 6 in one year, while we've gotten 1 comic box set in the past 3.5 years
  11. Agreed, I don't think it's been a lack of demand, but a lack of distribution channels to fill demand
  12. I looked it up, looks as though it is based on the 3rd and upcoming season of the current Spider-Man cartoon which releases in 2020. Impressed that DST has their hands on designs this early for characters not being seen on TV for a while. Though I am a lil' dissapointed it's not based on any comics (say the upcoming Absolute Carnage), those designs are really unique and definitely stand out among symbiotes!
  13. So based on the photos, this is what I got Series 11: Doc Ock/Superior Spider-Man Peter Parker/Araña ^these could be mixed up Peggy Carter/Captain America Black Panther/Shuri Maximum Venom Wave (Apparently based on the 3rd and upcoming season of the Spider-Man cartoon): Venom Hulk/Venom Cap Maximum Venom/ Back in Black (& Gray) Spider-Man
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