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  1. Just to know that I'm on the right page, based on toy fair photos, and Zach's comments, the 2nd box set would theoretically have been: Super Sonic or alternate facial expression Sonic Cream & Cheese Knuckles Silver ?
  2. Everytime Star Wars minimates are mentioned I have a brief heart palpitation which quickly turns into sorrow after remembering it's near impossible.
  3. Some conversation on the End is Nigh thread got me thinking about potential future properties, which I have no idea if they've been discussed on this thread before. These are all properties that I believe fit with DST licensing trends, fit with the minimate design and style, and are all relatively untouched (at least at the moment) in terms of toy licensing. So here we go: 1) Blade Runner & Blade Runner 2049 - A really dynamic and beautiful world of characters to pull from. Perhaps a bit niche, but considering some licenses DST had gone after previously I think this would be a great fit. I could also see the police spinner being a potential vehicle set. 2) Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra - Some would say the time has passed, but in fact, I think it a great time to pursue this license with the Netflix series being produced. Deep character library full of color and variety rivaling that of our comic powerhouses, plus some extremely cool elemental effects and accessories! Maybe even a few creatures? Did someone say minimate-scale Appa? YES PLEASE 3) Mad Max: Fury Road - Some really neat post-apocalyptic costumes, not a deep character library, but certainly could lend itself nicely to several box sets, perhaps even some vehicles?? 4) Tron: Legacy - Colorful, bright and streamlined costumes, another good opportunity for a few box sets and perhaps some light cycles. Also optimistic about this one because DST was able to get the the license for the oiriginal 1982 movie through the Kingdom Hearts line. 5) Pacific Rim - Tiny jaegers! Need I say more? But in all seriousness DST already has the license, it seems the biggest thing holding them back would be the excessive amount of sculpting that would be required for all the different jaegers and kaiju.
  4. Me too, been a fan since I was a kid; Indy movies alongside Star Wars were some of the first live-action movies I watched as a kid.
  5. Do we have any hints for this wave? Or just speculating thus far?
  6. Do they come with extra heads?
  7. *Me, refreshing Luke's website every 5 minutes*
  8. No, we'll see, the only accessories that we've seen are Havok and Polaris' effect piece. Ah yes, he has that annoying puffy shoulder piece, I didn't notice that at first glance.
  9. I'm going to be interested to see what Guido parts are in each 2 pack. I thought of something that would also be efficient on DST's part in buying multiple multiple men. If the archangel/multiple man pair is packed with Guido's arms then you'd have the opportunity to display a Jamie w/o a trench coat.
  10. If this did end up being the yellow and blue Jean and Scott costumes from Endgame, I could definitely see baby Cable included. Which would makefor a good minimate recreation of the cover for X-Factor 66
  11. I think he means up for preorder
  12. I feel like Iceman and Quicksilver would be the most appropriate considering they would round out both teams in the wave. I could also see brown and yellow X-Factor beast, Jean and Scott's yellow and blue costumes for the Endgame story arc. Otherwise not really sure. Figure it's going to be more members of X-Factor, right?
  13. Seriously, I thought we would have had decent photos of everything on display at toy fair by now...
  14. Sounds like it's time for DST to design a new foot piece...
  15. Yes please! Along with Uncanny Emma and Magik, P5 Namor and Magik, and Capullo Sunspot.
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