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  1. OvenproofBug6

    Long shots.

    YES. Can we please just get one completed modern X-Men team?
  2. OvenproofBug6

    TRU Series 26

    Yes, if we don't count the Ultimate Cyclops variant that had just the hair and no visor (if were it made today would have just come with alternate hair). I'm most excited for X-face Cyclops and Rogue, both great additions to modern X-men teams. Can't wait to see this Cyke next to TRU 23 Magneto!
  3. OvenproofBug6

    Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Would buy everything here in a heartbeat
  4. OvenproofBug6

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Have to admit a display for the cockpit would be incredible. And I hadn't thought about the pilots having to wear armor too, so in that case, it could be basically impossible (and look rather silly like you said) to have a pilot underneath jaeger armor. I like the box set idea: jaegar, kaiju, and both pilots, but I also like this idea for setting up deluxe sets; allowing for more characters that aren't pilots, like the scientist played by Charlie Day or Ron Pearlman. I'd be interested to see a sculpt allowing those 'doll' pilots to fit inside a head/helmet sculpt, and while it would be a neat addition.
  5. OvenproofBug6

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    I think it's more complicated than you make it out to be. We've already seen a medley of options users would like to see on here: - 2" jaegers w/ Pilots underneath armor (can't achieve two pilots for one jaeger) - vinimate jaegers, and minimate pilots - 2" pilots, and deluxe vehicle jaegers (probably still can't achieve two pilots in one jaeger) While I agree that minimate-sized pilots, and deluxe jaegers would seem to be the best option for consumers, I don't think it's that easy as a producer. Deluxe jaegers would require completely new molds for every part of their construction (assuming they are articulated), and most likely different molds for every different jaeger considering each jaeger in the film is extremely unique; maybe you could have a shared base construction/molds, and then use add-on parts for customization. As for just vinimate jaegers, I personally would rather not sacrifice articulation for scale. Personally I think 2" jaegers w/ pilots underneath is the most viable option in terms of production, and would be possible to get both pilots with a battle damaged variant of each jaeger (which would also allow for immediate reuse of tooling). After some considerable thought, I completely understand where Chuck is coming from on this, it's a tough license to approach for their product.
  6. OvenproofBug6

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    From the panel: it sounds like DST is having issues coming up with ideas on how to tackle this line. Chuck said he had no idea what form they would come in, and mentioned a few preliminary ideas they had; the most specific idea he mentioned being a jaeger minimate-stylized vehicle (?) with a smaller Rocket-sized human to go with it, but as previously mentioned he was very unsure of the approach they were going to take. Another interesting tidbit; maybe it was understood by others from the initial announcement (I didn't catch this), but DST does have the license for both films, and are choosing to focus on Uprising first, meaning we could see 'mates from the first movie later on down the road.
  7. OvenproofBug6

    tru wave 24

    The updated looks are a Spider-Verser, a hero, and a villain. No combination of those 3 could be Cloak and Dagger . . .
  8. OvenproofBug6

    Infinity War

    Agreed, but also hopeful, as that would make 'mates more accessible in general. I've noticed the wall of collector-aimed products popping up in almost every store I've visited in my area, and yes it would certainly be the place to find mates of mini and vini alike.
  9. OvenproofBug6

    Infinity War

    Are we assuming Target is the new retailer that will get a Ragnarok assortment (and possibly an Infinity assortment)? Or are we inserting a hopeful guess in place of said mystery retailer?
  10. OvenproofBug6

    Infinity War

  11. OvenproofBug6

    Watchmen Minimates

    @DSTZach So, I guess I'll address one of the big elephants in the room; does DST have the rights to make vehicles for this property? Aka, is there a chance we may see Archie in the future?
  12. OvenproofBug6

    Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Count me extremely excited for this announcement, hope the 2nd movie lives up to the ridiculous giant-robots-fighting-giant-alien-monsters action of the first film. Hoping the minimates will be focused on the Jaegers and Kaiju, because let's be honest, I could care less about the humans in this film.
  13. OvenproofBug6

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    There is clearly a pretty blurred line for what I consider to look good/bad in terms of slipover vs. non-slipovers. I agree completely about Capt. Britain, the one with slipover looks like his head is too big. The one without slipover looks like his head is too small. I think this a perfect example of where a molded mask comes in. There are plenty of great examples of molded masks/helmets that I think look excellent in the minimates range; Pyro, Avalanche, Captain America (except for Bucky Cap in LCS 25), Cyclops, Wolverine (except for the FA version in TRU 22), Iron Fist, Daredevil etc. I think there's also a point that mates with masks and hair typically look better with a regular head with mask, and then a hair accessory over that, examples include; White Tiger (Angela), Moonstone, and Captain Mar-Vell. There are also lots of slipover masks that I think have worked well but particularly on fully masked heroes/villains where a regular head could also be used as a mask; Spider-Man, Deadpool, FA Iron Man. I think the best example (and clear improvement by DST on this point) is the difference between LCS 29 Hydra Agent and LCS 54 Hydra Elite. The molded mask does the Hydra Agent much more justice here than a slipover, plus it still gives us an option for a classic look underneath (something the wave 29 version also did).
  14. OvenproofBug6

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I think it's more so when a face can be seen under the mask. A slipover mask adds more depth than non-slipover masks.
  15. OvenproofBug6

    wave 74

    *Note: She also makes an appearance (albeit brief) in Spider-Verse, being one of several spiders recruited by Otto as Superior Spider-Man. As someone who has read Miller's Old Man Logan I have to appreciate the character selection of Ashley Barton even if I am very surprised she is being made (It can also never hurt to have too many Spider-Versers). I also can't say I was too excited about another iteration of Old Man Logan, I must say I am pleasantly surprised by the final design (even if I could have QC'd both his fur jacket look and his alternate young Logan wife-beater look), and the alt-look certainly makes it a worthwhile purchase. That 2-pack is a definite pick-up for me. And if I read anything with Ironheart between now and time of release I will probably also pick up that 2-pack.