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  1. Completely agree with this sentiment
  2. Yea, I have no expectations, just rampant speculation in the smallest hopes that maybe DST will make non-Marvel minimates of a theme I'm a huge fan of
  3. I'd be completely on board for a 2 inch Lord of the Rings, that's the only part of my minimates collection that really stands out like a sore thumb because of the size.
  4. I swapped it out on my Secret Invasion Phoenix when I first got the Avengers BC wave. I think I have the alternate All New X-Men Jean Grey head with glowing eyes on there as well. It's a nice combo.
  5. This is a great question. As someone who happened upon minimates around a decade ago at this point I had no idea there were wave numbers when I first picked up the X-Men Origins: Wolverine wave. And after seeing the inner pamphlet with almost every marvel minimate released to that point (which I personally think was brilliant, and should be brought back maybe including the last few years of mates) I was blown away, and at first found it somewhat overwhelming that there were so many, but quickly transitioned to excitement thinking about the entire 2 inch Marvel universe that could be sitting on my shelf. It wasn't until I picked up more at TRU that I then happened upon Ivan's Database (which I think would go a long way in being advertised my DST themselves, and compensating Ivan of course). This is when I first learned that there had already been 30-something waves of Marvel minimates on top of numerous box sets, exclusives and TRU exclusive waves. That I would say is when I was both scared for my wallet but also invested in collecting. So the simple answer is probably yes, but I find it might depend on interest in certain characters and definitely after-market availability, which is supported by Luke and plentiful eBay listings.
  6. I would buy the crap out of some Last Airbender mates
  7. Precisely what I was thinking; I don't think there's enough outside of those 4 characters to have a full wave
  8. Technically we've gotten a movie version of stealth Iron Man, so not sure that one qualifies as the long awaited redo? Edit: And a MvC one as well
  9. YES, I like the lineup, Only others I would like to see would be...
  10. I've thought about this for a bit recently, and I'd be down for comic tie-in waves. With all of the bizarre properties announced for Phase 4, we'd most likely be looking at a lot of new characters. This might be fresh on the mind simply because I recently read Gaiman's Eternals series and really enjoyed it, but I could definitely see the Eternals getting a comic wave (or maybe a box set) if the movie does well. I for one would love to see characters like Ikaris, Sersi, and Makkari as minimates
  11. I think the point is none of that should be necessary to be able to buy figures that were stocked in other locations more than a year ago
  12. They only appear on Walgreen's shelves during the blood moon
  13. The pairings that would make the most sense to me would be: Star Lord/Adam Warlock Cosmic Ghost Rider/Darkhawk Gamora/Angela & BAF Moondragon
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