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  1. OvenproofBug6

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    I think I'll pick these up; I think all the designs translated really nicely to minimates. Plus DST is capitalize on my excitement for Smash on the Switch (since I play Sonic a lot). And it even brings me back to the days when I'd watch SonicX on Saturday mornings as a kid.
  2. OvenproofBug6

    wave 77

    Either a bad a** mother f***ing figure, or a figure closely tied to Nightcrawler
  3. OvenproofBug6

    wave 77

    This seems like the most plausible scenario, though, I'm unsure that we will actually get a wave with the box set, much like Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp, in the eyes of DST the main characters may be able to fit in a single box set. My guess: Captain Marvel, Talos, Mar-Vell, Doctor Minerva or Korath (assuming DST is focused on not giving us repeat characters, if not: one of those spots could be replaced by Nick Fury). Phil Coulson is also slated to appear in the movie, so that's also a possibility, and MCU Coulson has definitely been a minimate that people on the multiverse have been asking for, for a while.
  4. OvenproofBug6

    wave 77

    So, either a Spider-Man Edge of Spiderverse or Captain Marvel box set
  5. OvenproofBug6

    TRU Series 26

  6. OvenproofBug6

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Anybody have any good recipes for characters from the Gifted? I've been watching season 2 and I'm thinking about kitbashing a few of the main characters.
  7. OvenproofBug6

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    If you don't want to paint anything; I'd recommend Polaris' or Spectre's cape
  8. OvenproofBug6

    TRU Series 26

    Just picked up the Rogue and Cyclops pack from my mailbox today. After I got them out of the package; I have to say this is one of my favorite two packs in recent releases. I'm an X-Men fan and these costumes definitely cater to my interests as I was pretty invested in Bendis' Uncanny X-Men run, sue me. Anyway, thoughts: I like that they didn't give Cyclops a slip cover, I think the base head looks really good and so does the rest of his costume. He complements Marvel Now Magneto quite nicely. As for Rogue, I like this costume because as above it can be used as classic or modern, and I feel it was executed well. I do wish that the paint applications for the hood weren't as sloppy (as I believe was previously mentioned in the thread). She also pairs nicely with Marvel Now Scarlet Witch and any modern Wolverine.
  9. OvenproofBug6

    Walmart minimate listing

    Yep, I've looked at these before. Most are a bit overpriced and the third parties (usually Toywiz) are not incredibly reliable.
  10. OvenproofBug6

    wave 77

    That's fair if the updates are like Vulture, Scorpion or Kraven. Molten man isn't exactly what I'd called a higher tier villain though. Edit: Also, Gen X did make a brief appearance in X-Men Blue. There was also a Generation X title as part of the ResurrXion banner; though I don't think any of the characters on the original team are a part of that title (and I don't think it has done all that well?)
  11. OvenproofBug6

    wave 77

    Hence me completely ignoring those things in hope of getting some more mutant 'mates. The last minimates revealed that I've actually been excited about were the Cyclops and Rogue pack. And to find this wave is another Spiderman wave; I'm just whelmed, but glad to see a lot of others are excited for more new Spidey villains.
  12. OvenproofBug6

    TRU Series 26

    Modern Rogue; she wears the hood in a lot of her appearances. Also realized this pack actually ended up having good timing because she wears the same or a similar costume in the first couple issues of Gambit & Rogue.
  13. OvenproofBug6

    wave 77

    Am I about to hear some more clamoring for Gen X 'mates...because I'm down (and ready to fully ingore the very obvious clues that this is a Spidey C-level villain focused wave).
  14. OvenproofBug6

    Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?

    Sports I can deal with, however most if not all of the CW DC shows I cannot.
  15. OvenproofBug6

    Agents Of Shield Minimates Speculation Thread

    I can understand the benefit of comedic relief which is what a lot of the MCU has, but I find that the Netflix shows have much deeper (darker and mores serious) themes than the films; Matt's disillusionment with religion, a character in almost every show with a substance abuse problem (Jessica, Karen, Ward), PTSD with the Punisher, Luke Cage tackling culture and race, and characters in multiple shows with seriously dysfunctional familial relationships (Jessica, Trish, Matt, Davos, Luke, Ward, Joy, and Harold). Heck, Iron Fist season 2 tackled dissociative identity disorder, and Daredevil season 3 even touched on postpartum depression. These are kinds of things that I think would be very difficult to convey if the tone of these shows in general was lighter or aimed at a younger audience.