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  1. So we’re 6 weeks out from Endgame, and we haven’t even gotten a teaser for the new mates. I can’t remember how it was last year for Infinity War. Did we get wave 1 before or after the release of the movie?
  2. @DSTZach if you’re reading this, can we get a 4 pack like this please?! We the MCU collectors would really appreciate this and will give you our money.
  3. Did we ever get the tray shot of the 4-pack? I know At-Lass and Minerva have there helmets, but what accessories?
  4. I would cosign as well. 3-4 just to even add the avengers who aren't pictured with the suit.
  5. Yeah, I'm depressed about the situation! Would have loved to have a Noir Spidey and that new black and red suit spidey! Would also have loved to have a new Maria Hill, MJ or Ned! AND C'mon, that Mysterio would've been so dope as a minimate! I'm a huge mcu movie fan. Didn't read too many of the comics, so I don't pick them up often. I always go searching for the MCU versions. I just recently picked up the last wave of the Infinity War mates, and I'm currently on the hunt for the Captain Marvel mates. @DSTZach can we atleast get a two pack or four pack for SDCC? PLEASE?!
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