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  1. so we ever gonna get a Fing Fang Foom?
  2. So the Joe Russo states that the ban on spoilers is lifted today, shall we do the same here, or no?
  3. Still nothing in Vegas. Gonna got a couple today. But yesterday I bought the remaining minimates stock at Walmart just to see if they’ll restock with the endgame mates. Will report with what happens.
  4. I would kill for this and a Meik fig in minimates form. Maybe I can paint a Kronan and use one of the larva from the Godzilla line?
  5. I made a final battle Thor that needs some adjustments. I think it’s on the previous page.
  6. Thank you! I tried to find something similar and even messed around with alternate body parts. Well it's still possible for them to do a wave 2. I believe Zach said that there won't be any other waves this year when it comes to Endgame, but crossing our fingers, maybe they'll have one coming early next year after Christmas. I know it's not likely, but maybe if we voice our opinions enough and let DST know that we want another wave and we're willing to dish out for them, they'll do it? Here's to hoping so. I love minimates so much, especially the MCU minimates, and I'm kind of sad that DST hasn't really said anything about another wave yet. The MCU mates are the only ones I really collect and it'd be sad to not get another wave for the biggest Avengers movie ever. I mean they just announced that Endgame broke the $1.2 Billion mark on it's opening weekend. This is a HUGE event and DST would make a load if they did wave 2.
  7. So, I watched Endgame, again and here's what I have to say about it and what I would want as a wave 2 if we ever got one. This movie, after watching it twice, is AMAZING. 10/10, and pretty much my favorite MCU movie next to Winter Soldier and Infinity War. The original six in this movie, did such a great job and Endgame does amazing work with their stories. I'm also very appreciative on how they do a lot of callbacks and scenes that we can recreate with our new and old MCU minimates. If you thought you weren't gonna ever use a certain figure in your MCU stash, think again! The Russos, Feige, and the cast did so well with this movie that it truly is a love letter to us the fans. Especially the ones who had started with Iron Man 1 and stuck by from then till now. Now then, onto my wishlist for Wave 2 of Endgame mates. I know we're not getting a wave 2, but here's just what I think would be great to get. So that's what I'd choose if we were to get a wave 2. I know some of them are pretty unlikely especially since we won't get a Wave 2, but it's fun to hope for it. Other than that, the boxset and the wave that we did receive does pretty well for what we got. The quantum suits aren't accurate in color, but I'm still glad we got them with all the characters that are actually shown in the movie with them. The Ronin and Black Widow suits look great and I've already got a couple scenes that I'd love to shoot with them, same for the armored Thanos! I'm also really happy that they included Stormbreaker this time. Now I still haven't actually gotten any of these mates in hand yet, however from all the pics of them that are floating on IG and here, I think they're great! Now to actually find them all in the wild. I checked 10 Walgreens here in Las Vegas, just today. 10 different ones and none of them had even a hint of this wave.
  8. I didn’t haha. Use a piece from The Comic Book Men boxset.
  9. So I customized this. With correct paint apps, storm breaker, and the Endgame Thor head, we could get something a little more accurate to what we saw in the movie.
  10. Let’s do a fundraiser! Or maybe @DSTZach can take our money now as a pre-preorder of wave 2? Haha
  11. I would love all that! If DST could make another wave for this movie like they did with Infinity War, I’m sure we’d be able to get a lot of this stuff. But I do think it’s mainly because of how Marvel didn’t release a lot of the info of Endgame for spoilers sake. DST was probably only given certain concept art in order to not spoil anything for the movie. Which sucks because we missed out on a lot of great figs! And we’ve seen this in the past with other movies as well. For example, Thor Ragnorak. It would have been badass to get characters and costumes that were in the final movie that weren’t shown in concept art and trailers. It would’ve been so cool to have gotten a Fenris Wolf and a Pegasus for Valkyrie. I just think that Marvel doesn’t reveal a lot of things ahead of time and thus DST doesn’t get the info in order to make a movie accurate wave. Idk, just some thoughts. Maybe DST can make a new formula for their figures and their initial 2-pack waves can be all the stuff that is revealed to them before the movie, and then they do a 4-5 pack box set of things that they didn’t make that they would want to do.
  12. Hey @luke314pi will you be getting more packaged versions in stock? Your site is saying that they're out of stock. If not, i'm totally fine with ordering two of the loose versions.
  13. Still wish we could get him as a mate. MCU accurate.
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