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  1. I want to lean toward adult animation, but Rick and Morty & Bob's Burgers we're checked off along with other adult animated series on other networks. Just have an inkling it's something animated. A live action guess would be The Expanse.
  2. It's clearly a My Little Pony announcement. That would be a big WTF curve ball and hilarious.
  3. Not sure of storylines but a Savage Land theme would be nice. We got Shanna the She-Devil already • Ka-Zar / Zabu • Moon Boy / Devil Dinosaur I guess Sauron too but the Reaper figure we got I suppose was close enough.
  4. A SDCC set could be the '95 movie costumes, that way you can get Rocky, Adam and Aisha heads for red, black and yellow. The ninja costumes or maybe even casual outfits with morphers, with some type of half phasing effect.
  5. They look great. I'm happy they went with sculpted helmets instead of the slip ons. It brings out the details in the designs.
  6. I'm also curious if these can go past Mighty Morphin and into later series, since I'm one the few who never stopped watching Power Rangers. Mighty Morphin does have lot of stuff to get figures, it being longer then other seasons, so either way I'm excited to see where we go.
  7. Transformers, G.I. Joe and Power Rangers are great evergreen licences that can keep going a while. I'm really excited! I'm one of the few who didn't stop watching Power Rangers and has enjoyed all iterations they have made. I'm sure Mighty Morphin is the bread and butter when comes to PR merch so hopefully it gains interest for the other shows or we at least go deep with Mighty Morphin. Will these be two packs or boxsets?
  8. Here's some clearer shots of Megatron and Grimlock
  9. I think a sculpted face mask for Soundwave like Optimus' would've looked a little better.
  10. Is there a likely hood this series returns? Seeing all these TMNT figures and products from various companies has me wanting DST to get a piece of the pie again (Or pizza since I'm talking TMNT). Since classic TMNT stuff is big of a commodity now, I wonder if an 80s Turtles boxset of the cancelled wave would gain any interest currently. Boxsets from the 90s movies would be amazing, too.
  11. Well I guess it's nice to here there was a possibility for them and not an afterthought. Just hope the next outing for this character warrants some minimates.
  12. After seeing the movie I guess a hypothetical wave would be Shang-Chi & Wenwu Katy & Death Dealer Xialing & Razorfist Boxset: Shang-Chi Wenwu *Ying Nan (Shang-Chi's aunt) *Ying Li ( Shang-Chi's mother) Pack in Morris microfigure Realistically they probably would've done just one boxset and put the main characters there. Would've loved to have this film represented in my collection.
  13. I'm curious about the Back to the Future Delorean set. Wonder if it scales well.
  14. These look great. I think a Rachel Weisz pack in head would have been good too, since her suit looks almost the same as Natasha's.
  15. Looking back at the Aliens line, it would seem like this was the one of the most lucrative series outside of Marvel for DST. We had boxsets, counter dumps, multiple deluxe packs, even a vehicle with one variant. No other line got that treatment, I guess this is just me speaking in memoriam.
  16. Seeing Avatar the Last Airbender and Lord of the Rings figures makes you salivate for minimate interpretations. Especially The Last Airbender, one of my favorite shows, never thought we'd be this close to potentially getting them. But those figures look great.
  17. Don't know about writing into AskDST, they have been M.I.A. for like three months.
  18. I read the Spider-Man Maximum Venom season doesn't start until April 2020. Interesting these came out months in advance. But I found a trailer showing some other characters.
  19. I'm still salty they canceled those Bruce Lee minimates because those Select figures look like Bruce Lee imitators, looks nothing like him.
  20. Here's a concept poster and her new suit along with Red Guardian and Yelena. Looks really nice and there is concept of a white suit she will be wearing. Some interesting looks for figures.
  21. As a subset of that Ultimate idea, an Iron Man Mark 50 from Infinity War with every weapon or attachments he used would please me dearly.
  22. If only we could have Marvel Vinimates, we could do some cool 80th anniversary packs. Large characters like the Watcher, Ultimo, Fin Fang Foom and Galactus packed in with some other minimates. Maybe a classic Avengers set with a Giant-Man Vinimate. A Thor set with Ymir or a Frost Giant. All wishful thinking.
  23. Sadly none of these probably will allow us to get Rescue or any new variations of characters in Endgame, to fill out the collection. I'm sure they'll be switching up looks in future movies. I'm excited to see minimates for these films. Shang-Chi will fill the void of the cancelled Bruce Lee minimates for me. Not to mention DST hasn't made any version of him yet. Also not sure what villain there using for Thor 4, but I'd love to see Enchantress or Ulik.
  24. I think if you use the arms and legs from that Superior Spider-Man, take the torso and head from the Homecoming figure and paint the blue parts black. It could work.
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