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  1. I think Maleficent would be nice to have. Simba and Scar would be awesome but I'm not sure how they would do it. Mulan could be possible. So Aladdin is not in this one, bummer I kind of want him.
  2. What's the Disney characters in KHII?
  3. Or a new Kitty Pryde.
  4. Heres a crazy idea, Summers Family Boxset Cyclops Havok Vulcan Cable This probably fits none of the hints but it just came into mind.
  5. We could use a new Black Cat, it's been a while. What were the hints for the boxset again?
  6. Has anybody ever thought about customizing the Salamandrian into the Newtralizer? It seems like it could be doable.
  7. So these have only showed up online not in physical TRU stores?
  8. Have they shown the TRU exclusives for the Wolverine wave? I don't remember seeing them at Toyfair.
  9. Does the Star-Lord helmet come off easily? The animated version I got gets severely stuck on his head.
  10. Unfortunately, we'll have to make customs.
  11. Wow, their not wasting anytime with a new show. In my opinion the current show is the best incarnation of the turtles in a while. But this is interesting nonetheless.
  12. Oh, thanks for clearing that up.
  13. It's great that we can voice our opinions. Some companies would of left us in the dark when canceling lines. I guess I'm just bummed that after the space stuff it gets really cool with lots of minimates potential. But it's great that the line is still going in some shape or form. It's strange TRU wouldn't want classic TMNT since the Mirage Comics Mega Bloks line was exclusive to them.
  14. Wouldn't having the Mirage or IDW style turtles at comic shops be cooler? I think the reason why TRU sales have dropped, at least at mine, is because at my TRU, they put Series 4 & 5 in the adult collector aisle with the other minimates. Instead of putting them in TMNT aisle, which is a very large aisle, so kids and parents could see them. The other series sold quickly when they were in the correct aisle. I agree with the peg warmers, we had non space turtles mixed with space turtles, so you had to wait for the next wave to complete the space team. The regular turtles came with stellar accessories but we're still the same figures from the first two series. The turtles have multiple looks in the show, so face swaps probably turned some people away.
  15. Not to mention the last two waves had weaker TRU exclusives, that were just body reuses. We got Chromedome and Bishop over Tiger Claw, Fishface and Rahzar. Atleast those three to complete Shredder's main team. We missed important space characters like Mona Lisa, Lord Dregg and Armaggon?(the big metal shark guy). Classic TMNT looks great, unfortunately since TRU backed out, these aren't as accessible to get for me.