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  1. That's good to know, I'm further down in Savannah. So I hope we get them soon.
  2. Im sure the sash has a deeper meaning that they'll explain in sequel. It could just be fan service since Carol has always had a sash, even during her Ms. Marvel days. Also like how her suit is a homage to Captain Mar-Vell's suit.
  3. Since spoilers have been allowed. Does anyone know what's a good hair piece for Endgame Captain Marvel? I was thinking the comic version of hers hair piece but I can't recall if she had the flowy faux hawk look.
  4. I hope so. I don't want an incomplete Starforce team.
  5. I think 2015/2016 was the height of Minimates we had so many lines at that time and Toys R Us was of course alive and carried most of them. Now it's just praying you get enough orders before stuff gets cancelled. I was looking forward to these.
  6. They also fumbled with Thor. We didn't get the definitive versions of him from Infinity War or Endgame. The Infinity War figure we got didn't have the eye patch. No Stormbreaker or new suit version released. Then we finally got the Stormbreaker and the correct head but it came with his Quantum suit. And obviously his Endgame look but it's understandable since it would be a spoiler, a later released wave would've helped that though. Just a very confusing situation.
  7. Maybe DST has a secret wave 2 and just can't tell us for spoiler reasons and will reveal it at SDCC. Haha! pipe dream I know. It sucks that they can't go back and make more stuff after the initial releases like Hasbro and Funko can.
  8. She's one of T'Challa's Dora Milaje. She's very noticable in various scenes. I personally think we didn't need another Hulk but its a tough call. I also have a weird feeling that Thor won't wear that quantum suit, like it was something drawn up in concept art then dropped later, hope I'm wrong.
  9. That's a healthy looking assortment compared to the ones I have been too.
  10. I guess Thanos snapped away the Walgreens wave too.
  11. I noticed the Black Widow face looks more like Scarlet Johansson then the Infinity War version does, that one looked odd.
  12. That's a great value for that boxset. I guess Rocket is out of luck since he needs a unique body for the Quantum suit. You can pull off heads for Cap and Thor from the two packs. So I guess the Walgreens wave will be something like: Cap/Thanos Iron Man/Ronin Rocket Raccoon/Black Widow Thor/ Captain Marvel or War Machine
  13. Whoa Mark 85? A jump from MK 50 to 85 is interesting. A new Iron Legion maybe? Anyways I hope we can get some of his nano tech weapons this time with his minimate. The MK 50 figure was bare bones given what we saw in the film.
  14. I heard DST will be at C2E2 this weekend, so maybe we can get a sneak peek hopefully.
  15. A 10-pack of those cancelled 80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be nice.
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