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  1. Hasbro doesn't own Star Wars outright, just the toy license. Transformers, G.I. Joe and recently Power Rangers are things they fully own. So I feel it's something from their portfolio. If it was Star Wars I feel like they would announce that around Star Wars Celebration. And it would be announced under Disney not Hasbro. I could be wrong though.
  2. Yeah most recent teams have at least two female members. The ones I'm thinking of at least. Maybe one of the Thunderbolts teams?
  3. After seeing Dr Strange M.O.M. here's a hypothetical 6 pack Dr. Strange Scarlet Witch America Chavez Wong Defender Strange (Alternate parts for zombie look) Sinister Strange
  4. So is the MCU license done, done? Or on definite hiatus? If we get no releases next year I'll start getting worried.
  5. Just casually dropping some bombshell news there Zach.
  6. As a sidenote seeing these I would love to see more tokusatsu shows like Kamen Rider and Ultraman be done minimate style.
  7. I'm wondering if this means will get the Power Rangers Zeo team. A lot companies do Mighty Morphin and then stop, so I'm hoping this licence can keep going.
  8. Previously Zach said their would be a lot of accessories and new hair pieces. So it's something with unique hairstyles that haven't been used before and a lot of cool accessories, wrestling could fit that. He also didn't shutdown the possibility. If it's not wrestling, then I'm excited to see what it is. I'm sure it's something under our noses that would make us say "Oh, why didn't we guess that?"
  9. Nice to hear. I imagine the box packaging will resemble the original MMPR packaging. Maybe the flap could have the morphing picture gimmick like the old figures.
  10. Any package shots of the the first boxset or news on series 2?
  11. I want to lean toward adult animation, but Rick and Morty & Bob's Burgers we're checked off along with other adult animated series on other networks. Just have an inkling it's something animated. A live action guess would be The Expanse.
  12. It's clearly a My Little Pony announcement. That would be a big WTF curve ball and hilarious.
  13. Not sure of storylines but a Savage Land theme would be nice. We got Shanna the She-Devil already • Ka-Zar / Zabu • Moon Boy / Devil Dinosaur I guess Sauron too but the Reaper figure we got I suppose was close enough.
  14. A SDCC set could be the '95 movie costumes, that way you can get Rocky, Adam and Aisha heads for red, black and yellow. The ninja costumes or maybe even casual outfits with morphers, with some type of half phasing effect.
  15. They look great. I'm happy they went with sculpted helmets instead of the slip ons. It brings out the details in the designs.
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