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  1. I agree with the Annette Benning head. I personally wouldn't have minded a Maria or Carol with an Air Force suit. The omission of any form of Goose is weird though, since every other company has a version of him or her.
  2. Looks like Marvel Legends has our idea
  3. I think we all want Stormbreaker Thor (with alternate glowing eyes head.) Since it's only 12 then, we could get everyone on the poster, minus Okoye. Since that represents the main characters.
  4. Captain Marvel does have a new suit in her post credits scene. If we can get two waves of 4 two packs for Walgreens and 2 box sets for specialty, that brings it to 24 figures instead of 12. I highly doubt that though, but I'm interested to see how they tackle this film, maybe pack in parts for the Quantum suits could work.
  5. I think one the Carol variants should have been a powered up one. Maybe translucent hair, glowing eyes or glow in the dark parts.
  6. It would be crazy if people found them on shelves before they announce them like the Capt. Marvel wave.
  7. Not only Spider-Ham, but Peni Parker and her Sp//dr mech would be a nice addition. Lady Doc Ock, Tombstone (still hasn't been made at all), Scorpion & Prowler were fresh takes as well. It's really their unmasked looks that are really unique and Miles had some cool suit variations through out the movie. I'm sure the sequel will probably have more product push from companies.
  8. Just waiting for an Aqua figure, I guess Series 8 at this rate. Baymax looks nice. Swann over Woody or Hercules is kinda meh.
  9. Im curious too, because he told us what's in Boxset 2 but it wasn't shown and the just released set wasn't in any of the pics I've seen of Toy Fair.
  10. Does the boxset really come out in August? Was browsing Amazon and that's the release they got.
  11. Looks like we got to change this thread to Spider-Man Far From Retail, bummer. If he has a new suit for the third film, missing this crop of suits will activate the collector OCD of missing them. If they are building up the Sinister Six then I think we have at least a chance to get a MCU Mysterio figure later. We skipped Spider-Man PS4, Into the Spiderverse and now Far From Home never thought that would happen.
  12. Does the Casual Bruce Lee come with this stylish beach chair 😉 These look great and alternate parts sounds good.
  13. So all the figures here are exclusive to this box set? If so that leaves 4 two packs with some interesting choices. Also Minn-Erva's hairpiece would have been perfect for my custom of Spider-Gwen from Into the Spiderverse, if the long hair part was on the other side, bummer.
  14. I read the lastest AskDST and Chuck said these are under discussion. So at least there is some minor possibility.
  15. Sounds great. Also is there no hammer for Amy? Or is it tucked in at the bottom?
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