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  1. RedTiger95

    Bruce Lee

    Does the Casual Bruce Lee come with this stylish beach chair 😉 These look great and alternate parts sounds good.
  2. RedTiger95

    Captain Marvel Movie Minimates

    So all the figures here are exclusive to this box set? If so that leaves 4 two packs with some interesting choices. Also Minn-Erva's hairpiece would have been perfect for my custom of Spider-Gwen from Into the Spiderverse, if the long hair part was on the other side, bummer.
  3. RedTiger95

    Spider-Man PS4

    I read the lastest AskDST and Chuck said these are under discussion. So at least there is some minor possibility.
  4. RedTiger95

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sounds great. Also is there no hammer for Amy? Or is it tucked in at the bottom?
  5. Hasbro and Lego revealed some their Overwatch figures and man, I wanted Minimates to have a piece of that pie. So many possibilities.
  6. RedTiger95

    wave 77

    I'd put a guess down for Puma in the criminal ally slot.
  7. RedTiger95

    wave 77

    Nightwatch is the one that looks unapologetically like Spawn right?
  8. RedTiger95

    Bruce Lee

    If they have them on display at Toy Fair 2019, then I'll guess summer. I hope its not a long wait though.
  9. RedTiger95

    Bruce Lee

    A box set of Bruce Lee's characters from each of his films would be cool. The statement doesn't mention the films individually so I'm assuming as well that its just going to be his likeness and image throughout the years.
  10. RedTiger95


    Unfortunately no vampiric tigers are in this show.
  11. RedTiger95


    At least for Pirates of the Caribbean we got minimates before the Selects figures that were never released.
  12. RedTiger95


    Looking at images, it almost has an anime style design which I have been wanting for minimates for a minute. So yeah, Im on board and interested to check it out.
  13. RedTiger95

    The Alien™ Franchise

    All those would be nice. They can also repaint the Alien Queen red to go with the Hiveworld red Xenomorphs we got. Since its based on a comic.
  14. RedTiger95

    The Alien™ Franchise

    If we get another mixed wave, I would like some of the rest of the crew from Alien: Covenant. I rewatched it and felt we missed some characters. I would like Daniels in her tank top or gear she wore on the planet as well. The spacesuit we got isn't really a definitive look.
  15. RedTiger95

    Predator Minimates

    Getting a Predalien from AvP Requiem would be nice.