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  1. DC Minimates

    Could they possibly do Batman The Animated Series? Since they can make busts banks and statues. But then again DC Collectables has a thorough line going for that.
  2. DC Vinimates

    Are we getting the armored Batman look for the Justice League movie? Also that Wonder Woman face print is so dead on, looks really good. These are very promising.
  3. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    I wouldn't mind getting a Tombstone. I liked him from the 90s cartoon. I'm surprised there's no Hammerhead minimate, he's been a staple villain for a while.
  4. Kingdom Hearts

    So are these coming out next year?
  5. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    I like the idea of having the pilot underneath the Jaegers, like the Hulkbuster. Then we could have an extra set of legs, to display the pilot outside of the Jaeger. But there's two pilots so that could be tricky. This all depends how many waves they do.
  6. Predator Minimates

    Yeah, the Predator we are missing is the Tracker Predator. He's the one that utilizes the hounds we just got. So I hope he's still being made.
  7. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    What's that behind Negative Zone Spidey, a new base? These are some sweet lineups here, I definitely needed a Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider. I'm assuming these come out this fall.
  8. SDCC 2017 Marvel Minimates!

    This BAF idea could help with Infinity War and all the characters.
  9. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Here is some of the Jaegers for the film. Just to get an idea.
  10. tru wave 24

    Could the Spider-Verser be the new look Spider-Man 2099? And my guess for the cosmic character is Cosmo the Spacedog because why not.
  11. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

    I actually wouldn't have minded the Tony Stark with cat shirt, it's a unique thing. I was thinking Ned over Tinkerer myself, heck maybe even Liz. But I'm a person who likes getting supporting cast characters.
  12. Infinity War

    TRU should get 4 two packs this wave instead of just 3 two packs.
  13. Wave 73 - Spider-man Homecoming

    After seeing the film, I don't recall Aunt May wearing the outfit her minimate has on. Not really a big deal, just thought I'd point it out. Also the SDCC exclusive set is okay, I agree he should have the Decathlon jacket, or maybe multiple heads with different eye expressions and web wings. Adrian Toomes is great.
  14. Predator Minimates

    We still need a Tracker Predator to go with those hounds and a masked Berserker Predator. Also does Hanzo come with a shirtless chest block?
  15. Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I just think its cool they found a way to use that Hulkbuster mold three times. It's my favorite.