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  1. RedTiger95

    SDCC 2018

    Did they announce what retailer the Sonic minimates will have? Also no new license reveals?
  2. RedTiger95

    SDCC 2018

    Gamestop could be another retailer for the video game licenses we got. They already have the Kingdom Hearts Vinimates there too. Sonic could possibly be there, it makes sense. But they might only want the vinyls. They also own ThinkGeek which we just got one at our mall. Its another hobbyist/collector shop that sells niche figures and toylines. Although they are not as widespread with only 38 locations at the moment.
  3. RedTiger95

    Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    Sonic Vinimates.
  4. RedTiger95

    SDCC 2018

    I think the Spiderman Homecoming exclusive could have had his yellow Decathlon jacket and headphones or different eye expression heads. I didn't mind the set either.
  5. RedTiger95

    Antman and the Wasp

    Maybe there's translucent parts for phasing Ghost. We haven't gotten a tray shot of the included accessories yet but I'm hopeful.
  6. RedTiger95

    Predator Minimates

    NECA showed off their figure for The Predator and they are calling it the Fugitive Predator. Im assuming that's what DST will call it. I guess we'll see them at SDCC? I hope we get a masked head for it as well.
  7. RedTiger95

    SDCC 2018

    Shes getting a single carded release in Wave 2 or 3.
  8. Yeah minimates would be better. Their uniforms would really pop on a minimate body. I can see Mr. Incredible with the bulked up chest, arms and regular legs. Elastigirl could reuse some of Mr. Fantastic's parts. Each two pack could come with a different Jack-Jack microfigure.
  9. Anything Pixar would be Incredible right now. 😉 I wonder how difficult getting a Pixar license would be though.
  10. RedTiger95

    wave 77

    Here's a little something mystical I thought of: Dr. Strange (Modern Black & Red or Classic) & Baron Mordo Brother Voodoo & Dormammu Clea & Mindless One Nightmare & Mindless One Build-A-Figure: The Ancient One Although I see them doing this near a Dr. Strange 2 film.
  11. RedTiger95

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Thats all I needed to hear. Thanks.
  12. RedTiger95

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Did these find a home and are they still on the docket? I hope so.
  13. RedTiger95

    Antman and the Wasp

    Looks like Janet will have some sort of suit. You can see the lower mask around her neck. Shame we won't be getting her.
  14. RedTiger95

    Deadpool 2?

    A fun what if wave: Deadpool (extra torso for X-Men shirt) & Firefist Cable & Domino Colossus & Negasonic Teenage Warhead Juggernaut & Yukio Build-A-Mate: Peter or Dopinder (Hypothetically if we got a wave for the first movie then we would already have Weasel and Vanessa)
  15. RedTiger95

    TMNT Minimates - it's official!

    Just looking for parts for mutant character customs. I think this would have been a great mold for Serpent Karai. A new head and snake hands is all that was needed.