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  1. I just think its cool they found a way to use that Hulkbuster mold three times. It's my favorite.
  2. Anybody thinking about putting a yellow blazer on Spider-Man, like the poster? For some reason I like that shot of him.
  3. The other Spider Man could be the man-spider, or Savage Spider-Man in the show.
  4. Maybe articulated wings would have helped the weight? But I know that would have cost a lot to engineer.
  5. Any package shots of TRU pack?
  6. Those are amazing, looks official. I was thinking the Yukon Wolverine beard fit the look.
  7. Has anybody made customs from the movie yet, want to get some ideas.
  8. I'm guessing none of the TRU Spidey's will have alternate Peter heads?
  9. I would have liked a new helmet mold but at least it's not the Mark 42 helmet again. There is an onslaught of Spider-Man Homecoming merchandise but didn't see these at TRU yet.
  10. Just thought I'd share these. I think the likeness and detail is nice, these maybe my first Vinimates purchases. Not sure when they release though.
  11. TRU Exclusive Pack
  12. Looking at the Rocket, his chest does look wide with stubby legs. I think the small block would fit it well. Or give a better illusion of him being smaller.
  13. One of my cosmic characters guesses is the High Evolutionary.
  14. For those that have seen the film (I'll have to see it next weekend, sadly), does Rocket use the gun that comes with him? All the promotional material shows him with two pistol like weapons. I still like the big gun though.
  15. I do wish they had Star-Lord's shirt with alien writing on it. Minor gripe though.