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  1. Storyline themed holy grail

    Iron Man Armor Wars would be nice.
  2. I was just thinking of Ready Player One minimates. That's a pretty solid lineup. I do want their real life looks for the Oasis Visors and suits and because I just dig these characters. We could get some Sixer army builders too. And like you said it compliments most licenses DST has. We got the Delorean, Mechagodzilla, Iron Giant etc. We need that Gundam though.
  3. Infinity War

    Nice. I thought the shields would peg on but this is a cool approach.
  4. Toys R Us closing all 800+ US stores

    Looks like the CEO of MGA Entertainment is making a bid. Hopefully something comes out of it.
  5. Infinity War

    I hope the Sonic minimates don't end like Spongebob Series 2. Does that War Machine have a sculted mask?
  6. C2E2 2018

    With Street Fighter celebrating 30 years, I thought they would bring it back somehow like Back to the Future. New updates plus new characters from Street Fighter V. I'll keep dreaming though.
  7. Infinity War

    They have the Teen Groot & Rocket pack up on Big Bad Toystore but you have to buy them as a set with the other two packs.
  8. Infinity War

    C2E2 maybe? We did with Age of Ultron.
  9. Iron Giant Minimates

    After seeing The Iron Giant featured heavily in Ready Player One, I'm happy to have him on my shelf. Now if only we had the other characters...
  10. Infinity War

    Does anyone else think Thanos needed a second head with a calm expression? I like the regular head but a sinister smiling one would have been cool too.
  11. Infinity War

    All valid points. Walgreens does like those Hulkbusters, so that could be shared. I could see Scarlet Witch & Vision being the TRU exclusives, so if we lost them it wouldnt be too detrimental. I figure the Wong slot is wildcard for any remaining characters.
  12. Infinity War

    So with the possibility of no second wave TRU exclusive that leaves 10 slots. Boxset Cap Black Panther Corvus Glaive (Excusive) Vision (Exclusive) Walgreens Cap & Black Panther War Machine & Scarlett Witch Ebony Maw & Wong (Excusive) Falcon & Gamora (Exclusive) Hulkbuster & Cull Obsidian as the snubbed TRU exclusive. I feel like they would have split up the three remaining Black Order members so each outlet got an exclusive member.
  13. Infinity War

    So whatever the Wave 2 TRU exclusive is, we're probably not going to get it are we.
  14. TRU Series 26

    Would Barnes & Noble be interested? They have a pretty decent toy/collectible section, even import figures. Maybe future planned TRU waves could be released there. I agree on people losing jobs, it is honestly really unfortunate.
  15. Infinity War

    She had that cool hologram thing from Winter Soldier were she was cloaked as one of board members. Seemed useful for disguises.