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  1. Do we have more information on these? Like release date, store locations and will there be more characters for the film?
  2. I don't believe she ever appeared, I'm sure this minimate is Petra not Mayday.
  3. My only thing is why they stopped with the Guardians of the Galaxy animated line.
  4. I wonder if there is a few Final Fantasy characters.
  5. These look cool, although I'd prefer the sleek future armor that Iron Man used against Kang, since he's in this wave. I almost guessed Proxima Midnight but wasn't sure. She looks great. Also did they give Kamala the 3 inch minimate hand? I don't own any of the bigger minimates to check.
  6. The two armors could be the underwater suit or that futuristic suit he used against Kang the Conqueror. The female villain could Meteorite from the Thunderbolts.
  7. Looks like Avengers Assemble did their take on Civil War. So we could see some of these characters in the next Avengers sets.
  8. Interesting, I wonder what the third location is.
  9. Are these ready to be revealed next week?
  10. Well guns are our most powerful weapons, so maybe an Asgardian would want to use our strongest weapon. Atleast that's how I see it.
  11. Why did they make Darcy and Selvig over those two in the Thor TDW wave?
  12. Dr. Strange is in this?
  13. Geez 98 cents, that's rough.
  14. How about "then and now" two packs. Like new movie Rangers packed in with MMPR Rangers.