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  1. The sculpted Shredder forearms arms for TMNT Last Ronin making me wish DST would do an new Spiderman 2099 with his arm fins & removable webcape now. I got the walgreens one & love it but sculpted arm fins would make it better. So how about a Spiderverse set? Plenty of Spiders to choose from with updates but also a way to give use some unmade mates such as Spider-Punk, Tokusatsu Spiderman, Old Man Spiderman, Morlun & others.
  2. After looking at the pics on the DST site that show the backs of the figs; just noticed it looks like we are getting a new mold for the katana which is awesome & hopefully gets future uses. Looking forward to getting this set since I already got the perfect display idea for it.
  3. @DSTZach Are all of the Last Ronin's weapons pictured? Mainly wondering if we will be getting his tonfa or not.
  4. Possibly people waiting for Series 2 to release so they knew for sure they would have the complete team. Also may have to due with people snatching up merch due to JDF passing.
  5. Walked into my LCBS today & got smacked with a set by the owner immediately. Got my spares ordered afterwards from Luke's so I can keep one sealed while having have others for display/weapon swiping for the movie rangers. Really hoping we gets some villains to go with these. Currently looking for missing Black Order MCU mates to display the movie Rangers smacking around while using Battle Beasts for the TV team.
  6. Kinda hope that 4th set is based off the 90's movie. Would love to have some TMNT that blends well with my other live action mates
  7. I also received mine from Luke's yesterday. Looking forward to wave 3. Since we know it has no repeats keeping my fingers crossed it contains Flint; Sgt. Stalker & Lady Jaye.
  8. Bulk's torso looks to be similar to the Fred Dukes from the Wolverine Origins line nut yes on recipe if possible since you can't have an Angel Grove display without these guys.
  9. I would also buy multiple packs of The Foot if released. DST take note of our Foot fetish.
  10. Yes indeed. Especially Last Ronin as it was a great story. Moreso if we get a long eared swordsman.......
  11. I get why they didn't go with classic looks for Kingpin & Bullseye but due to that easy drop for those guys since even if a newer collector wanted those characters; they would likely want the classic looks. Heck this set might be able to do well enough as a 4pk on it's own since we haven't had 2 of the characters ever & yellow DD was long overdue for an update.
  12. I hope that is gonna be a 4pk with Shredder; Krang; Bebop & Rocksteady to pair with our retro Turtles.
  13. Did anyone by chance buy a set of the Series 1 solely for customs or parts that might be willing to part with the green waist belt from Scarlet if they don't need it? Asking since I was gifted a set for the holidays but my Scarlet was sealed in without that piece & DST customer service said they unfortunately don't have any of that part available for a replacement.
  14. I was wondering about the vinimates. Was gonna wait for them to hit the LCS so as not to have to endure his "shaming" for not buying local but if preorder is only way to be sure these are made then "shamed" I shall be. How is the rest of the stuff holding up? We definitely still getting series 2 of the TV team?
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