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  1. They goofed Cobra Commander's file card. They reversed the Specialty & Codename on his card.
  2. I could deal with that as long as the joe in each pack is different. I just don't want ta situation where I have get 10 Chuckles, Quickkick, Alpine etc. just so I can have 10 Cobra Troopers. I can deal with 10 Greenshirts to get those 10 Cobra Troopers.
  3. If we get army builder packs; I'm hoping they throw in a member of each faction in the pack. Greenshirt vs. Cobra Trooper, Steel Brigade vs. Crimson Guard, etc. Not keen on the idea of just one faction in each pack since then one side becomes bigger than the other collection wise.
  4. I hope this line does well & we get some Beast Wars characters. While vehicles have been a licensing bane for some linesh I don't see why we couldn't get Beast Wars 2pks with one mate in bot form & the other in beast mode.
  5. Damn it. I go without checking the site for some time & I come back to this news. Needless to say I have now sent my money to Luke's store for 3 sets. Easiest army builder for this would be the Red Ninjas since all they gotta due is just re-use the tampos from the Hand Ninjas we got already. If we don't Red Ninjas the I gotta scrounge me up some Hand Ninjas.
  6. I'll take those & a quick easy way for army builders would be a re-release of previously made characters. No new tampos or tooling needed. AIM, Hydra, Hellfire Club, Vault Guards etc.
  7. Well those could be considered mini & could be used during mating.....
  8. But will he actually f**k a bat before we get VINIMATES for this show?
  9. Since therer isn't a "Modifying DC Minimates" I'm gonna throw this out here. I've looked through the data base for answer but not sure if shades will match correctly so I was wondering if anyone from personal experience/collection knows if there is any minimate with a left arm that matches Lobo's skin tone? I was thinking about the B&W Turtles at first since I like the muscle detail which would go good for the Main Man but not sure. Zombie Kingpin was another i was pondering. Pretty much just want a quick pop & swap for a double bare arm look.
  10. Does anyone know how well Warhammer 40k stuff scales with minimates? Mostly interested in knowing about the vehicles.
  11. After this weekend with the addition of Captain America to the game it got me thinking about if Fortnite minimates would be a decent way to bring in some new revenue to the mate cash box. The game has plenty of unique looking characters plus all the crossover stuff the game has done with other franchises like Marvel, DC, John Wick, Stranger Things, Stat Wars, NFL & other sports means there is plenty of stuff to pull from for source material. Anyone think this would be a good or bad license idea?
  12. I'm glad this was a wave with designs/parts I liked since I now own 2 sets. Went back to my LCS today for books & found out he had these in now. I felt guilty like I had betrayed the sop fornordering onlibe so I guilt bought another set to feel like I maintained my loyalty to my LCS. 😐 After that he still had 3 full sets left so if anyone wants them & can't find them or Luke's shop runs out; lets me know & I'll go back & snag them to help someone out.
  13. Hopefully another Spirit of Vengeance to go with the ones i have already
  14. I looked through the database & may have missed it but does anyone know if there a a newsboy cap type piece for any mate?
  15. I thought about that since I actually bought multiples of the sets with 1MB.C.GR & the animated GR for parts but they still seem a bit off to my eye for some reason. I did use a spare BC flame along with other parts mixes from various mates to make a classic Ketch GR & really hope we get it in colors other than just yellow & the one time blue for more custom options. It is great for upgrading older figs flames or adding extra wham to fire types. Also I noticed when I opened all my sets that Darkhawk's lower arms are very loose on mine. Hopefully it is a one off thing & others fair better but just a heads up for folks.
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