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  1. Has anyone seen this in the wild yet? Preferably in or near Ohio? Want to make my first post-quarrantine purchase at my LCS but don't want to waste his time if they won't have them ( especially since the last time he told me that if i wanted minimates ordered i had to buy the whole case.......)
  2. @DSTZach Are the flames on Cosmic GR going to be transclucent yellow or are we getting a new color for that mold such as orange or red?
  3. Might be a stupid question but does anyone know if a minimate head can be safely drilled to add a peg hole for head accessories without the head splitting? I haven't tried it before & would rather not destroy a head.
  4. Personally, I really hope it is not Stealth Iron Man & that it is Yellow DD. We've got a bunch of Iron Man mates already so it would be nice to see some more mates of characters we only have a few of. That goes for any character. I would rather get mates of a completely new unmade characters or at the least of a character we only have a few mates of made. #holdthewolviesspideys&shellheads
  5. Iron Monger Grandmaster Malekith Batroc Whiplash M' baku (Man-Ape) Killmonger Jigsaw Ghost Alister Smythe Jasper Sitwell Azazel Agent Zero Sebastian Shaw Ebony Maw Cull Obsidian Corvus Glaive Ego Justin Hammer Laufey Tinkerer Taserface Aldrich Killian Mordo Destroyer Shingen Yashida Cottonmouth Raza Those are all the male movie only mate villians I believe we have I do believe but I may have missed someone tbh
  6. That wave 50 Ketch technically shouldn't count as a hero since that look was based off his time as a villian in that storyline...................#notmyketch Also you said no Ketch Ghost Rider. Could that mean the door is open on another Ghost Rider still? Maybe a Blaze in his new look or an updated original look or maybe an Alejandra Ghost Rider as one of the never made females.... If it is Yellow Daredevil; he needs to come with spare parts to turn him into D-man. Make me buy two of that set.
  7. Ghost Rider getting an update has been lllllllllooooooonnnngggggg overdue & the fact that Ketch is coming back into the role in the comics makes it perfect timing
  8. As long as the character was as a villain at some point in their history; are they good for this contest or do they need to have been a villain throughout their whole history?
  9. Thanks. I was looking for dark gray & that Bullseye might work as long as I can find a center crotch piece in the same shade with zipper detail. Plus it means getting more zombies I don't have. & that is a plus.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a minimate with gray/dark gray legs with muscle detailing or any type of detailing on them? The standard style legs not the bulked up kind. I checked the database but I might have missed something tbh.
  11. Are you sure it was a minimate & not another type of figure? I ask since while I haven't seen a Minimate version I have come across this:
  12. Thanks for the info. Just finished ordering one so hopefully it will work for my purpose.
  13. The Maximum Venom wave has made it to Ohio. I picked them up today & also noticed that the Walgreens I was at FINALLY got some new animated stock but it is the wave with the Spidey/Hobgoblin, Homemade Spidey/Kraven & Star Lord/Collector. Other than those it is still Captain Marvel & Thor:Ragnarok sets
  14. Star Lord/Adam Warlock Cosmic Ghost Rider/Angela Gamora/Darkhawk & BAF Moondragon Those are the pairings Zach said earlier so looks like you'll end up with CGR. As for CGR's mate, I want multiples so I can keep one as is & then more for custom parts. The shoulders would work for a more aggressive looking Agent Venom & obviously the trans-chain & fire could upgrade a GR mate & depending on the color I wouldn't mind giving Dormammu some new flames.
  15. If Street Level can also mean SUPERNATURAL Street Level (ala Midnight Sons/Ghost Rider) then yes please with an extra helping of hellfire
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