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  1. I'm probably gonna need added to a list for these sets as well. Still gonna look around but my hopes are low since unless LCBS in the US are getting these then I likely won't find them near me.
  2. Do TV licenses include stuff that is exlusively on streaming services or just standard television? If it is the later; then my new guess is The Simpsons. Pretty sure that show is gonna still be playing when the sun engulfs the planet as a red dwarf.
  3. Well while not a biggie to myself; if that was the license & they did make it to market then at least all the people that wanted John Wick would be able to finally have him with minor part swapping Also @Smashmaster12 , while it is off-topic; everytime I see the banner at the bottom of your posts I always wonder "do they not know we now have all those characters as mates or do they still need them to check them off that banner?"
  4. With the recent addition of a Hasbro item with G.I. Joe........oh snap.......dare I dream......are we getting Jem & The Holograms minimates? Lol Although on a more serious note, kinda hoping it will be license for The Witcher be it game, books or Netflix based.
  5. My gripe about the increased price is that with the markup I would have liked to see the cards done in a collector friendly package. I get they are going retro hence why it looks like the bubble is glued to a card back but personally I would have preferred the plastic done in a wrap around style so as to keep the card art & bubble both intact without having to slice them apart.
  6. Really hoping that retailer doesn't start with a W because if it does then that means I'm likely done collecting minimates. That retailer's locations near me have dropped the ball on collectibles for a long time (well before COVID was even a factor) so I don't trust in them to actually have the stuff anymore.
  7. If they have the ability to pull characters from the expanded universe from the BOOM! comics series; then they got plenty to work with to keep it going with just MMPR Era characters. A set with Drakkon & Ranger Slayer from the World of the Coinless/Shattered grid storyline, the Omega Rangers, if they can still do TMNT characters then a crossover set with the Turtles & Shredder in their Ranger forms from that comic & even more characters I haven't mentioned. Ideally the line gets to incorporate other series past the MMPR Era but well have to wait & see.
  8. Those look frickin' awesome. Definitely buying. On a related note (as I want to get these pre-ordered), is anyone else having issues getting on Luke's site? I was on it in the afternoon yesterday but since the evening I've been getting the following error message: This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH Not sure if it is actually something with the site or possibly something on my browser's end.
  9. Monster-wise Goldar, Zedd, Rita & Putty Patrollers should be must makes but they should also make Pumpkin Rapper since they can re-tool the head from Pumpkin King Jack from the NBC mates by removing the stem for Pumpkin Rapper's head but also include some spares as they currently are to swap out onto the Rangers for his attack.
  10. @luke314pi Are these gonna be in your shop for pre-order on next Friday or later? I suppose I should also check with my LCBS before he guilt trip/shames me again like he did with the Joes. Lol
  11. 1) Snake Eyes 2) "Kaine Parker" Scarlet Spider (box & show may call him Ben Reilly but none of us are fooled) 3) Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider 4) Nightwing 5) Captain America (Age of Ultron- best MCU Cap to me since I like the white on his biceps compared to his other suits) 6) Lobo 7) Nightstorm Predator 8 ) my kitbash Dan Ketch Ghost Rider
  12. I keep holding out hope for an updated classic 90's Dan Ketch Ghost Rider. A less likely hope of a static Hellcyle stand to go with him is probably even more unlikely to see the light of pale eerie night.
  13. You glorious person. I had not heard of this until I saw your post. You have brought a smile to my crappy day.
  14. Currently for me it is Snake-Eyes from the current box set. Kind of a cheat but he is based off his A Real American Hero art which was published by Marvel originally.....
  15. @DSTZach Has the idea of armory packs been brought up at DST for the Joe line? Maybe something like a single troop builder character in the pack & then just a bunch of weapons for use with the other mates in the line?
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