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  1. Anyone else run into any parts issues with their NYCC set?? My White Ranger has 2 right arms & thanks to tampo positioning it is very obvious once seen even if I shaved the joint to bend the other way. Lol. Not sure if DST would be able to replace a part for a limited set like they did way back when my TMNT blind bag Leo had 2 right legs.
  2. How about a sure fire set: The Great Lakes Avengers: Mister Immortal Big Bertha Doorman Good Boy Flatman
  3. D-Man is the easiest new character for them to make since it is is mainly just a spare Wolvie mask & done even if they didn't throw in an alt head for under the mask.
  4. If you zoom in on the pic; there appears to be a red area around a yellow neck post so my guess is slip on.
  5. Definetly loving wave 84. Easiest alt look they can do that would give us a new character that hasn't been made would be to slap a Wolvie mask in the set to make D-man.
  6. Yep. She was originally under Rita's control similar to Tommy & used a cat form to spie on the Rangers until freed. As Trekker stated, Kimberly left the show later than the other three OG Rangers & was replaced by Katherine for the rest of Season 3 as the 2nd MMPR Pink Ranger who then went on to become the Zeo Pink Ranger & first Turbo Pink Ranger & as revealed in the Zeo Christmas special, Tommy's wife in the future. She was played by actress Catherine Sutherland.
  7. @DSTZach what are the chances of us getting a Katherine alternate head in a set for our Pink Ranger like how DST added in the correct red shield for Phoenix Cyclops in the 2pk?
  8. 6pk of The original Midnight Son's. Ketch Ghost Rider Blaze Vengeance Morbius Blade For the final figure Dr Strange in his Strange persona or throw in a baddie with Zarathos If we want throw in a small pack in character then the Darhold Dwarf. For a 4pk a re-release/update of some oldies with a New Fantastic Four set (especially given there is a current series that takes place after the original story from the 90's) So Ketch GR Spidey Civies & hat Wolverine/Logan Joe Fixit Hulk Also while not Marvel another 6pk set idea: Gargoyles Goliath Hudson Broadway Brooklyn Lexington Bronx
  9. The Ranger set not having weapons other than Saba makes sense if it was restricted to using current molds. While five of the Rangers had folded blade blasters in their respective color; they were never unholstered or used during the movie. Only the White, Pink & Blue used weapons in the movie during a single fight. White Ranger used Saba like in the show but the Blue & Pink used the Stega Stinger & the Pterodactyl Thunder Whip instead of their weapons that were from the show so to be movie accurate that would have required brand new weapon molds for those items. Also given Saba is sentient; technically he is a character as well as a weapon so I think he merits inclusion easily. As for White Ranger's shield being tampo instead of molded it makes sense when looking at the costumes designs since other than his shoulders it was the exact same chest piece as the other Rangers with no extra bulk but colored to match the shield colors of the show.
  10. Are the energy blasts from Wiccan new pieces or are those a re-use of the old Psycho Blast that came with M.Bison wwwwwaaaayyyy back in the day?
  11. Not a wrestling fan but will probably get some of these for the accessories & other parts. Especially if old Sting is made so I can kitbash a Crow.
  12. With these I do believe that the only 2 figure lines from my personal childhood toys that DST has yet to put out in minimate form are MOTU & Star Wars. It gives the nostalgia feels oh so warmly. Although I will say; if we can get four baby turtles here; then where is my wolf accessory for my silent ninja in the other line?
  13. This talk of Turtles vs Rangers just makes me want a set based off the crossover comic like Hasbro did for the Lightning Collection. I grew up watching/loving the show & have been accused multiple times of being a superfan; but even I find it hard to sit through the old series without thinking from time to time "wtf was 7yr old me on that I got into this?". Luckily the BOOM! comics universe has given us a more mature (for what it is) take on the Ranger universe for my current tastes.
  14. Until they release some monsters, the Battle Beasts & Godzilla mates work as decent stand ins for villians.
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