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  1. What If seems pretty likely. Otherwise I'd guess Hawkeye just because of all the "major" characters it could give us: Clint Hawkeye Kate Hawkeye Yelena "Black Widow" Kingpin in Hawaiian shirt Maya/Echo Ran out of steam there earlier than I thought... . But of course there are several minor villains, henchmen, Swordsman, etc. But Luck the Pizza dog as the mini fig.
  2. I was thinking Genis-Vell and Rick Jones in a wheelchair, but then realized the wheelchair Rick would still have legs, so *shrugs*. Could be Genis-Vell and Supreme Intelligence, but that feels like it would fit more with a cardboard cutout than a custom.
  3. I would love to see how the designers would figure out a Bi Beast!
  4. I was thinking Korvac Saga as well! It is amazing when you think about it, though. Considering how many characters were in that storyline, there aren't that many that haven't gotten a minimates treatment already. But those ones (including the classic GOTG) are very high on my want list. I'm a little spoiled, though, as I had Luke make me a custom Jocasta before he quit doing commissions.
  5. Any talk about the Walgreens situation or a new potential retailer, or just product announcements?
  6. Hey Luke, any upcoming announcement about the next round of Marvel customs?
  7. So they just announced a Marvel Legends HoX/PoX wave (though no specifics about which figures).
  8. Any chance you'll be producing more of Giant Man?
  9. Is this staying in your personal collection?
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