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  1. Hey Luke, any upcoming announcement about the next round of Marvel customs?
  2. So they just announced a Marvel Legends HoX/PoX wave (though no specifics about which figures).
  3. Any chance you'll be producing more of Giant Man?
  4. Is this staying in your personal collection?
  5. I'll take it from the (lack of) updates in the NYCC thread that the panel didn't say anything other than potentially street level wave?
  6. I know it's such a long shot that it's virtually impossible, but The Shroud is a street level character...
  7. I'm so happy to be getting this character that I'm not even mad we didn't get clues and a chance to guess.
  8. Saw DST post of exclusives for SDCC and no minimates listed
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered the ones I want shipped to a store. Shipping had been keeping me from doing it.
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