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  1. Street level makes think modern Shang Chi and suit and tie Mandarin due to recency bias with the movie? How diffucult would Khonshu be to make as an alternate attire to a modern Moon Knight? Am I recalling wrong that Zach mentioned a Grey Gargoyle mate at some point recently? And because I've always wanted him... Whirlwind. Throw modern Elektra and a Spidey variation in there and call it a day?
  2. Missed out on Ka-Zar but still able to get Zabu! Which is fine as I have a custom I'm happy enough with. Luke, are those the Valeros, Human Fighter hands and boots? Pretty sure I have those sitting in my parts bin currently.
  3. -mix of old and new designs -mix of new character designs and new characters -3 villains, 3 heroes (1 alternate costume, 1 alternate hero) -three new characters, 3 old characters Makes me think House of X with the new characters being: Synch, Scalphunter/Greycrow? Magneto Old characters being Professor X, Kate Pryde (Marauders/ alternate classic outfit), Sinister?
  4. Speed wears a green suit with white on the sides. Marvel Boy wears a white suit with green sides. /rechecks picture up thread to make 100% sure. Marvel Boy. Ok... So what are the odds you could use say a TMNT space helmet on Lucky and make Cosmo?!?!?!
  5. If Gmonkey doesn't want these I'd take them if they are still available?
  6. If referees are possible then i want a Bryce Remsburg so i can recreate the Invisible Man vs Invisible Stan match from a few years ago! As for Sting, wouldn't his current attire be pretty close (other than the t-shirt) to his Crow look in WCW? Just have to track done an extra black trench coat and black chest block.
  7. Yah! Been wanting Young Avengers for years!!! The monkey's paw curls... Booo! Do not want! Would much prefer the original Patriot, Bishop, Wiccan, Hulkling, Stature, Speed lineup with Iron Lad/Vision being the not included 7th member.
  8. So if the mystery license is wrestling… then AEW or WWE? (Please AEW. Please AEW.) ?
  9. Of course these come out this week while I leave for two weeks to Belize. Darn honeymoon getting in the way of collecting. Have to put in an order with look when I get back, hopefully they are still available…
  10. I was going to go with December 34th since it's a Marvel reference, but it's just way too obscure since it requires watching a youtube video.
  11. I'd buy 6 each just to have extras... I honestly would just take one of the males and one of the females in a two pack and buy like 10 of them and make customs at this point.
  12. Combination of paint and thin sharpie marker. It was the Madame Masque body to start with and I used black acrylic paint to fill in the rest of the sides, blending as best as possible. Next once dry used an orange thin sharpie to add a single line next to the black, followed by a clear coat finish to prevent the orange from smudging. The arms are from a spare wave 41 Storm figure and I completely forget where the legs are from (sorry) but they are not painted other than i used the sharpie trick above on them. I think I got the legs from Luke in a spare parts sale. A quick search turns up the closest being the Domino legs from the X-Force box set but they are slightly different.
  13. Can’t take credit for that. Hellpop was the one that suggested it in the wave 81 thread. I tried the old Abomination head as well but the color is too hard to match to any other parts.
  14. Been working from home and recently found out I’m likely getting furloughed in a couple weeks. Decided do break out some old projects I had started long ago since I have the time to finish them. Some new customs: Agent Brand, Jamie Braddock, Monet, and a mostly finished Moira. Next up a bunch of projects that are getting close to finished: Kylun, just have to paint his mane and find some good swords. Skids, have to paint the jacket dark blue and she’s done. Cho’d put together based off a rough recipe from another thread. Need to strip the chest and redraw to give him his Michelin Man look. Danger, just need to make the chest more feminine and draw or paint a face on. AoA Wild Child, initial parts thrown together and just have to find a chest decal, and hair. Mellencamp, this one occurred to me to try when I was taking apart a Predator Hound figure to start painting silver for a Predator X figure. This just needs a face drawn on, sadly the chest piece from the Walgreens Prowler figure I used doesn’t fit with the head I used. My parts bin is a mess... found a couple other very early partial figures that I never got around to finishing. Eva Bell, a start on a Cerise mate, A partial Sage, Exiles Mimic that I never finished painting, and a mostly complete Shatter. Hopefully be finishing these up over the next few weeks.
  15. Absolutely! Right now my plan is to use the Iron Man 3 “Mandarin” body for his robed look. Just need to find some regular arms that match that body if possible. Sorry for the late reply, I was in Phoenix with family and didn’t see this until now.
  16. These couple waves are fantastic! Loving all the new figures we are getting and cleaning up gaps from recent waves (just need Morbius and Firestar from the Maximum Carnage wave!) Disappointed in the last two figures, but I can always use the spare parts and having two jackets for other customs will be great. Now that the Shi'ar hairpiece exists here's hoping we get an Emperor Vulcan Shi'ar wave or boxset(s) at some point to fill out the space stuff... Be nice to have Ch'od, Raza, Hepzibah, Fang Wolvie, D'ken, Vulcan, Deathbird to go along with this wave! Never mind on D'Ken, just realized now that some clevor parts use from a Kang, Mandarin, or others can get a pretty good quick custom.
  17. Dream Wave!!!!!! So I figure Wolverine Fang and D'Ken as the last two? Deathbird and maybe Korvus, or Ch'od? I'm hoping for at least a single Shiar hairpiece to make customs with since this is another multiple set purchase for me. I'd love Raza, and Hepzibah as well...
  18. Had an epiphany today messing with this wave. I forget who mentioned Husk and not having a way to show her powers... But an idea below. Probably don’t want to use all of these, but paint a few of them skin tone or red, yellow and they’d work great for Husk.
  19. My initial reaction was “no, can’t be”. But after a bit of thinking about it and looking through recent figures, I think they are new. The new part seems to be only the jagged ridges where the piece connects to the arm, but yeah new piece! It’s certainly not a piece that I have in my parts bin. Has anyone tried parts swapping to see how close color wise this Beast matches up with the 90s Beast figure? My 90s fig is buried in a parts bin in a closet and I haven’t gotten the chance to dig it out yet.
  20. Mine should be arriving tonight, got the email yesterday from Luke they had shipped and it takes about a day to get to me (I live about an hour south of him.) I'll try and post pics if no one else has when I get home tonight.
  21. It seems like it's been so long since these were announced that I can't remember how many sets I ordered from Luke... Going to be gr3at to have these in hand!
  22. I may be remembering incorrectly, but doesn’t Ayesha flat out say Adam’s name in the stinger at the end credits of Guardians 2? The cocoon in the first film was just an Easter egg, but there’s a 2nd metal cocoon that it shown in vol. 2 that is referred to as having “Adam” inside.
  23. Lol! This begs the question, if animated wave 10 was made, but never was released to stores, did it ever really happen?
  24. Tried that a couple times. This would be the third time I bought wave 6 to trigger a restock. So if anyone needs that wave let me know. I just keep hoping at some point they restock or put them on sale like they were awhile back. Was out of the country on vacation the last time the sale came around if I recall.
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