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  1. I guessed Deadpool months ago based off of Zach's clues and I saw that hexagon package with the Logan figures so I'm not surprised but I'm definitely welcoming them! So glad these two get recognition, however, I would have liked at least two sets on Deadpool to get Colossus and Cable since the Logan characters are pretty easy to kitbash. Still, glad they're here.
  2. K so Raimi Spider-Man 1+2, Spider-verse, any missed X-Men franchise,, Hulk? Blade? My mind is spinning.
  3. The movie wave has gotta be Deadpool. At least, I hope it is, but it lines up well. We've got movie versions of Deadpool before (Baraka and not-at-all-Ryan-Reynolds from Origins), comic version characters could be Colosus, Cable, Domino, Juggernaut, Shatterstar (unlikely lol), but the new one is most exciting...probably Negasonic, but I hate to say there's a possibility of a civilian type like Vanessa or Weasel. Still, I wouldn't care. Deadpool movie mates would be great.
  4. I used mostly the body from the Thor 1 movie and just slapped the IW head on there and the electro parts from the ASM2 figure
  5. Still hunting for the Capt Marvel figs...and the last 2 waves...
  6. Gonna be driving out to Arizona for that 22 marvel movie marathon at Harkins. I'll check every Walgreens in between here (Denver) and there so I'm hoping they hit the shelves by then.
  7. Alright I'm sure this is more than over spoken but I think we need just one more Godzilla set at least to finish off the classics. The lineup: First, to finish off the main Showa monsters King Ghidorah - of course, Godzilla's lifelong nemesis and he already has blueprints drawn out Anguirus - Godzilla's first fight and eventual Ally, he would be a fun Minimate similar to the GB terror dog And for a Heisei monster: Destoroyah - Being to blame for Godzilla's first demise to another monster, he would be an amazing figure and a powerful looking addition to the collection. I would want Biollante to be involved but I can't imagine her as a Minimate. And finally, as a long shot, an alternate, more wild but different version of Godzilla: Shin Gojira - an absolutely bizarre rebirth of Toho's franchise, a figure of one, or maybe parts to make all, of his forms would be an awesome and unique addition to the series. To top it all off...a Rocket Raccoon-like tiny figure of Minilla! Thoughts? Please please I want this so bad we need to at least have the finishing touches of the Showa figures. I'm awful at customizing molds I really don't know how so DST don't make me do it on my own! Haha
  8. I have a set of 1 and 2 of infinity war at my Walgreens...what do u need?
  9. Any clue on release date for these?
  10. I'm just hoping ghost works for the comic version so I can round out my thunderbolts
  11. So what exactly are all the sets being released from Ragnarok and when are they coming to Walgreens?
  12. Top 10 for me: I'm a superhero movie fan so I just want a lot more of the movie costumes to become minimates. *Uatu the Watcher (bring back the 3 inch mates) with Impossible Man *Fing Fang Foom with Dragon Man and an Ego the Living Planet (maybe just a big vinyl head or maybe just an accesory haha) *Alfred Molina Doc Ock with jointed arms with Williem Dafoe Green Goblin *Ian McKellen Magneto (classic purple outfit from first 3 movies) with X2 Nightcrawler *All Powers Human Torch (from the end of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer) with Doctor Doom from the movie too Spider-Man: Bombastic Bag Man Wolverine: Logan Movie version, however I would love a whole 2 waves of those guys. Wave 1: Chauffer Logan and Charles Forest Battle Logan and X-24 Donald Pierce and Reaver Laura and Reaver Wave 2: Battle Damaged Laura and Gabriella Zander Rice and Battle Damaged X-24 Hotel Logan and Hotel Charles Will Munson and Caliban
  13. Gah crap Okay then maybe let's do: Old Man Logan and Maureen and Kids Red Skull and Spider-Girl Old Man Hawkeye and Moloid Battle Damaged Hawkeye and Moloid That way there is an army builder Then a separate Pack for the Giant Size finale made up of Final Battle/Battle Damaged Wolverine, Old Man Hulk with interchangeable Banner parts, and 2 or maybe even 3 Hulk Gang Members with various weapons and accessories to make them severed and damaged like TWD zomvie parts like entrails and severed heads
  14. I know we've gotten a few different versions of Old Man Logan but I think it would be great to get a whole wave based on the story. Here's my preferred set list: Old Man Logan with Maureen and little unarticulated Jade and Scotty figures like the GOTG Vol 1 Rocket. This set would come with pieces to give Logan regular and bloodied claw hands, interchangeable hat and hair pieces and bare arms to change from his trench coat to his red undershirt. Red Skull and Spider-Girl. Accessories would be Spider-Girl's shotgun and some of Red Skull's Trophies like Cap's shield and a half busted Iron man suit. Final Battle Wolverine (yellow shirt from giant size) and Old Man Hulk. Comes with interchangeable Wolverine hands, a shredded up torso of a Hulk Gang member similar to WD style, and pieces to change Hulk to Banner. Otis (Hulk Gang) and Charlie (Hulk Gang). Comes with a severed torso of a cow and the head of a farmer. Then, as a vehicle set which would end up being pricey because it's a big set, the Spider-Mobile that comes with Old Man Hawkeye, his bow and sword, his "delivery" and 2 Moloid figures. What do you guys think? Old man logan is one of my favorite stories and I think a gory Minimates wave would be awesome to have with it. I thought of maybe having Logan's family being a 4 Pack but other than that Im firm on the wave. Do you think I missed anyone that should be there? I tried not to overkill wits different versions of Logan and just put the 2 that are nessecary. I thought about adding a set of Scotty and Jade as figures as well as a version of Logan in his Iron Man Suit and a battle damaged Hawkeye or Logan but maybe those could be the TRU exclusives or something haha.
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