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  1. TMNT Minimates - it's official!

    I was really hoping that if these were a success that we would get more Mirage turtle sets , seeing as you could reuse some of the Sculpts like Casey, Shredder, the Foot Soilders body, ect.
  2. Kingdom Hearts

    I was just wondering if Donald and Goofy came with their staff and shield?
  3. Kingdom Hearts

    Toys R Us, Comic Shops and at GameStop
  4. Kingdom Hearts

    They aren't online paint variants, Birth by Sleep Donald has a new headsculpt and I think body scuplt, there's also the Shadow Heartless which is in the blindbags.
  5. Kingdom Hearts

    Any idea if we're getting a Birth by Sleep Goofy, a Timeless Goofy, or a Tron Goofy? Those sets feel incomplete with out Goofy and Sora, but especially Goofy.
  6. Kingdom Hearts

    I agree, something about Axel and Sora's face just looks so life less and inaccurate, was kinda surprised because selects usually look really good. At least the minimates look phenomenal.
  7. Kingdom Hearts

    Mentioned here at around 38 minutes and 30 seconds
  8. Kingdom Hearts

    DSTZach would you happen to know which blind bags are Best Buy exclusives and which blind bags are Game Stop exclusives?
  9. Kingdom Hearts

    Any idea when these will be releasesd?
  10. Kingdom Hearts

    That's the onr grope I have with tjeese figures so far, hopefully we can get Mickey with an accurate keyblade. That and some more Goofy variants like Donald has kinda suprised that Donald has 3 and Goofy has none. But still this is the most I've ever been excited for minimates, absolutley love these.
  11. Kingdom Hearts

    I know, Kingdom Hearts was one of my favorite games as a kid so I'm beyond excited for these mates. Thy make me want to grab my old ps2 and play these games again.
  12. Kingdom Hearts

    They look a lot better in this picture, but Sora head sculpt still seems off. Maybe it'll look better in person.
  13. Kingdom Hearts

    Any idea if the head sculpts are subject to change for the selects ? I'd love to get them but Axel and Sora's head sculpts seem off.
  14. Kingdom Hearts

    this HTML class. Value is https://www.gamespot KH Vinimayes for Sora, Goofy, and Mickey were shown, looks like the minimates will be solid.
  15. Kingdom Hearts

    There's also Soras forms like his Lion form, NBX costume, Underwater form, Old Cartoon form, ect. None of those are necessary but they'd be pretty cool; I'd also like to see an almost complete Organization Xlll roster since those characters have some of my favorite designs and they'd bee fairly simple to make with all the reuse that could be done/