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  1. I also wonder if the Loki show will give us another shot at getting the Warriors Three.
  2. I’d really like another MCU Scarlet Witch. She’s been in five MCU movies now and has two minimates. And one was an SDCC exclusive.
  3. Wow. Now that’s one cool ass custom.
  4. So why are you coming to the Endgame movie minimates thread? I don’t think anyone is complaining in the X-Factor or Spider-Man threads. Probably because DST delivered a solid product on those fronts.
  5. I mean, the IW costume has been on all the Endgame marketing material since (at least) February. I'm fairly certain that costume was marketed before the QC suits. And the Thor you gave us isn't in the movie at all... So now is the time when minimates decides to shy away from heavily used characters/costumes? Also, I read "are easy QCs" as, "We don't want to give you the minimates you wanted, you make 'em". It is truly baffling to me that a toy company that has provided toy lines for a movie series for 10+ years doesn't bother to have ANY plans to release the most pertinent figures from the epic conclusion of a 22 movie saga that just grossed $1.2 billion in four days. Like, throughout all the meetings and paperwork, etc., etc., no one ever raised their hand and said, "Okay, well, what about when we don't have to worry about spoilers?" Wow.
  6. I gotta say, I am not a fan of how this movie wave was handled. I feel like the decision to do the quantum suits, that have minimal screen time, was more a cash-grab business decision than fan service. I believe most people would gladly trade all of those QS figures in for the epic, final battle costumes of Thor, Cap, Rocket, Pepper, etc., etc. And I know the response will be that DST did not have access to that concept art, but I’d counter and say that I think most fans would happily wait six months for a wave that accurately portrayed the movie. Granted, these characters may be announced down the road, but until then they just seem like massive holes in MCU collections. Not releasing them has pretty much convinced me not to buy any of the movie mates because I don’t like having gaps in my collection.
  7. I personally think exclusives should be characters that are both fun and exciting, but are not integral to a collection. Many people are wanting an updated Infinity Gauntlet-era Thanos without the hassle of it being exclusive to a Con.
  8. Infinity War Thanos w/ Infinity Gauntlet, classic Black Panther, Ronin, Ms. Marvel, Uncanny Avengers Havok, Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider, and Danny Ketch Ghost Rider.
  9. Swarm198

    wave 79

    I’m hoping for a War of Realms themed wave. Thor and Malekith Dr. Strange and Loki She-Hulk and Ulik Valkyrie and Minotaur Laufey BAF I think it’s a solid mix of new characters and classic characters with new costumes. Heroes and villains. Probably a long shot though. Better start getting excited for a hot claws Wolverine...
  10. I want one. Who would you put in a Stan Lee box set?
  11. Neither iteration of the black and grey X-Force teams are completed either. Still waiting on that Vanisher, Wolfsbane, Elixir, and Nightcrawler. My biggest pet peeve with every single toy line is their refusal to finish what they’ve started with superhero teams/themes.
  12. 90s huh? Seems like a perfect opportunity for a new Juggernaut minimate to me.
  13. Modern Beast BAF would be incredible. He’d even fit the wave since he was an X-Man and hanging out with the Inhumans.
  14. I would love anything related to the 90s X-Men. Realistically I’m thinking we’re getting a classic Avengers wave with Endgame getting ready to take over the world. As for something different that hasn’t been mentioned, I’d like a Marvel Two-In-One/X-Men split wave. Iron Doom/The Maker Johnny Storm/Thing Magik/Emma Frost (“bondage” costumes) modern Gambit/modern Storm
  15. I feel like we were cheated out of an awesome Thor with the IW wave. And to be fair, the proper figure would’ve been a spoiler. Hopefully this time we get short-hair Thor with a lightning eyes, a red cape, and Stormbreaker. Some lightning effects and an alternate head with an eye patch would be extra nice.
  16. Would anyone be interested in Minimates of all the MCU heroes in their “disguised” looks? Mainly the hat, sunglasses, and hoodie looks. Just thought it could be a fun novelty set that would double as civilians for dioramas.
  17. Luckily any “missed opportunities” can be easily fixed with the eventual A4 wave.
  18. Swarm198

    WAVE 76

    Deathlok? I’ll take two. Please and thank you.
  19. What characters do you want that you know you’ll never get as a minimate? Mine are: Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Sentry, Daken, Banshee, Grim Reaper from Uncanny Avengers) Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Uncanny X-Force) Vanisher (X-Force) Elixir (X-Force) Wolfsbane (X-Force) The Apocalypse Twins Henry Russo Franken-Castle MK 2 Whiplash (Iron Man 2) Kurse (Thor: TDW) ginormous Sentinel, Galactus, Fin Fang Foom Danger Ord Barracuda
  20. I know we’ve gotten several lately, but I’d like an old school comic Black Panther. Maybe a new Loki, Daken, X-23, War Machine, Blade, and modern/crispy Havok.
  21. Jarvis, Rick Jones, Micro, Franklin Richards, Pepper Potts, The Watcher, Stick, Dum Dum Dugan, Wong, Happy Hogan, Betty Ross, etc. I know this is a pipe dream, but I’d totally buy a pack with one figure and one giant BAF piece for Galactus, Sentinels, Fin Fang Foom, etc. And Marvel Legends gets a Stan Lee BAF. Now I want a minimates one!
  22. That’s the one. And yeah, I’m positive it was comic-accurate. I’ve looked through this thread (along with many others) as well. I think it may have been erased with the purge.
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