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  1. I bought three. They’re intended for display with my Marvel Legends, but I’m sure I’ll set up some Minimates around them at some point just for giggles. Those things are massive.
  2. I’ve been reading the HoX/PoX and Dawn of X titles as they’ve been added to Marvel Unlimited and I can’t recommend them enough. These are the comics I expect to read in 2020. There are some genuinely new and fresh stories going on here and some truly progressive ideas that don’t come across as pandering or heavy-handed (to me). With that said, I think Xavier, white suit Magneto, ponytail Storm, and blue suit Cyclops are absolute musts. But there are SO many other awesome possibilities: Kate Pryde (with red scarf and additional broken nose head) and Lockheed Apocalypse in a suit Wolverine (updated brown suit) Cable (young) Beast (for the love of mates, we don’t have a good modern Beast) Emma Frost (white suit) Magik (black costume) Jeez. I could go on and on. Modern mutants have really gotten the shaft since that ordeal with Fox.
  3. Are you implying that Age of X box set wasn’t at the top of everyone’s wish list? /s
  4. Yes please. The “film” and “cinema” snobbery are getting unbearable.
  5. With the big resurgence of X characters, what Dawn of X minimates would you like to see get made? The brown-suit Wolverine and Marvel Girl Jean Grey we have are a pretty good start. Personally, I’d also like to see: Xavier and Cyclops Beast and Storm Magik and white-suit Magneto young Cable and Kitty Pryde
  6. Thanks for the compliments dudes! Unfortunately, there's no recipe here. Just my first shot at painting a regular Nightcrawler minimate with some details added with a Gundam marker.
  7. Just a heads up. I was goofing around tonight and managed a pretty decent QC MCU Mysterio. No painting! Wave 71 Mysterio, Red King chest block, space suit Wolverine boots and belt. I also added the Prototype Suit Miles Morales head to MCU Shocker to give him a more costumed look. Enjoy!
  8. Spotted in Kentucky. I gotta say, the minimates themselves looks fantastic. I'm happy to add Taskmaster to my collection. However, these new shields are awful. For those of you who haven't gotten the sets, DST has replaced the peg and hole shields we know and (I assume) love with an L shaped handle on the back of the shield that the minimate hands hold. At first I thought I was being nitpicky, but the handle is huge and keeps popping out of my minimate's hands. I also feel like it limits posing without looking silly. Did this change really save that much money? I don't feel like it's worth it at all. Also, Taskmaster's hood/shoulder pad combo kind of limits such a dynamic character's posing options too. Just a thought.
  9. As soon as I saw that piece I started thinking about which character was gonna get it. Reed may be the one. Genius!
  10. Yeah, I just don’t really like preordering. Most of the time I’m good with money, but I don’t like buying something and having the money drafted from my account at a random far off time in the future when I have no idea what my financial status may be. I just had to pay off a vehicle and buy a new one unexpectedly and it left me living paycheck to paycheck for a couple weeks. Having $30 pulled out because DST decided to randomly ship figures is a “no” from me, dawg.
  11. Are we gonna see any of the Black Widow movie minimates?
  12. Wow. I never thought I’d get a Corsair minimate. Incredible work. The whole wave looks awesome. So this wave will have a Shi’ar army builder exclusive for Luke’s Toy Store, right? =P
  13. I love this series. Mockingbird, Deathlok, Ghost and Constrictor are huge wants for me and they look awesome. I really wish we could go back to the eight character waves though. Looking forward to seeing 81 too. Come oooooooon Wrecking Crew!
  14. To be fair, I think this is the designated complainer thread. How about we just agree to keep our grievances here Instead of in other threads?
  15. Is there any way to get a single movie Minimate thrown into a pack with Marvel home releases on Blu-ray/4K? DC used to do this all the time with their animated movie and the figures/statues were usually crap quality.
  16. @DSTZach For what it’s worth, the Minimates that we do get are usually awesome. I recently got wave 75 and 77 and was very happy with them overall. Even that wonky Moon Knight hood grew on me after awhile. I do need to get off my ass and preorder 79 because Cosmic Ghost Rider is worth the price of the set to me. I also think fans could and should help spread the word about Minimates on social media. I rarely see cool setups on the r/actionfigures page of Reddit (which is currently the only social media platform I can tolerate). Thank you for putting up with our grumbles and responding.
  17. This makes me happy. I’m going to have a Taskmaster, Winter Soldier, Killmonger death squad. Haha.
  18. When I got into Minimates, it was because DST were doing things other toy lines weren’t. The big draws for me were Dark Avengers, Thunderbolts, Future Foundation, X-Force, Bucky Cap, etc. that were really cool new costumes/characters that no one else seemed to be making. The line seemed to have a cult-like following of lesser known characters from more current comic runs. I collected Marvel Legends at the time, but they seemed to do more mainstream characters and finding the lesser known ones at retail was a nightmare. So Minimates filled a very specific want. I bought a couple for the characters, but was instantly hooked, once I had them in my hand. Now, I feel inundated with Wolverine, Spider-Man, Venom, and mediocre movie waves. Where is HoX Xavier? Where is Mr. Knight? Where is Iron Doom or God Doom? Where are the Abnett and Lanning GotG? Maybe a Tom King Vision family box set? Loki, Black Panther and Dr. Strange have gotten huge bumps in popularity from the movies and gone through numerous costume changes in the comics. No Legends, no Pops, no Marvel Select, aaaaand no Minimates. Fantastic Four just experienced a huge resurgence in popularity with new costumes and we got another Spider-Man wave at that time. There’s been a new Hulks, new X-Men costumes, etc. and DST releases ANOTHER sweatsuit Spider-Man... It’s just so frustrating. Do something different.
  19. After watching the trailer, I can’t help but imagine DST releasing an entire wave of Black Widow bodies with interchangeable heads à la quantum suits or Kree soldiers. But I am genuinely excited for some updated Black Widows, Taskmaster, Red Guardian, and maybe even some army builder henchmen or something. Hasbro is knocking it out of the park on product for this movie. That deluxe Widow with the extra accessories is killer. It does really highlight DST’s accessory shortcomings lately though.
  20. Has anyone made any successful modifications to the wave 75 Moon Knight hood? I was considering adding some apoxie sculpt to it to eliminate that gap between the hood and cape.
  21. Swarm198

    wave 79

    Minimates enthusiasts do not need to treat every release as vital to the continuation of the line. That is 100% DST's job. My whole point is that their product is just meh and has been for awhile. Endgame was a HUGE letdown, the other movie lines are littered with "guy in suit minimates" or minimates that are near identical to one another (Endgame, Captain Marvel), wave 76 was almost entirely rereleases, wave 77 had four rereleases and that WTF-no one wants this Miles Morales figure, wave 78 had terrible packing decisions (which personally turned me off), 79 was a weird line-up that would just add holes to completionist collections, I haven't ever seen several of the animated packs I want, and they still haven't released a line-up for series 80 to look forward to.
  22. Swarm198

    wave 79

    I was pretty indifferent to this series. I probably would have picked it up eventually. At this point, I'm more worried about the line as a whole than this particular series. It just seemed like a hodge-podge of cosmic characters built around Cosmic Ghost Rider with no real cohesion. I get that it incorporates new GotG members, but considering what characters got left out, I highly doubt we'd be getting the rest of the current line-up anytime soon. Hopefully this just makes DST rethink the three packs and a BAF idea. I can't help but feel like this wave would have sold better with a full line-up like: Cosmic Ghost Rider and Adam Warlock Starlord and Phyla-Vell Beta Ray Bill and Moondragon Guardian and Darkhawk mohawk Groot BAF I think I've mentioned this before, but the main draw to minimates for me is getting an entire team for around $40.
  23. I still get hot under the caller when I see how EVERYTHING retro TMNT related is flying off the shelves, but those absolutely perfect 80s turtle minimates got cancelled.
  24. After watching the new trailer, I really hope we get a movie wave. Red Guardian and Taskmaster are must haves.
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