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  1. By the time this wave releases, it will have been almost a year since the previous wave. Anyone else feel like minimates is the only line that had an enormous delay due to COVID? Hasbro has been snatching up all my retail therapy bucks during lockdown. I feel like DST really dropped the ball on this one.
  2. I too am curious about when this wave will be released.
  3. I just finished both seasons of Harley Quinn on HBO Max and I gotta say, this show is perfect for the Minimates treatment. There are tons of unique characters and costumes. There’s a solid mix of “A-list” characters and “C/D-listers”. It seems to have a large cult following that is still growing. Harley Quinn as a character has her own cult following. No other toy lines have released product for this show. And mostly, it’s another chance to get some new DC Minimates (similar to the Gotham show). Harley has at least 3-4 different costumes. The supporting characters are amazing. The en
  4. So after seeing Logan last night, I couldn't help but to think that this is the first X-Men movie where I have actually wanted minimates of most of the characters. old Logan w/ Caliban Xavier w/ Laura X-24 w/ Donald Pierce Dr. Rice w/ Reaver army builder
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