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  1. Swarm198

    Incognito MCU

    Would anyone be interested in Minimates of all the MCU heroes in their “disguised” looks? Mainly the hat, sunglasses, and hoodie looks. Just thought it could be a fun novelty set that would double as civilians for dioramas.
  2. Swarm198

    Infinity War

    Luckily any “missed opportunities” can be easily fixed with the eventual A4 wave.
  3. Swarm198

    WAVE 76

    Deathlok? I’ll take two. Please and thank you.
  4. Swarm198

    Long shots.

    What characters do you want that you know you’ll never get as a minimate? Mine are: Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (Sentry, Daken, Banshee, Grim Reaper from Uncanny Avengers) Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Uncanny X-Force) Vanisher (X-Force) Elixir (X-Force) Wolfsbane (X-Force) The Apocalypse Twins Henry Russo Franken-Castle MK 2 Whiplash (Iron Man 2) Kurse (Thor: TDW) ginormous Sentinel, Galactus, Fin Fang Foom Danger Ord Barracuda
  5. Swarm198

    Most need of a redo

    I know we’ve gotten several lately, but I’d like an old school comic Black Panther. Maybe a new Loki, Daken, X-23, War Machine, Blade, and modern/crispy Havok.
  6. Swarm198

    Marvel Build-A-Figure Wave Wishlists

    Jarvis, Rick Jones, Micro, Franklin Richards, Pepper Potts, The Watcher, Stick, Dum Dum Dugan, Wong, Happy Hogan, Betty Ross, etc. I know this is a pipe dream, but I’d totally buy a pack with one figure and one giant BAF piece for Galactus, Sentinels, Fin Fang Foom, etc. And Marvel Legends gets a Stan Lee BAF. Now I want a minimates one!
  7. Swarm198

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    That’s the one. And yeah, I’m positive it was comic-accurate. I’ve looked through this thread (along with many others) as well. I think it may have been erased with the purge.
  8. Swarm198

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Several months back (maybe even more) someone on here posted a picture of a custom comic Iron Monger made from a Mega Man minimate. Can anyone provide a picture of that so that I can copy the recipe? Thanks.
  9. I’d like to voice my utter heartbreak at the cancellation of the 80s turtles as well. Those guys looked perfect. I’m always looking forward to new Marvel product. Series 75 looks killer and I can’t wait for Daisy and GR to join Coulson. My OG Moon Knight is gonna dig having that new staff too. And I’m fairly certain Infinity War will cause me to break my “no MCU” rule. Hoping for a new hair piece for MCU Bucky. Haven’t been a fan of the one from the Cap movies.
  10. Swarm198

    Package Format

    Why does Diamond stick to two and four pack formats for ‘mates? Would you all prefer larger packs with more figures that are more pertinent to the theme? Some examples: Warriors Three? Three pack. Sinister Six? Six pack. Captain America 3 mates? One pack for Team Cap, one pack for Team Stark , and maybe another with Crossbones, some Army builders, Zemo, and Ross. I feel like being able to buy an entire team, event, era, movie/show, or theme all together instead of slowly building these groups over time would be more enticing to fans (especially completionists who cry themselves to sleep at night thinking about their missing X-Force team members). You could even throw in an A-lister into the obscure character packs to ensure the big names are always in circulation. Thoughts?
  11. Swarm198

    The Mighty Thor: Informal Character Poll #10

    Orrrr... Wrecker/Volstagg Piledriver/Hogun Bulldozer/Fandral Thunderball/Heimdall
  12. Swarm198

    wave 74

    Saw these are popping up on eBay and they look different than the solicit pictures. Do we have tray shots yet?
  13. I’m never getting The Wrecking Crew, am I?
  14. Swarm198

    C2E2 Speculation

    Yes, yes... With enough bickering, we'll eventually squeeze out a full line-up announcement. This has always been the plan. Let the hate flow through you! Hail HYDRA! Haha. But on a serious note, I feel like at this point Hydra Cap is a shoo-in. And now Riri, I suppose. Also, I can't imagine them releasing a Marvel Now! Magneto without at least a Cyclops or some other S&M X-Men to go with him. And of course, Spidey has a new costume. Is there a Spidey costume we haven't gotten immediately? That and the updated Brock Venom look would make sense for a 15th anniversary pack. Otherwise I would totally snatch up an Unworthy Odinson, Iron Doom, and Mr. Knight. Man, I'm excited.
  15. Swarm198

    Logan. (spoilers)

    I'm actually pretty bummed about the lack of merchandise altogether. I need a Laura fig in my life.