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  1. I'd really like a new Champions box set: Kamala Khan (!), Tyke, Chulk, and Viv. We already have multiples of Miles and Sam. I know DST is trying to avoid box sets though. I still want Ultimates but there's no change there. I guess ideally I'd want an Ultimates/Champions split wave, but that's pretty unlikely. A Death of X wave with a mix of modern X-Men would be nice, as would some more (somewhat) classic Thunderbolts. For solo characters, I'd like to see the current Hercules (maybe more likely since he's an Avenger again?) and Kate Bishop.
  2. Are fifty cent bins a thing? My LCS just has a quarter bin for 90's indie titles and periphery X-books.
  3. You Americans and your functional post system...
  4. I made a Mastermind custom with that coat. It works really well, IMO.
  5. The Falcon/Ant-Man set is definitely the best, so it's a shame it won't be released in Canada. I'll get the Black Widow/Crossbones set and maybe Agent 13/Mercenary, depending on further pictures of the mercenary.
  6. I thought as much. I thought it was worth sharing though.
  7. Zach's said they'll be released around the same time as 68, which isn't out yet. Hopefully it won't be much longer though.
  8. Yeah, I'm sorry if that sounded whiny. That wasn't my intention.
  9. I wish I had trouble with lingering TRU sets...
  10. I'm having trouble thinking of my first pick. I really want Nova for my pre-Champions ANAD Avengers line up, but I don't have much use for Ultimate Carnage, and the Scarlet Spider/Taskmaster pack is very tempting.
  11. Oh, I see. All I know about the character is that he has goat legs and I couldn't see them.
  12. Is the big guy in the first picture an Inhuman? I'm not very familiar with them.
  13. Thanks so much for organising this!
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