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  1. That was my guess too, but I was interested to see if he had a rationale.
  2. I guess that's fair. I do definitely agree that Wave 54's Falcon is his best costume. In my mind, it's up there with John Cassaday's X-Men redesigns in terms of faithfulness to the original costume while still looking modern. Unfortunately, I missed most of that wave, so I'm getting this Falcon for my Avengers.
  3. It's funny, before Wave 69 was announced, I saw multiple members clamoring for a classic Falcon. But when the pictures were shown, there were a few people who said "Oh, that's nice, I guess." and that was it.
  4. One thing I would like from a hypothetical Elf line would be a classic, Coca-Cola Santa Claus.
  5. Just thought I'd put them together somewhere.
  6. I have no real interest in a Beetlejuice Vinimate, but I hope it's a sign of minimates to come. The Iron Giant, on the other hand, looks fantastic and seems to be exactly what people have been asking for from the Vinimate concept. I'll get one, especially if we get a box set of Hogarth, Dean, Hogarth's mother and Kent Mansley to accompany it. I agree. Only the Dane/Amora pack excites me, but I'll get the other non-variant sets just for some more classic characters. I am a bit worried about its performance, especially since it's an army builder wave, with more of the non-army builder packs. EDIT: There's a new Cheshire Cat Vinimate too, who I might get just out of love for the character. Plus, due to his... hallucinogenic nature, who's to say he couldn't be that size?
  7. I don't think we've had a packaged shot of this set yet.
  8. Did we know about the alternate hood for the Ancient One? I'll definitely get the Strange/Ancient One pack and maybe Kaecilius/Mordo, depending on how much I enjoy the movie. Wong and the zealot are also tempting my love of purple. The only new predators are the three cloaked ones photographed together, right? I'm excited for Daredevil, but I still wish Foggy had alternate parts for Ben. Honestly, for Jessica Jones, I think it would have been better to wait until after Luke Cage and Iron Fist and offer a Netflix Defenders wave with a JJ/Kilgrave two pack. I'm sure we'll be getting another Luke for his series, hopefully in a yellow shirt, so this one seems a little pointless and non-combatant Hellcat isn't especially interesting.
  9. I assume so. DST seems to count Predators as army builders. We still need pictures of the Classic Predator, Cloaked Berserker, and Muddy Royce, correct?
  10. I think packages usually take about ten days to get to me, so I'm hoping I'll get it by Thursday. EDIT: I got it today! They're fantastic figures, especially Taskmaster. Is this the animated look based on a comic costume of his? Thanks so much pk13 for bringing an exclusive to a country without Walgreens.
  11. I know you're exaggerating, but there are actually two Thors, two Hulks (if you count Red Hulk), three Captain Americas, one Deadpool (he just has his own team), and seven Spider-people (if you count Silk).
  12. I'd like a Ghostbusters II Statue of Liberty.
  13. Oh, I see. I do think we have a decent chance of getting at least part of that team since I assume they're coming back for Death of X.
  14. I can't really afford to keep up with all the comics I'd like to, but IIRC the Uncanny roster is Magneto, Sabretooth, Archangel, Psylocke, and M. Is that all?
  15. If we get a wave based on Death of X, I think there's a chance we could get Cyclops' team. I assume they'll be at least somewhat important since (I believe) it's a flashback.
  16. I wish my LCS had ordered this instead of the Buck Rogers box set. I still need some classic Avengers.
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