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  1. It's good to see that Storm will have the blue-eyed face. The weird Dave Cockrum-style cheekbones are a nice touch too.
  2. I might (no promises) be able to get Hawkins, if anyone's looking for him.
  3. It's weird that comic Strange wasn't made to match his classic appearance. I don't collect ML, but I might have to get Nico just to support the idea of Runaways merchandise. If I can find her, that is.
  4. My LCS got them, too, but I just got a cloaked jungle Predator.
  5. He's the secondary villain we were talking about. I think Defenders will get a wave, or at least more than a box set. We need to get the villain(s) too.
  6. IIRC, Banshee's wrist connected wings don't attach to each other, so you should be fine.
  7. That's true. I'd prefer Stick, too, but I'd be fine with a Hand ninja with parts to make your aforementioned secondary villain.
  8. Red Queen makes the most sense to me, although weren't the other Deluxes sold in cases? Will this be a solid case of the next Deluxe, or will an LCS be able to order a single set?
  9. The chest block is Thor 1 Selvig. The hair looks too light to be young John Connor's, but it's the same mold.
  10. While there are Pops of many obscure characters and properties, there are surprisingly few Marvel characters.
  11. It looks like riot gear Rick from TWD, or one of the other riot variants.
  12. I always wondered who that green guy was.
  13. I thought he wore purple and pale blue in the 60's, and a jacket over the Jim Lee X-uniform in the animated series.
  14. I could see a Shi'ar/X-Men wave, maybe: Fang Wolverine/Gladiator Shi'ar Xavier/Corsair Lilandra/Shi'ar Guard Deathbird/Shi'ar Guard
  15. I'd rather not have an alternate head for a figure from that long ago. And unless Morph has appeared in X-Men '92, I don't think DST has the rights to him.
  16. I haven't seen it but a friend of mine said she really enjoyed it.
  17. That sounds great too. I gave mine an army builder because Wave 69 has one, but even packing would open up more slots.
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