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  1. It looks like the first Extremis Iron Man to me, from the pack with Titanium Man.
  2. Maybe Val Cooper or powered down Bobby?
  3. That's exciting. A Multiple Man two pack seems most likely to me, but Iceman/Quicksilver would be nice.
  4. Ronin doesn't have a Hawkeye chest design under his coat, does he?
  5. If we aren't getting minimates for a mainline Spider-Man sequel I don't imagine we'd get any for these. A comic wave could be pretty cool, though. Sort of like wave 75. Fraction/Aja Hawkguy & Hawkeye w/ Pizza Dog Scarlet Witch & (Classic!) Vision Modern Falcon & Winter Soldier Modern Loki & Odin, maybe? The BaF could be a more obscure villain or supporting character from one of the shows, or the Watcher would be cool too.
  6. Wave 69 was pretty obscure overall, without any real anchors, which I feel might have hurt the chances of future “fan-demanded” assortments, or maybe even classic Avengers. Blizzard doesn’t really belong in an Avengers wave anyway, but that’s a different issue.
  7. I'd love to get this version of Rocket's costume, but how would it work as a sticker?
  8. People seem to be getting more and more sensitive to “spoilers”. This gives stuff away for Endgame, sure, but all it tells you about this movie is the premise and the characters in it.
  9. Did we ever see any production pictures of it? With the Kingdom Hearts and Bruce Lee cancellations, as well as comments about Marvel movie product sales suffering too long after the movie, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was cancelled too. Hopefully if it is we still get a Skrull for some future movie.
  10. Is there something I’m not getting, or is WandaVision a really weird title? It sounds more like a lazy ship name than a show.
  11. It’s just some of my personal wants (build-a-bear, Lebowski & friends) I think we’ll have a second chance at. There’ll most likely be (probably more important) holes in the line if this is all we get.
  12. Apparently the Marvel movie licensing is a by-movie deal (which is why they’re skipping Spider-Man). To make products from older movies they’d have to reacquire the license which they don’t see as worth it. I’m not sure how that works in relation to the statues from past movies, though. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but based on what I’ve read the missing looks and characters I’d like to see from Endgame have a pretty good chance of reappearing in future James Gunn and Taika Waititi films.
  13. Minimate convention exclusives have been pretty easy to get in the past.
  14. I think we could get a pretty solid wave. Cap/Zemo (boring, but kind of necessary) Wasp/Yellowjacket Captain Marvel/Moonstone Hercules/Goliath BaF: Jarvis
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