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  1. I could see a comic wave at specialty and a movie wave for Walgreens. Is Blonde Widow a mercenary?
  2. Maybe a spies and secret agents wave? Stealth Iron Man, new costume Black Widow, and Ghost would all fit the clues. Plus, it's a bit of a movie tie-in.
  3. The three waves of single-packed DC minifigures might disagree with you.
  4. All he said was that he didn't know that you, personally, wanted Buffy minimates. I'm sure he knows that at least someone at some point has asked for them. DST could probably get a couple box sets out of Buffy, but if John Wick couldn't get off the ground I wouldn't hold my breath.
  5. Nope. They haven't made anything for Black Lightning or Batwoman, either.
  6. This is the version of Moondragon I'm trying to make, so those boots and sleeves would be a bit longer than I'd like. It doesn't seem like there are a lot of options, though. I wish we could have just gotten the classic version in the first place.
  7. I'm also trying to make a classic Moondragon from this figure. The head, cape, and Polaris' torso seem pretty obviously the closest we're going to get, but I'm not as sure about the arms and legs, specifically the gloves and boots.
  8. I'd like to see Genis' blue and red starfield costume, to build up the Avengers Forever roster.
  9. It might not be the most exciting design, but the Moira's-dead-ex-husband look is what I always think of as Proteus.
  10. Another hint would be nice, maybe the specific corner of the Marvel universe each character is from?
  11. It seems more like it's a retailer interest vs. cost issue, a second release of something they've already designed, tooled, and produced would be much cheaper than a set of new tooling-heavy figures, and would need lower order numbers. There are definitely lots of holes in the Endgame line, but I can't blame DST for not seeing the interest. It seems like even with the box office gross, Endgame's had much less cultural staying power than Infinity War. Even the "I see this as an absolute win" memes have dried up at this point.
  12. I picked up the Beast pack today, but I haven't gotten to opening it. They all look good, but 90's X-designs aren't really my thing. What's the problem people are having with Archangel's wings? That's the other set I was thinking of getting, since I don't really have a good version of Warren yet.
  13. Would Havok's jacket work for Val? She's wearing one in the comic art.
  14. That's true, but they are technically both different armours, from different medias. Plus, Iron Man is a good wave anchor, and if it's not him I'm not sure what it could be. New/Ultimate X-Men and Patch don't seem very likely to be redone.
  15. That seems like it rules Daredevil out. Maybe Hellcat and Kate Bishop too, unfortunately. Stealth Iron Man seems pretty likely, so I'm going to say two of the three correct guesses are that and an MCU Iron Man villain, Iron Monger, Whiplash, or Ghost. For the third one, I'm hoping for Wasp.
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