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  1. BuffaloDelorean

    Deadpool 2?

    I had no idea that had been a theory, it was just an example to show that having the same name didn't necessarily mean they were meant to be the same character.
  2. BuffaloDelorean

    Deadpool 2?

    The lack of continuity bothers me too, but playing devil's advocate, there's really nothing to say they aren't two unrelated people both named Yukio. No one was complaining that Peter was an unfaithful adaptation of Pete Wisdom.
  3. BuffaloDelorean

    Antman and the Wasp

    Aside from Janet, it seems like most of the characters people are asking for are variants and civilians, so I think the lineup we're getting works pretty well.
  4. BuffaloDelorean

    SDCC 2018

    I could be wrong, but I think the Spidey/Keaton set ended up being discounted, which can't have helped future exclusives. No minimates for SDCC is a bit disappointing, but not really surprising. For the Marvel line I'm guessing we'll see Hank Pym, a Walgreens wave, and maybe something from a new retailer.
  5. BuffaloDelorean

    Antman and the Wasp

    That's a cool look. I still would have preferred Janet, but it definitely isn't a waste of a spot.
  6. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    I'm not sure I like the odds, but it'd be really nice if "another home" had locations in Canada...
  7. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    There are definitely less waves this year compared to 2016, for example, but there were three waves in 2017, and only one of those was comic-based.
  8. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    If wave 77 hasn't been finalised yet, I don't see it showing up this year. Movies being relegated to box sets at specialty seems to have increased the opportunity for comic waves, since we have three this year and only one last year.
  9. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    I'd say the Infinity War Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, and Black Panther were just as much reissues as Doctor Strange. I can understand the reasoning behind the Guardians and Strange, though, since their previous versions weren't at Walgreens. And we already have a couple of classic comic Stranges, but I wouldn't mind one that I didn't have to get on the aftermarket in a box set I otherwise have no interest in.
  10. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    I don't know how likely it is, but Under Siege is one of my most wanted themed waves, set up similarly to the Maximum Carnage wave.
  11. BuffaloDelorean

    Lord of the Rings Minimates

    If The Hobbit wasn't enough to bring back the line I can't really see it happening for an online-exclusive TV series. New LotR minimates would be pretty great, though.
  12. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    That's a good point with the ML envy, they've been making a lot of characters I'd like to see as minimates. I'd say, though, that ML also has an advantage with the sheer amount of product they're putting out. It's easier to touch more corners of the Marvel universe when you release around a hundred figures a year.
  13. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    An Astonishing X-Men wave would be pretty great, but I'd definitely want Wolverine over Cassandra Nova or Ord. I'm not very familiar with modern Iron Man comics, but classic Iron Monger and new AIMs would be nice to see. I wouldn't say no to more Thunderbolts characters, either, even if it's not my favourite era of the team.
  14. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    There's no reason to think this is what wave 77 is, but I think we could really use some comic-based Guardians of the Galaxy.
  15. BuffaloDelorean

    Modifying Marvel Minimates

    That's good to know, it'd be nice to add some detail to the Best Of version.