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  1. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    Cyclone isn't a character I see as essential, but if we do get him I'd much rather his Thunderbolts-era look. A lot of my wants are redos of existing figures, so they wouldn't need much in the way of new tooling. There are some new looks and characters I'd like to see that wouldn't need new tooling, though, like Moira MacTaggert, classic Madrox, Brotherhood Rogue, Madame Masque, white Vision, and 70's/80's Wasp variants. It's good to see more support for a Rick Jones BaF. I'd personally prefer an Avengers Forever wave to a Hulk one, but he seems like a perfect candidate. I personally wouldn't want classic Mimic to use a bulky chestpiece, but he would need new goggles.
  2. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    While Red King's minimate isn't a perfect rendition of his comic look (his look in the one picture I can find of him, anyway), I'm not sure how much new parts would fix that. It seems like a difficult look to translate. With the Mandroid, there's a pretty major contrast between the body and limbs, but I would have just used Sentinel boots and plain arm/thigh covers instead of the incongruous Hulkbuster parts. I think the Novas we've gotten have been pretty good. The Richard Riders' gold paint could have been more vibrant, and the Annihilation one's helmet was a bit weird, though. Gamora would be my pick for the least needed comic Guardian. DST should definitely redo her if they make the rest of the team, but at least she has her DnA-era costume.
  3. Group or Team photos

    I've never particularly liked Thor, but that's an impressive group of minimates. Aside from Valkyrie and maybe Bill, I've never felt the need expand past the Asgardian basics I already have, but they do look great together.
  4. Infinity War

    I didn't know who most of them were before I read the Black Panther movie's Wikipedia page or watched its trailer. M'Baku is Man-Ape/White Gorilla.
  5. Deadpool 2?

    That's Laura's current costume, I believe. If she doesn't have it yet she will soon. I think it's good enough to merit a minimate, but I'm not sure how likely that is considering ANAD Spidey was only just announced. It's still probably a better chance than any current look X-Man without a solo book has, though.
  6. DC Minimates

    If DST could be making minimates for the "full DC universe" I can't imagine why they possibly wouldn't be.

    Reading back through this thread... that was an emotional roller coaster. It's weird to see people saying good things about Digger.
  8. Infinity War

    So, if BP is following the Ragnarok model (12 'mates), and we're getting all of the characters/looks listed by Trev and Zach, there are three we don't know about, likely more variants? So far, it seems like whether or not I get the LCS set depends on how much T'Challa is an improvement on the CW version, and if Klaw is included. I'm thinking Ant-Man and the Wasp will likely use this model, too. Hopefully we'll still get at least one LCS wave for Infinity War, though.
  9. Deadpool 2?

    Domino's white skin and black eye spot are (I'd say pretty inarguably) her most memorable/enduring design traits. So while I have no problem whatsoever with a black woman in the role, I can see why fans of the character would be disappointed that she lacks her signature look. To be honest, I don't really have an opinion, both because I care very little about Domino in the first place, and because comic accuracy in Fox Marvel movies very rarely correlates to actual quality, with DoFP being a notable exception. AFAIK there hasn't been an active X-Force team since Secret Wars, although the Marvel Legacy solicits for Cable are showing an X-Force-ish "Newer Mutants" team.
  10. Infinity War

    If Black Panther is getting a box set at LCS, I wonder if it'll get a Walgreens wave, or just one for TRU. If the movie isn't heavy on visually interesting characters I could definitely see 8 'mates being enough. T'Challa and Killmonger seem like locks for the shared characters. I hope Klaue ends up in the LCS box set.
  11. Deadpool 2?

    Maybe Deadpool variants packed with Mercs for Money characters? I wouldn't mind a Stingray or semi-Nextwave style Machine Man (he's gonna organise your sock drawer). I was going to say Paladin, too, but apparently the guy who looks like Paladin isn't Paladin. Some of the missing Capullo X-Force members could fit too, even if they aren't as closely tied to Wade as Cable, Domino, or Syrin.
  12. Deadpool 2?

    I really doubt we'll get a Deadpool 2 wave, but another comic wave wouldn't surprise me.
  13. Alice Through the Looking Glass

    That would be pretty great. I really like Alice in Wonderland, but without a solid Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, or "classic" Alice, this line was kind of underwhelming. I only ended up getting the Red Queen and Hatter, and while I would like the Tweedles, the Alices are unrecognisable.
  14. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Both of the She-Hulk 'mates we have are in a more modern costume. The one I'd like is the one she wore after returning to the Avengers from the F4, but her Secret Wars-era costume would be good too.
  15. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    If we got a Hulk wave I'd want a classic purple She-Hulk in the mix, but a Rick Jones BaF is a great idea.