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  1. Did Cyclops ever wear a jacket with this costume? I know an old ToyBiz figure had that combination, but did it show up anywhere else?
  2. You drew for West End Games' Star Wars RPG, then? That's really cool, I love their books.
  3. Other Shi'ar/X-Men characters like Fang Wolverine, Polaris, Eric the Red, or Deathbird could take those last two spots, too.
  4. I'd rather one of the later Roger Stern lineups. You could still have Jan and/or Jen, but with less rehashes and lots of characters with recently-raised profiles.
  5. That'd be a lot of alternative parts, and unless she also had a Clint head it wouldn't really be a new character. Maybe it could be D-Man?
  6. If Hulkling's chest cover uses standard wing pegs, it'd be perfect for a classic Mimic.
  7. Maybe not very ambitious, but I could see a Murphy and Robocop (with battle-damaged parts) two-pack, with Vinimates of Robocop, damaged Robocop, and roughly MM-scale ED-209.
  8. I think Ryu, Ken, and lightly-modified Thunderbird hair would get you most of the way to Shang-Chi. I can think of two more sets worth of "must-have" Cobras, and the eighth figure is Cobra Commander Fred, which might be stretching things. I think the line will get to to army builders sooner rather than later. I know as an obscure driver, Thrasher's never going to happen, and even Road Pig's not terribly likely, but they've got my favourite designs of any Joe characters.
  9. Zartan seems pretty certain, and maybe Firefly and Bludd? Probably not Road Pig and Thrasher, unfortunately.
  10. Even coming from a novel, Drizzt is probably the most well-known D&D character, so it would be weird to skip over him. I think he was the only D&D action figure Hasbro bothered to make despite owning the brand.
  11. The diver from Creature From The Black Lagoon, maybe? One of the Khans might work too, depending on the skin tone.
  12. I've had a few problems with hip joints twisting off, mostly on middle-period minimates with cheaper-feeling plastic, but it's happened occasionally with newer items too.
  13. That's fair enough, I hadn't realised they were only drivers. It'd still be cool to see Road Pig, although I imagine other Dreadnoks would come first.
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