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  1. BuffaloDelorean

    WAVE 76

    This is probably a longshot, but does anyone have thwip hands they'd be interested in trading for Shriek's legs (or Quake's arms/legs)?
  2. BuffaloDelorean

    WAVE 76

    I don’t think so, but all of the accessories were shown at a convention.
  3. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    Going off of that list, Kraven’s been made very recently as an animated figure, so I’d put Rhino as the character who’s been made in the last few years (2012), and Deathlok makes a lot of sense as an unmade hero, and fits with wave 76. Symbiote Spider-Man & Hydro-Man Deathlok & Kraven Prowler & Rhino Vulture & Superior Foes Shocker BaM: Molten Man
  4. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    My guesses: -Modern Spidey Variant -Cardiac -Prowler -Molten Man -Hydro-Man -Shocker -Kraven -Vulture -Rhino
  5. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    Could we get breakdowns of male/female, hero/villain, or modern/classic?
  6. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    If we’re right about Molten Man, it seems like these three are all ruled out, unfortunately. EDIT: I guess I misremembered, because I don’t see Silvermane mentioned earlier. He’d make a lot of sense for this wave.
  7. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    Kraven/Shocker and Vulture both make sense for the 2008 and 2010 updates, but they have had movie, cartoon, and zombie versions since then. It’s too bad we’re getting another Spider-Man wave with still no classic Beetle, but I guess there’s still hope for some redos of his big name villains. I’d love Kingpin to be in this wave, but it doesn’t seem very likely.
  8. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    I'd have to agree that Spider-Man seems most likely, with Molten Man and Hydro-Man as pretty much locks. I'm less sure about the updates from 8 and 10 years ago - it seems like the only ones that would fit are Menace and Tarantula, and they don't seem like high priorities for redos. If comic and movie versions don't count, it could be Shocker or Kraven for 10, which would make a lot more sense. One of the recently made characters could be a new Spidey variant, and would also be the overlap character for wave 76. The other could be Ben Reilly Spider-Man, who was in TRU 24 as Scarlet Spider, and hasn't been made in that costume in a while. I'd rather not get another Spider-Man wave so quickly, but if Abe Jenkins Beetle is one of the unmade characters I'll be happy.
  9. BuffaloDelorean

    BC Avengers Wave

    I’d love to see this Phoenix’s fire-hair reused for a Dark Phoenix redo. Could this Odin work as a more general version of the character minus Mjolnir? It looks less clunky than the Fear Itself figure.
  10. BuffaloDelorean

    Agents Of Shield Minimates Speculation Thread

    I have no interest in AoS ‘mates, but a comic Mockingbird and Deathlok pack would be a nice tie-in. Maybe around the time of the finale?
  11. BuffaloDelorean

    NYCC 2018

    A comic wave before Avengers 4 would be good, but I’d rather it not be Daredevil-themed so soon after 75.
  12. BuffaloDelorean

    NYCC 2018

    I’m hoping for some information about wave 77.
  13. BuffaloDelorean

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Wave 10 was at SDCC:
  14. BuffaloDelorean

    wave 77

    That’s about what I’d want to see too, but I’d replace Professor X with a new classic Beast.
  15. BuffaloDelorean

    NYCC 2018

    If 77 won’t be shown, could we get some hints about what it’ll be?