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  1. It's cool that Cyclops has two masks. Beast is still the only one I need, but that Archangel looks pretty great.
  2. That's not was he meant, he means the property isn't like Marvel in that it doesn't have lots of colourful characters. I'd agree that a set for the first movie wouldhave made more sense. Maybe this set was meant to come out around JW2's release? It obviously isn't now.
  3. Those sets were notoriously poor sellers, weren't they?
  4. Lego's making sets based on The Mandalorian, so I'm sure there'll be some product for these shows. Lego and Legends seems more likely than minimates, though.
  5. I'm not particularly interested in the movie or in minimates based on it, but MCU Black Knight could be pretty cool.
  6. The sword next to the bone is from a small-scale Lego Bionicle set.
  7. Titania, maybe? Only I think she was in Secret Wars first.
  8. Has Angela shown up, or Gamora in this costume? I can understand the rest of them, but those two seem out of place, especially since there's no Groot, Beta Ray Bill, or Phyla-Vell.
  9. Putting the Greatest Hits waves on the insert would make sense to me, instead of a handful of recent waves that make it outdated fairly quickly.
  10. Supernatural Marvel's not really my thing, but I would like another chance to get a classic Doctor Strange. Modern Doctor Voodoo would be great too. This wave's lineup still doesn't make sense, but I'm excited for Star-Lord and especially Moondragon. I just wish she wasn't the BaF.
  11. Between this, the Through the Ages set, and all the symbiote variants there's definitely enough to merit it. That, or split them up.
  12. We've only seen one three pack LCS wave. I wouldn't be surprised if that was standard going forward, but there's nothing to really say it will.
  13. So maybe: Human Torch I & FakeCap? Jimmy Woo? Ditko Spidey & Power Man Brown costume Wolverine & McFarlane Venom Extremis Iron Man & Black Panther
  14. We do badly need a complete and consistent set of the classic F4, even if Marvel still doesn't seem to be giving them much attention. Maybe: Mr. Fantastic & Blue Black Bolt Thing & classic Medusa Invisible Woman & Human Torch BaF: Crystal
  15. I'm not really sure what would make an 80th anniversary minimates assortment different from a regular wave. It's not like ML where a lot of the biggest characters were in desperate need of redos, so we'd probably just get a bunch of rehashed versions of things we already have several times over.
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