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  1. It seems more like it's a retailer interest vs. cost issue, a second release of something they've already designed, tooled, and produced would be much cheaper than a set of new tooling-heavy figures, and would need lower order numbers. There are definitely lots of holes in the Endgame line, but I can't blame DST for not seeing the interest. It seems like even with the box office gross, Endgame's had much less cultural staying power than Infinity War. Even the "I see this as an absolute win" memes have dried up at this point.
  2. I picked up the Beast pack today, but I haven't gotten to opening it. They all look good, but 90's X-designs aren't really my thing. What's the problem people are having with Archangel's wings? That's the other set I was thinking of getting, since I don't really have a good version of Warren yet.
  3. Would Havok's jacket work for Val? She's wearing one in the comic art.
  4. That's true, but they are technically both different armours, from different medias. Plus, Iron Man is a good wave anchor, and if it's not him I'm not sure what it could be. New/Ultimate X-Men and Patch don't seem very likely to be redone.
  5. That seems like it rules Daredevil out. Maybe Hellcat and Kate Bishop too, unfortunately. Stealth Iron Man seems pretty likely, so I'm going to say two of the three correct guesses are that and an MCU Iron Man villain, Iron Monger, Whiplash, or Ghost. For the third one, I'm hoping for Wasp.
  6. Yeah, as far as I remember Fang Wolverine (and the Starjammers) are only in "The Phoenix Saga", which was more the setup for Dark Phoenix than part of it. This sounds promising. There's a lot I'd like to see from this story, but I'd be happy just to get a new Dark Phoenix.
  7. Iron Monger, Whiplash, Batroc, or Ghost seem most likely to me, and stealth Iron Man would make sense if it was one of his villains.
  8. If the animated versions don't count, Executioner would be good as the male movie-only villain.
  9. There are a couple of X-Men looks it could be too, but I'd agree that it's probably yellow Daredevil. For the three women, I'm really hoping for Kate Bishop and Hellcat for the new characters, and a new Wasp costume. There are a lot of possibilities for the movie villain: Iron Monger, Whiplash, Batroc... Is there a theme to each two-pack, or is the wave a complete mix?
  10. I gave my Ultron some Ghosts n Goblins parts to make it more classic-looking, but that's definitely a great figure.
  11. The Starjammers and Imperial Guard are fun Cockrum designs, but I've never really found them interesting as characters. For a box set, I'd go with: Dark Phoenix redo Battle damaged Cyclops (with optic blast) White Queen Emma Frost redo Lilandra
  12. I doubt we see anything, but The Dark Phoenix Saga is my all-time favourite story in comics, so I'd love a wave for it. Plus, Dark Phoenix really needs a redo.
  13. Hellcat, Kate Bishop, and Hawkguy would all be great to see.
  14. Looking at the tray shots again, it's too bad Strong Guy's arms don't come in the Archangel/Multiple Man pack, any extras would've worked as jacketless arms for Madrox.
  15. I think that's meant to be more of a Marshall Rogers Joker, like the DCD minimate.
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