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  1. I love minimate recreations of classic covers. Great job!
  2. He was bald at this point, wasn't he?
  3. I'm hoping for Hellcat, Purple Man, and/or Nuke.
  4. Zemo and Songbird are the only initial members missing.
  5. It would be so great to get the Thunderbolts. I'd prefer the 90's Busiek/Nicieza version, but the looks from the current series (that I keep meaning to read) are pretty close.
  6. My LCS has had classic Scully & Mulder as well as Beetlejuice. An out of town shop I visited yesterday had four NBX Sallies (Sallys?), but nothing else. I'm planning getting the Iron Giant, 1985 Marty and CW Flash, so far.
  7. A few years ago, a TNG set would have excited me, but at this point the only Star Trek that interests me is TOS and the Abrams movies.
  8. That link has reminded me how much I envy DCD's Classic Batman minimate. Fingers crossed for a Neal Adams-era Batman vinimate.
  9. The control art showed red paint under the sculpted belt, so I'd guess it will.
  10. I don't think there are two crotches. The vinimate has trunks, but every time we've seen the minimate it lacked them.
  11. Do we actually know that the box set is shared, though? It seems weird that there'd be no LCS exclusive, so maybe TRU's just getting that two pack, or a different, overlapping, box set.
  12. If we were getting Odin, though, he'd make sense as one of the three unknown variants, with regular and "homeless" versions. Heimdall got a minimate for TDW, but Odin hasn't had one since the first Thor movie.
  13. I'm glad they're not, so I can get them.
  14. Those eight would make sense. Heimdall over Odin would be a little disappointing, but nothing major.
  15. They aren't, because they're shared by Mojo.