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  1. Taika Waititi returning and Valkyrie's sexuality actually being present in the film is exciting for Thor 4, even if Jane Foster coming back isn't. I'm a bit worried for Guardians 3 after Endgame, but I'm glad James Gunn is back. I really hope they don't try to keep the franchise going without him. Seeing Star Wars and the MCU as they stand being branded as "The Skywalker Saga" and "The Infinity Saga" is kind of bothering me. I guess if Disney won't let these series end I'll just have to check out on my own. Between Episode 9 and a hiatus for one, and the end for the characters who started the other, now seems like a pretty good time. Maybe Disney X-Men will be good.
  2. DC CW and Young Justice are definitely not "easy licenses" for DST, at least not for minimates.
  3. It seems like this is the version of the team this wave is based on, which makes some of the character choices kind of interesting, especially Angela.
  4. They look good! Another Angela seems like a weird choice, especially since there could have been a comic version of Rocket, Groot, Drax, or Mantis instead. I wish Moondragon was more classic, but it's still great to see her, and I like this Star-Lord's mask sculpt much more than the old one, so I think I'll switch it over to the movie version. Any word on pairings?
  5. I hope we see 79 at the panel. The fact that we've gotten hints for it is probably a good sign.
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy would make a lot of sense, but the numbers seem off if movie and animated versions mean they've been made before.
  7. I'm sure three two packs isn't a good sign, but I can't say I really mind. With the BaF it's the same number of figures as an old wave with a variant, and with less purchases to complete it. This'll probably impact accessories even more than before, though. There's not much to go on for the contents of the wave, but it's nice to have hints for upcoming releases again. It feels like it's been a while.
  8. It's too bad we couldn't get Spider-Ham as the Spider-Verse tie-in instead of Miles.
  9. I'd say pretty low, if we couldn't get a plain minimate for PS4 Spidey.
  10. Does Spidey have a peghole in the top of his head? I'm on the fence about this wave. I've been trying to focus my minimate collection more on certain characters, but it would be pretty great to get the classic Sinister Six.
  11. Yeah, I thought something was said too.
  12. I thought he meant that the disc stands were the wrong mold, like the ones for Howard the Duck or the Lizard.
  13. As far as I remember, Dark Tower didn't do particularly well. People are already worried about John Wick being cancelled, and it definitely has more current media presence than the Rocketeer. I hadn't thought about the Iron Giant example, though. That'd probably work, with a Rocketeer vinimate and a two pack of him and Jennifer Connelly or the villain.
  14. Are there any other characters with anything approaching a costume in the movie? Because otherwise $25 seems like a lot to ask for one figure people want and three civilians, and RoI for a single two pack doesn't seem like it'd be high enough unless it was promoting a larger line.
  15. If they can make a short narrow torso for Howard the duck and a tall narrow torso for Jack I'm sure they could make something in between.
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